Luton Town boss explains why Arsenal have an advantage over Liverpool and City

Luton Town played Arsenal at an unlucky time. They faced our Arsenal at a time when they were desperate to have a win after drawing 0-0 against Manchester City.

Arsenal had no choice but to pick up 3 points over Luton FC, which they did on Wednesday night, winning 2-0. If you thought winning was great, you haven’t heard what the Luton boss Rob Edwards said post match. Edwards wasn’t afraid to reveal why at the moment Arsenal are the real deal in the Premier League.

He admitted that the Gunners have a superb squad that allows them to play however they want, which Manchester City and Liverpool do not. He claims that, unlike their title competitors, the Gunners have a solution for every situation. He praised how they limited Manchester City while noting how they attack in such a way that they eventually overcome you.

Edwards said: “They (Arsenal) limited City to very little. So, they don’t give you anything. Then, it’s very clear in how they attack but it’s really difficult to stop as well. They’re always there with good numbers and then they can really suffocate you as well.

“I think, maybe, they’re the one team out of all the three that are fighting (for the Premier League title) at the moment, they can sort of play any game – if it’s a physical game, if it’s a footballing game, if it’s a running game, whatever it is, they’ve got the answer.

“They’ve got the personnel to sort of play any way.”

Listening to the Luton boss speak, you could be forgiven for believing he is a Gooner at heart.

His statements are reassuring; having previously faced Liverpool and Manchester City, maybe his analysis are correct. We need Arsenal to be at their best in the coming weeks, and based on Rob Edwards’ claims, I’m certain they can.

What a moment it will be if our Gunners complete this great season with the Premier League title.

Sam P


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  1. Nothing can be more satisfying comment than this. Hope we can live up to what he thinks of us.

  2. I love hearing an honest opinion; unfiltered, uncensored, saying what he thinks in plain speech.

    Hard to argue with his point about how the team is structured; Arteta, Edu, and the Kroenke’s have done a marvelous job of building the team.

    It is just down to performance; the right starters producing on the pitch with the proper tactics. If it was as easy as saying it, we would all be professionals.

  3. What’s wrong with winning both Champions league and the league?? We have shown we have what it takes to beat any team as demonstrated against European champion. We take it a step at a time and play every game like it’s the final. COYG

  4. I know that only time will tell before everyone will start praising arsenal and Arteta, is only Liverpool and man u legends that have not seen the visions yet. Great talk from a fellow coach I love that, for this saying alone Luton Town will not go back where they come from 🥰

  5. To be honest my thoughts and analysis have not gone this way.

    May be because I always expect a win in each game without analysing what opponent being faced.

    I wish Coach Arteta would have a view of these humble remarks and build further on them.

    Great comments giving high hopes and expectations not only for the Premier League title but also the Champions League title.

  6. When you have such flattering comments from an opponent, it would be naive to ignore them. Imagine the team with five changes from our usual first eleven but still performing to that level?.. it is fantastic

  7. As Arsenal fan waiting for a silverware has been long and with our current team I believe that waiting is over. We just need to put our feet down and I can smell coffee

  8. No lies! The Lutton gaffer was right. Arsenal’s maturity since last season has been remarkable.
    I am not only believing them to win the domestic league, but add Champions League trophy to it.
    Bayern Munich can’t stop us. We run them down like a train will a small car.

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