Lukaku issues come-and-get-me plea to Arsenal

Lukaku wants a transfer to Arsenal!

On a day that Arsenal and England International striker Danny Welbeck has been delivered the news that he is expected to miss the next 9 months through injury, Arsenal’s search for a new striker has been kicked into gear! Several names have been passed around on social media, including classics of Benzema and Higuain, as well as Everton striker Romelu Lukaku.

The breaking news from today is that Lukaku wants a move to the Arsenal. However, there is of course a catch. It is Romelu’s younger brother Jordan who has spoken about the Gunners and not the Belgium striker that has become a Premier League star. Romelu’s brother Jordan Lukaku is a left back, who currently plays for Oostende in the Belgian division. The 21 year old signed for the club in 2014 after 8 years at Anderlecht and has impressed for his current side. He is yet to leave Belgium, like his brother did when he came to England back in 2011 with Chelsea.

With the transfer window opening fairly soon, it seems Jordan is trying to put himself in the shop window, regardless if he is gathering interest from other clubs or not. The defender seems to be keen on a move to the Premier League and Arsenal in particular. The Metro reported Jordan saying: “Do I see myself as Premier League bound? I don’t know, but it’s a league that would suit me.

I have always been a fan of Arsenal, but I am mad about every Premier League club as long as the club doesn’t have to fight against relegation.”

Lukaku is calling you out Arsene Wenger, should he make a move? And if we did,would it help persuade his brother to join him at the Emirates?


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  1. The transfer gist is here @ us again and trust the media and Arsenal. They love playing with the fans…

    I just hope we the (fans) won’t be irritated at poor transfer window once it opens.

    On a lighter note: Sunderland turns things up when fighting for relegation’. Arsenal turns things up when fighting for 4th place. Anyway, Congrats to Sunderland. They deserve to be in the league after their recent result. Newcastle got Benitez abit late.

    1. I think the media gets paid by Arsenal FC to put out all these rumours so that season ticket holders can renew their tickets for next season thinking that things might actually change and these rumours are true.

  2. Lukaku’s brother
    Hazards brother
    Pogba’s brother
    have all been
    sucker punch headlines on JA several times
    Droll admin droll oh so droll 🙁
    So we should expect these headlines repeated
    a few times more in the silly season window.
    Next it will be Ronaldo Messi Neymar Suarez
    Benzema Muller Lewa Reus Obameyang
    all coming to Arsenal except its their brothers
    uncles or distant cousins who are coming.
    Very troll AH very troll 🙁
    No doubt the AH stands for A#se Hole.

    1. Admin not gonna be happy with your comment. This is site is becoming like the Arsenal home Ground where Freedom of speech is not allowed.

      ADMIN COMMENT Freedom of speech is not a problem if you can’t see that then you are not a regular. BUT personal abuse is definitely out of order. …

    2. Hey you were doing okay til the end. You know how I feel about personal abuse do don’t do it again a$$hole

        1. Why was Admins comment not moderated.

          ADMIN COMMENT. I was only returning the compliment. ….

    3. That last line is pushing beyond the limit, IMO. Criticizing is fine. Vile name calling = not necessary.

  3. One big issue with Lukaku is cost.

    Everton need serious rebuilding and they will need the cash to do it. I promise you they will demand an absolute fortune for Lukaku to finance the rebuilding.

    1. Someone didnt read the Article. LOL. They talking about the strikers brother and not the Everton Striker.

      1. I read the article. I should have clarified I was commenting on Romelu because that is the only player worth addressing – I cannot comment on brothers or cousins because I don’t know them really. And it is still true. Everton will try to sell ROMELU to finance their rebuilding.

        1. Cool Cool Mohawk.

          Off Topic: Why was there no mention of the fighting that went on at the Man city game between Arsenal supporters. This is what I was talking about. The board and Wenger is turning die hard fans into enemies and instead of fighting the cause of all this we fight each other.

          Everyone has his or her opinion. I cant understand how fans can not respect that. But once again Arsenal FC sets the example by confiscating banners at the entrances and not allowing Fans freedom of Speech.

          1. Who cares about supporters fighting off the pitch, its the players fighting to win on the pitch that matter….

      2. I actually read the article, but I think we all want this brother to be the cofactor for bringing in romelu, so no problem in talking about the big man at Everton imo ?

  4. If Wenger wants to keep Sanchez and Ozil, he MUST sign a world class striker. I am fed up with us having these mediocre players that either just don’t deliver or are injured all the time. (Wilshere, Ramsey, Walcott, Chamberlain, Giroud and Welbeck all fall into this bracket.)

    Welbeck out for 9 months ff$. Now there are unsettling rumours of Sanchez wanting to leave. Things are just getting worse. If Wenger wants to keep our best and actually win something next season we need at the very least two world class players.

    Lukaku would be a great buy, young proven goal scorer in the BPL. What the heck is Wenger waiting for?? He is better than anything we currently have up front, bar Sanchez.


  5. Hahaha ? it just goes to show that most fans don’t read the Article’s properly or Only, just read the headlines.

    I mentioned D.Lukaku on here a few weeks ago,
    That he would be a good replacement for Gibbs and also beneficial into tempting his brother R.Lukaku to choose Arsenal over utd, as the striker did comment on how he would like to play in the same team as his younger brother.
    They both played in the last international friendly against Holland, where the young LB assisted his older brother with a Goal.

    Sign him up!


      I read a while ago what you just said, I agree with you FB, we should sign him 🙂

      If Gibbs wanted to stay then keep him still, give him 12-24 months as a winger, when Monreal leaves due to age then Gibbs might have stepped up. He has done well when he has come on infront of Monreal, he isn’t on Theo wages so I personally think we could do with spending our efforts on other players before Gibbs.

  6. In order to get silverware next year, Arsenal should add at least three if possible four new players in the summer transfer window. One Center back ( Monales is ideal), one holding midfielder, who can be a leader too (Xhaka is ideal for this role), One winger and one center forward, the most critical area (R.lukaku / Aubameyang or any other clinical striker). Other wise the same old Arsenal will continue.

  7. As usual we’re linked with every player on the planet but we won’t sign more than one.

  8. I read about Jordan a while ago and made an article about it, since then I have kept an eye open and the more I see of Jordan the more I would like to see him join us.

    He looks like he could improve soooooo much if given the right training, even if we keep Gibbs and Monreal, I would like us to still got for him… Monreal isn’t getting any younger and Jordan is one for the future.

    The Lukaku brothers have spoken about their desire to play with each other in the same team, if Jordan wants to come to us and we can use that to our advantage then we should, getting his big brother would sort out CF pos out.

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