Luke Shaw has a good little whine about Arsenal getting off easy with criticism

Poor little Luke Shaw complaining that Arsenal gets it easy when it comes to criticism.

Frustrated Manchester United defender, Luke Shaw has tried to deflect some of the criticism his team is getting for their poor season by claiming the Gunners are struggling too.

Manchester United have struggled for much of this season, despite spending record fees for the likes of Harry Maguire and Bruno Fernandes and are still at risk of missing out on a European spot.

Shaw believes that his team gets too much stick for having a poor season while Arsenal have it easier.

Arsenal is currently outside the European places but unlike United are showing progress as the 4-0 win over Newcastle today shows.

But Shaw believes everyone turns a blind eye on Arteta’s side and focuses on United instead.

“I’ve had to have a thick skin. Sometimes it’s easy for people to forget what I’ve actually been through,” he told the Daily Mirror.

“You need to have a thick skin to play football anywhere, but especially at the biggest club in the world here at United. Everyone’s watching and wants to have a go whenever you lose.

“They’re just waiting to criticise the moment anything goes wrong but that’s part and parcel of playing for United.

“No disrespect to Arsenal who are a fantastic club, but they’re not exactly having the greatest of seasons and it’s hardly mentioned.

“I find it quite funny that if it’s United, everyone criticises, but Arsenal don’t get a mention.

Wow, don’t get a mention? what is he on? He clearly does not read the press or watch the pundits on TV. Arsenal has had a ton of stick, in fact, I reckon far more than United.

Shaw sounds rather bitter to me, to be honest, and he should look at his own game rather than whining about how much people pick on him.

Grow up son.


  1. What a lot of crap from Shaw….it doesn’t matter how bad Utd are there will always be loads of money to spend and waste on players. The media has them spending at least 300m already this summer. Arsenal are in comparison under Ebeneezer Kroenke.

  2. biggest club in the world??? with him and most of the other guys there its a laugh why they get stick, stick for the sticks

  3. Pundits have been predicting Man it’s to win the league or at least to be in contention to the very end for the past 6 seasons. At the same time they have been predicting our Arsenal to finish out of top 4 for the past 10+ seasons.

    They criticize you Shaw; because they have delusional expectations from your team, because they judge your team based on name alone and not the current status of your team which is mid table like us.

  4. Everyone thinks he’s the most targeted by the press. Gooners think they’re worst hit while man utd are given a pass. United player thinks vice versa

  5. “No disrespect to Arsenal who are a fantastic club, but they’re not exactly having the greatest of seasons and it’s hardly mentioned.

    dose he know after Liverpool we are the second team to lose less games this season our problem is we draw a lot and if i remember we did beat them and made them look bad

    so Luke the forces are against you

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