Lukas Podolski coming back to Arsenal? In his dreams!

Arsene Wenger was much critized for not playing Lukas Podolski in the Arsenal First team, despite his excellent goalscoring record for the club, but now the German is struggling to get a game on loan at Inter Milan it would seem like Le Prof was right.

Podolski accused Wenger of disrespect when he was sent away in January, but now the ex-Koln man has been rejected by the Italian giants, he is talking about coming back to Arsenal, and thinks that Wenger will play him!

‘When I go back to Arsenal I think I have the chance to play there,’ Podolski said in the Mail. ‘I have one year left so well will see what happens. I feel very well at the club and with my teammates as well. I had a great two and a half years; I scored a lot of goals there and had a lot of assists.

‘The first six months of the season were not easy, that’s why I changed clubs. But now I’m ready.”

Podolski was given his chances in Serie A but after 12 appearances he is yet to score his first goal for Inter, and subsequently has been left on the bench by Roberto Mancini, including for the big Milan derby played last weekend. ‘It’s not a problem for me. I’ve been in this business of playing football long enough,’ Podolski continued.

‘Of course I want to play every game but it’s the decision of the coach, he makes the decision and picks the first XI and when he thinks the players on the pitch are better than me or in better form than me then they have to play.

‘I’m ready, I’m fit, I want to play because a derby is always a great game and it’s for these types of matches you play football.

‘I’m here now to finish the season then I have two games with the national team, then we will see.’

I think it is time for Podolski to wake up and smell the coffee! He simply cannot play for a big team any more and should go back to Germany and prepare for early retirement. There is no way that he will play for Arsenal again whether he has another year on his contract or not.

He must tell his agent to try and find another loan deal for next season to see out his Arsenal contract, and stop living in cloud-cuckoo land!

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  1. Poodle is that player you just don’t know where his natural position is, is he a main striker, second striker, winger, false no9 etc.

    To me he would got a 4-4-2 with Girouds knock downs and him getting his thunder left foot on those knock downs. But it will not happen, football moved on from 2 strikers up top.

    1. remember that goal against montpelier?
      what a left foot.

      can we just keep the left foot?
      the rest can err hop along to galatasaray

    2. After what he said about the manager I say NO NO NO to podolski. He blames everyone apart from himself. He even said the teammates were asking him why he is not playing. That can be very destabilising to a football club. I have watched him play for Inter and he is bad news.

      It took milan fans 2 weeks to know that they were rubbed by arsenal in paying all of Lukas wages. Podolski has a left foot but he is a poor striker and a poor winger. Then he is lazy.

    3. I’m not a fan of poodle. he is on too high wages and doesn’t do anything outside the box. doesn’t close down, doesn’t tackle, doesn’t link between the lines, doesn’t attack the flacks, doesn’t create chances for others or self create.

      he is an outdated and the fox in the box is yesterdays football.

  2. It is going to be really awkward when he turns up again and his AFC employee swipe card no longer works.

      1. lets offer him to psv as a straight swap for mempis depay!

        what u mean no?! thats a errr good deal….

  3. You know, probably he’s going to be yet another Bendtner episode unless Koln wants him back already. Not sure if he wants to take that pay cut just to play. My feeling is that he does not. Otherwise he would not say that he like to fight for his place in the team (more likely a place on the bench). If he’s desperate to play then he should go somewhere else because right now there’s absolutely no place for him even on the bench.
    Unfortunately a flop, uni-dimensional player relying only on his left foot and no other qualities honestly.

    1. I wouldn’t say he has no other qualities. It’s just that there is no way he can be accommodated at Arsenal.

      1. “uni-dimensional” –
        who knows maybe “defensive-minded” Macini tout him something else…

      2. I am sure he has many other qualities but not on the pitch. Or at least he didn’t shown them as of yet.

    2. If he doesn’t want to go that’s fine by me. I hope he doesn’t start crying and blaming the manager and the club when he doesn’t even make the bench. To be honest i don’t have him amongst the substitute in this team. podolski is not good enough.

      the new arsenal doesn’t have room for lazy players. Even ozil you remember him ? people said he was a number 10 and he shouldn’t defend. have you guys watched Ozil now ? he is pressing all over the park even tackling and winning balls.

  4. Just saw “Jon Moss to referee FA Cup final between Arsenal and Aston Villa”, for a split second I thought I saw Jose Mourinho, LoL

  5. Will it be Brahimi, schneiderlin, Pogba,Laporte,Dybala or wait for it, Podolsky at the Emirates next season.?

    1. Arshavin was a hell of a player, extremely talented and one of the best I’ve seen. He was f*cking lazy in his last years and he refused to play on the wings.
      And you compare that player with a guy that has only one good foot, and almost nothing else.
      Fair comparison, Bravo!

      1. @Aggelos
        Arshavin. Now there is one guy Jack should have watched and learned from. Jack is the only short guy in modern football who doesn’t know how to use his low center of gravity to his advantage…

        1. erm calling someone small is pretty inappropiate.

          i think the term your looking for is ‘vertically challenged’

          or ‘papa smurf’

          1. @muffdiver
            “I wish I was a little bit taller, I wish I was a baller” I’m just sayin…

        2. I have faith in him to be honest. As someone who has been watching him for a long time, he gives me the impression that he doesn’t have the right mindset. When he was younger, he wanted to penetrate defences, now he just likes to go in tackles and challenges. He’s strong for his height, but he has also gained weight the past couple of years, and that has affected him. I’m sure though Wenger knows what he’s doing with him.

          1. @Aggelos
            Imagine, if he knew how to use his low center of gravity better. He would be near unstoppable…

  6. I’ve always been a big fan of Podolski. I always remember watching the German national team and really disliking their style of play but then the likes of Lahm, Schweinsteiger & Podolski broke into the team and brought a new style to the team, they were great to watch and developed into the team they are today. I always wanted To see Podolski in an arsenal shirt. His club career however has been a different story an unsuccessful time at Bayern then returning to Koln. I think he had two of the best years club career wise at arsenal but I felt never really fit into the team completely. A quality player on his day but probably better off being the main man at a smaller club. I think he has that superstar personality and wants to be treated like a Ronaldo type player but just doesn’t have the talent to back it. I wouldn’t call him a flop he’s don’t pretty well but seemed like a short term solution, a quality option during a rebuilding phase. I don’t see how he can return after the comments he made.

  7. Well, as far as the epl is concerned he is better that Falcao 🙁

  8. I’m sorry but Podolski is not an Arsenal player, people drool over his left foot but to me he’s a waste of space on the field, the bench and in the team. One of the few who needs replacing, a younger more gifted ST should replace him and Dybala is the one for me…

  9. It is not good to be making a comment that one cannot backup with credibility. Hence Podolski’s comment against the boss has backfire on him. Podolski problem is, he likes to talk too much. Even if there is no much need for talking, he will still talk and sometimes over talked. Podolski is a social person who one can easily like on the social media. And he is a good footballer for Arsenal. And also specially good this season for Arsenal in the UCL games. If he was patient and bid his time for appearance on the field for Arsenal, instead of trying to bully the boss for appearance. He would have remained at Arsenal instead of going out on loan. And the boss would have continue to play him in Arsenal UCL games, which has become his specialty this season.

  10. I wouldnt mind having a goal scorer as a substitute but as long as he is happy with that and doesnt want to play all games all time. Look at this stats he is really a useful substitute

  11. Poldi had always been a wonderful arsenal player and a cheerful one. He may be having a bad time now but I believe he will rise from it just like other arsenal players got their form back e.g Ramsey n le coq he is a world class player and has saved us on many occasions I say we give him another season to see how he will turn out. We all no what an inform Poldi can do. I love Poldi he is a real fan’s favourite and knows how to cheer d crowd. I pray he hits his form back

  12. as a squad player poldi is welcome to see out his last year. he had a poor season for us but was good in the champions league were he averaged a goal every 42min whilst registering a 91.8% pass acc.

    he struggled when coming of the bench and with our formation changing to playing our wide forwards a little deeper than usual he wasn’t a fret unless he manage to get into the box on his left foot. [he was excellent in the left fwd position were he played once and scored 2 + a mom performance] he is also a set piece threat and the only left sider who crosses well

    if! he was to stay it would only be if we cant buy a quality or promising forward

  13. You guys must all be disgraced of yourselves..When a player plays well,you stick right behind him and when he suffers lack of form or isn’t doing too well,you just think of his service/work to the club as absolutely nothing.Compared to you guys,who are just sitting there and creating worthless articles,podolski has done a much better job for arsenal.If a german international who would get more than 100 caps and more than 40 goals has failed,blame should as well be attached to Mr.Arsene Wenger.I will tell you guys.If he comes back and scores a very important goal off the bench next season like in a champs league match,you would be again saying that prince poldi is back.You guys are absolute disgrace to be called fans.The fanship is joke of a word for being selfish.All it has to do is to satisfy your egos.If arsenal win,it satisfies your pride,your ego.Admit that every football fan/any fan in general,he doesn’t actually support the team to win..He wants his ego to win.And when he wins,he would go to a rival and simply boast of how his team achieved a feat.That has become the latest brand of fans and its absolute disgrace.In all honesty,we are absolutely clueless and absolutely offer nothing to the club.So,atleast be nice and stop slamming people who actually see everything there and try to do it everything there on the pitch unlike talk and moan like bithces.

    1. Well Said. I would welcome his stay as more of a sub but would take a good offer for him. I still support LP and wish him the best.

  14. If players like Wilshere (shit), Arteta (about to agree a year extension), Mertesacker (?), Szczesny (Liability) and even Diaby (will get some kind of new deal, for sure) may seem to have a place in Wenger plans, I don’t see why Podolski should not have a chance…!

  15. I always felt for Poldi. He’s a good player playing in the wrong system. He needs a 4-4-2. The guy has decent movement, a decent work ethic and a beautiful left peg. The problem is, he doesn’t suit the english game and doesn’t suit the arsenal system. EVERY player in England has to work or they fade into mediocrity. It comes as no surprise Ozil has been one of the best in the PL since his return when it coincides with a new found willingness to defend and fight for the ball. Poldi doesn’t NOT fight for the ball, he’s just not very good at it. He also doesn’t have the attributes to be up top on his own – he isn’t going to get behind the defence often and he isn’t going to hold the ball up either. What he can do is score a goal. That’s why he’s a 4-4-2 man – you can afford to have loose ball then because you have a second striker. He’s there to bang it in. Even in other unorthodox formations with him as a wide forward he can succeed (but not to the degree of a Walcott/Alexis/Ox etc.) as he can get into the box and try to play himself down wings for crosses. That’d be fine but the game has moved on. You could see him drift out of the arsenal team because he just didn’t adapt to the game. That’s another nail in the coffin – Wenger now wants adaptable players. If you can’t adapt, you can’t stay.

    As I’ve said – the guy clearly has qualities as a footballer but I don’t think he fits the Arsenal team. Sadly on top of that, he is great for morale in the dressing room normally and letting that go is really a shame too. Merts always seemed right at home having Poldi around – though odd how Ozil seems to have shined since he left…

  16. Firstly, I will admit (as all of you read) that I wanted LP to get more playing time with us earlier in the year. After his performances at Inter, we should cut our losses. It is possible for him to break into the team if he works and shows AW something, but I doubt it. I would sell him to the highest bidder out of our league this summer. His Anti-Wenger comments on his way to Inter I’m sure didn’t win him points either.

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