LVG gives Arsenal fans a PROPER comedy moment!

A bit of light entertainment here for you Arsenal fans before the game. I´m not really sure what the Man United boss was thinking here. Maybe he was having a senior moment, doing it for a bet or just trying to put off the Swansea City players before they face his team today.

There is even, I suppose, an outside chance that he actually believes the crazy words that tumbled from his lips in his pre-match press conference yesterday, reported by ESPN. I doubt it though. He may have failed to set the Premier League alight since taking over at Old Trafford in the summer but he surely can´t have completely lost his football brain.

The Dutchman said, “As you know, when you see the score of the last 19 or 20 matches we are the best team in the league. So, I think confidence is also high like the beginning [of the season].”

That´s right Gooners, he really did say that his turgid and jammy team are the best in the Premier League. Change best for luckiest, Louis, and we´ll talk. Maybe van Gaal should give up the day job and go on the comedy circuit; with gags like that he can´t fail. Hopefully Swansea will have seen it and make sure that the United boss is eating his words at 5 o´clock today. It was doubly odd for LVG to refer to their high confidence at the start of the season, because that lasted just 90 minutes, after which they were beaten at home by, you guessed it, Swansea City.

I´m sure that Adrian Durham agrees with the United boss but will anyone else? Imagine how much Wenger would get slaughtered for saying something as daft as that? Come on you Swans!!!!

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  1. I’m not going to make fun of LVG until after our FA Cup match. I want to Win that match badly. If I make fun of him now and Utd win, I will feel like an idiot. Lol

    Right now I’m 100% focused on smashing some crystal

    1. SPOT ON MAN, even better if we can manage to knock them out of top 4 in our 2nd leg EPL game. Manure is my no. 1 hated team.

        1. i would never split with a girl cos she supports manure-
          would just take her thru the backdoor as punishment

    2. Ok, you see, eh… I don’t think Van(H)al said anything funny there.

      Jiz!!! I was hoping to have a good laff.

  2. well they are above us in the league so lets not laugh too hard plus we onl drew with at the emirates and have not beaten at OT since 06 so lets be slightly less arrogant before we go there thinking we aere going to walk through to the semis

  3. Who is the best premier league signing so far? Diego costa, Dimaria and Sanchez? To me, Di maria does not really have the expected effect on manutd, Diego costa is part of a well-oiled machine while Sanchez IS THE MACHINE!!!!!!

  4. Crap article. You make your own luck and we 20 + games in so this luck stuff is crap.

    It’s simple in black and white, they ahead of us in league, then they deserve it, we have had our own luck but fail to capitalise.

    I hate Utd, but if finished above us, they deserve it, same goes for Spurs and any other team.

  5. If we look the table of last 15 matches unfortunately or fortunately they have secured the highest points. So yes technically on result basis they are best in last 15 games.

    And I am shocked here in arsenal blog we have a article about LVG’s opinion. LVG can speak whatever he wants , for us lets talk on the field. Stop being obsessed with what other speak, we have lots to focus.

  6. By skill, talent and Experience would make mince meat of United f.a cup 6th round. What we don’t want Is waste chances we most certainly we will come across before they do and waste – make no mistake, the Unite sausage lovers will be out with pitch forks talking about big team United are and how we have failed to put them away.

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