Lukaku wants to win the Premier League…… with Arsenal?

Romelu Lukaku, who has been linked with Arsenal for some time, has come out and publicly stated that he will be leaving Everton this summer. He also admitted that he was watching Leicester City when they collected the Premier League trophy and was overcome with desire to win it.

“In my head I know where I want to go but I’m keeping that to myself,” he said in the Guardian. “You will know when it is concluded. I have to make a good choice but in my head that has happened already. I have played [in England] for five years now, it’s my league. But there are other nice clubs. I follow Spanish and German football and I also have something for the Italian league.

“Wherever I go I want to win prizes,” he added. “During Leicester’s title ceremony I was standing just 10 metres from the trophy. I just stared at it for two minutes, forgetting to get on with the warm-up. I thought to myself, I want that.”

Obviously if Bayern Munich or Real Madrid are in for him then we will have very little chance, and although most papers are of the opinion that he will going to join Manchester United then I would have to disagree. He left Chelsea because Mourinho refused to promise to play him in the first team, and if Ibrahamovich is already signed then Lukaku would spend a lot of time on the bench again.

The way I see it is that if he wants to win the Premier League, then his best chance at the moment is with Arsenal. He would definitely be first choice at the Emirates….


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  1. If he was given the choice to join whichever club he fancied, Id say Arsenal would be his top choice. He’d be looking at what competition he’d have faced over the last few seasons, and he’d fancy his chances with game time. Che would use him sparingly, they would and will go after some of the bigger more exotic names whether he liked it or not. Manc he has no chance of removing Aguero, no-one in the league could. Manu, I do think it’d be a choice between ourselves and them. But he’d have to look at the shear number of chance creation at Arsenal then fancy himself to remove Giroud from starting pick. At the moment he may see a similar situation with manu, but manu are going to start flexing their financial muscle on a season to season basis. And with Mour there now, who didn’t believe he could fill Drogba’s shoes, well that will make him all the more hesitant. It’s us that he wants to join, and if we have made some enquiries, this could be why he sounds confident about getting the move that he would choose. (Unless weirdly enough that it’s Leicester, and that’s why he mentioned envy and titles)

    1. Also, there’s the giant pull of the Champions League. We are in it, Manu and Chelsea are not. If Lukaku wants to talk ambition and playing on big stages, lining up against Qarabag FK on thursday night probably isnt what he is dreaming of.

  2. Lukaku would be a good fit for us,he’s proven himself that he can get the goals in the EPL while playing for lesser sides Everton and West Brom at Arsenal he’ll have Ozil and Cazorla giving him killer passes which means more goals!

  3. Lukaku fills all the bills for me, he combined both what Giroud have and what he doesn’t have.
    Aerial present
    Hold up play (lolz)

    Fast and above all CLINICAL. Sign him up Arsene.

    OT: @Admin, I like your short and precise articles of nowadays.
    This site is a bit more positive ATM, any idea why?

    1. Cause the season has ended so we trying to think of Positives ways to improve the team. This includes transfer even if some suggested transfer are impossible.

    2. The articles have always been positive. It’s the comments that have become more and interesting and intelligent. Thanks to all my readers…..

      1. Suarez transfer was £75m, everton paid £28m for Lukaku. I cannot see arsenal paying £65m for Lukaku. I rate lukaku but do not think he is worth anything like £65m.

    1. @ZulazlyKamari, OG better than Lukaku…Lakaku is just getting to become a man in a far as football is concern while OG is beginning to grow grey hairs (he is pushing 30s). if we are comparing them now, Lukaku made 37 appearances to Girouds 38. Lukaku scored 18 times with 6 assists and Giroud 16 times with 6 assists. Lukaku made 57 chances Giroud 36. Arsenal had over 100 chances more over Everton, Lukaku had a short accuracy of 56% and Giroud 54%….How in the world is Giroud better than Lukaku….

      1. If your stats are accurate, then its fair to say that Lukaku and Giroud are comparable. the only advantage is that Lukaku is younger, but he is not significantly better than Giroud according to your stats

  4. We need to request a check up on Wenger. How in the world would you go for Alvaro Morata over Romelu Lukaku. Lukaku maybe expensive from the Everton Gold digging perspective, but we will not have to pay him a leg and an arm like we want to pay Morata. He want to win the Premier League which we too want to win so badly. He would be a beast on those games that we meet Chelsea the only ‘Formerly top four’ side that took unnecessary points from us, obviously for reason of history, he would be fired up against Man United, they hired someone who didn’t give him a chance, against Man City he would probably be in competition with Aguero for the golden boot…Everton made 360 chances to Arsenal’s 464. Lukaku would probably be a 30-goal striker for us….Morata, well if he scores 20 Wenger would be defending him…

    1. Lukaku is NO better than Giroud and wont make any difference it’s like getting two donkeys in to pull the same cart.
      Just cant see him making any difference at all

  5. He was scoring 15+ goals in the last couple of seasons for a medicore teams like west brom and everton with ozill and cazorla behind him his statistics will only get better, while Morata has only 15 goals in his two seasons in ITALY. He is much better option than Morata plus man united are not in CL so it makes us favorites to sign him.

  6. Minutes played per non penalty goal in PL, this season
    Aguero, 118
    Giroud, 162
    Kane, 168
    Vardy, 165
    Lukaku, 186

    On this basis Lukaku is not an improvement on Giroud, but arsenal have created a lot more chances than everton. What stats do show is that Aguero is best striker in PL by far, would have got golden boot if season not restricted by injury.

    Welbeck, 145

  7. Cannot see lukaku going to manu. When on loan at everton, lukaku scored a good goal and said he hoped the boss was watching. This prompted a media spat from mourinho, and then mourhino sold him to everton.

    1. Lukaku also said he has no unfinished business with Jose’s Chelsea, it doesn’t appear that Lukaku wants to prove Jose wrong but rather he seems to want to get on with his own life and develop. Lets be fair as well, if Lukaku went to UTD or Chelsea then he wouldn’t get CL football which is what he wants.

  8. Isn’t it sad that we have to hope that we will get a CF good enough to represent us…


    Arsenal made a nice profit on that TV deal, our global brand can rake in the money… Maybe Silent Stan and the board are willing to invest a bit more this time round? Invest a bit more to get a lot more out?

    The last 2 summer transfer windows that we bought outfield players we won the FA Cup, not the EPL but it was still a trophy after years of nothing, that got us some ££££ which we missed out on this year.
    This year we have already done a really early transfer which has been unlike Arsenal for the past 10 years, there has been the odd year where we did things quickly but so often we have been waiting up till the last day to see if we would look to improve ourselves. A quick start and not much haggling to reduce it, not like previous years where we would hang on till last day of transfer to get 10p knocked off the price…

    It appears that we may be showing a bit more ambition this time round by getting things done early, maybe the board feel forced into acting ambitious? What Jack said couldn’t have been helpful for them if they wanted to be tight with the cash again… that along with the growing movement for the board and silent Stan along with others in charge (Wenger included but not main focus) to show ambition and not relax when top 4 is safe?

    Either way I will keep my fingers crossed and keep that bit of hope inside me alive for a good transfer window.
    C’mon Lukaku!!!

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