Luiz and Jimenez’s incident set to change the Premier League from next month

Concussion substitutions are set to debut in the Premier from next month, boosted by the clash of heads that happened between David Luiz and Raul Jimenez.

Both players smashed their heads into each other while trying to head the ball in Arsenal’s Premier League game against Wolves a few weeks back.

Luiz came off best in the duel, but he had blood gushing from his head, yet he still played on in the game.

This is because Arsenal was not ready to use one of their subs yet, but that will change from next month because, in that situation, teams would be given the chance to make an extra substitution.

Sun Sport says that the Premier League teams are meeting this week and all 20 of them are expected to agree to the trialling of concussion substitutions from next month.

FIFA is trialling the idea all over the world from the start of next year and the English FA has agreed to be a part of it.

The report says that FIFA’s International FA Board is set to meet on Wednesday and they are expected to approve the trials to begin from next year.

Premier League teams will then meet on Thursday and the expectation is that all of them will support the idea.

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  1. Arteta is too young to manage Arsenal but was given the opportunity to do so and he started well, I still believe he will do better in the future. Given the antics, his stand of not given young stars the same opportunity to prove themselves is alarming. You will recall that Wenger succeeded because of his ideology and risks, on the other hand Arteta is afraid to take the same risk that has brought him into managerial position. One needs to know here that terms and condition can change at any point in time, if you use the same set of players in four matches to get the same result yet you cannot think outside the box then you have a very long way to go.

  2. A long overdue change, IF it happens, which does, mercifully, seem likely. Why do so many dinosaurs on committees have so little forward vision? It always stuns me how behind the times football authorities are on such things as health. That arch dinosaur and self enricher on the PFA, Gordon Tayor is officially stepping down at end of this season. In reality, he has been forced out. Good! ONE LESS SELF CENTRED DINOSAUR!

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