Luiz denies rumours of a rift between him and Mikel Arteta

Arsenal is currently struggling on the pitch and Football London claims that the club is also struggling off it.

The report says that Arsenal’s on-field issues have made the club’s players start doubting Mikel Arteta’s methods.

One player that has reportedly fallen out with the Spanish manager is David Luiz, with the report saying that both of them haven’t spoken for some time now.

Luiz has been missing since his nasty clash of heads with Raul Jimenez when Arsenal faced Wolves in the Premier League.

Several Arsenal players including Granit Xhaka have reportedly mentally clocked out of Arteta’s leadership, suggesting that he might be dealing with a divided dressing room.

Luiz and Arsenal have both denied the reports of a rift between the Brazilian and his gaffer with a statement which reads:

“David Luiz strongly denies this story about him and Arteta and insists he has a good relationship with Arteta and wishes nothing but success.” (Football365)

Leaving out Mesut Ozil and Sokratis Papastathopoulos has also been felt by the club’s players, and it is said to also be influencing the mood around the Emirates.

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  1. Luiz is a liar and a traitor disclosing information to the press should have his contract terminated with immediate effect!!

  2. Danny, do you also agree that whoever leaked one of the three players who wanted more information about the pay cut and personal details of a players contract is a traitor anx should have his/her contract terminated immediately?

    I wonder, if it’s true, how the name of Luiz has been leaked, if he is the leaker!!! 🤔🤔🤔

  3. Arteta has so many grudges against Arsenal players it’s not healthy. Guendouzi, Ozil, Saliba, and Luiz, Socratis. Hatred has never cured hatred, not once, ever.

    1. That’s Arteta’s biggest downfall. His management style is so poor. Putting grudges, hatred, unequal treated, biased team selection. Arsenal will never improve under the guidance of Arteta

  4. Sean Williams, Pls know the difference between hatred, not suited and decision. if u say Arteta hates William Saliba, what is the boy’s offense bcs he just joined Arsenal? Socratis from under is not a ball playing center half, Ozil has lost form long ago before Arteta joined Arsenal, remember what happened between him and the German FA after the world cup, any body watching football without sentiment will know that Ozil has not been performing since 2017

  5. This is the last thing Arsenal need right now, infighting and hatred towards one another. Cmon guys there are more important issues to be resolved, our Club is in dire need of wins and focus on that.

  6. All this does is stoke up ill feelings. Do we actually know? It could be the truth or total garbage.

    ‘Leaving out Ozil and Sokratis……’
    I’m not getting into a debate about the merits of either player but some had to be omitted anyway.

    1. True but all these stories about what’s happening behind the scenes might explain (even partially) our poor performances.

      1. They may well if the stories are true. What it does do is put unease in the minds of the supporters who latch on to any reason for the results going badly being the fault of Arteta only. This builds and builds until he gets the chop and the rebuild starts with yet another manager. As Grandad says on JA, the best manager in the world would struggle with the current squad and an owner who goes about recruitment in a piecemeal fashion, showing interest in $$ rather than success on the pitch.

        1. SueP you made a good point about the stories being true or not and i shouldn’t have assumed they were and also their repercussions even though I have been critical of MA lately I do not want to see him get sacked and would love for him to succeed, I’ll try to be more supportive from now on! 👍

          1. Siamois
            I don’t blame you for feeling fed up about the results- I just would prefer continuity and hope Arteta can turn it round👍

    2. And as an afterthought, Xhaka owes his rehabilitation (deserved or otherwise) to MA. It would be a bit rich to be openly critical

  7. Yes, the rumour mill is in full swing right now – as you’d expect given our current position with everyone trying to pin down why.

    I have long subscribed to the view we have damaging cliques within our squad.

    Cliques which have largely remained in place from the latter Wenger years, through Unai Emery’s reign, Freddie’s and now Artetas’.

    I firmly believe we have some “bad apples” in our barrel, and would be shocked to actually discover who they were.

    U E walked through the door with total commitment, and discipline high on his management style.

    Mikel arrived with his “non negotiables” .

    Leaving the “cheap options” argument aside for one moment, where these appointments made in part to bring said discipline to the squad, grounding these over inflated ego’s ?

    You play for this club – not the other way around.

    I believe this style of management did not sit well at the London Colney health spa, and has rattled a few cages.

    Half this squad know in an ideal world they would be gone, but we are having trouble unloading them.

    Another couple or so are simply happy to let their contracts expire and pick up a “nice little earner” on their next deal.

    All very, very, very unhealthy.

    If I recall correctly during Freddie’s short tenure he played a fair amount of “kids” at Everton away (his last game ?)” – benching the likes of Laca & Pepe.

    At the time, I took this at face value.

    Now I’m thinking “was Freddie making a stand”, and would not be dictated to whilst sending a message above ?

    All rumours, all guesswork ……… all rubbish ?

    Maybe – but just my opinion.

    I leave you with this thought.

    The vast majority of photo’s from Colney training show the lads largely hanging with their own compatriots.

    Let’s look at one group.

    Auba, Lacca, Pepe, Matty G (as was) & Saliba.

    Look at the last 2 names on that list.

    Luiz now rumoured not to be even talking to Arteta – watch out for the two Gabby’s & Willian.

    Then there’s the “floaters” – drifting from group to group stirring the pot.

    I would say we have “one or two” of them !

    No different to the shop floor, the office etc – it only takes a few to start the rot.

    You get my drift – whether agreeing or not.

    Millionaires who do not like being told ?

    “Who are you to tell me” attitude.

    Forget that- you are players employed by Arsenal Football Club to play to the best of your ability, and give 100% in everything you do for this club.

    A bigger load of fiction than an Agatha Christie novel – maybe.

    I expect unmerciful stick for this post, and have to accept all comments as my theory is based on rumours. leaks and has no actual evidence.

    But I am simply airing a view I have held for some time now.

    I do believe Emery was got rid of from the dressing room, and are we seeing this unfold with Arteta – or his is simply not up to the job ?

    No single player is bigger than Arsenal football Club – past, present or future – and we’ve had some greats.

    Legends of the club who put this current bunch of overpaid, over opinionated, under-achievers to shame.

  8. Whether we like it or yes, with the performances and results churned out , players would like to play the blame game, its human. When shit happen less noble men would play the blame game especially if there is less reason to, now they have more reasons to,

    1. Ozil’s omission who is friends to our over 40 percent islam players.

    2. The pain of paycut

    3. Mikels tactics (willan had voiced out on semi negative note how he felt restricted on the pitch)

    so when shit happen, the blame game pops up, our coach has lost 60percent of the dressing room and benching first team stars would see him loose the room completely , should the kids not throw an open challange to them stars via results. Its a sad position

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