Lyon chief validates rumour that Arsenal made a move for their Champions League star

There was a rumour recently that Arsenal had made a bid for Lyon’s Houssem Aouar involving Matteo Guendouzi which has now been validated by Lyon chief, Juninho.

The Gunners are looking for a new midfielder in this transfer window and Aouar is one of their top targets.

The young Frenchman has been shinning in the French side for some seasons now and after helping them reach the semifinal of the Champions League last season, Arsenal thought it would be smart for them to make a move for him.

The Gunners have now attempted to sign him with Guendouzi used as a sweetener in the move.

However, Lyon turned the offer down because they are not interested in signing the French bad-boy.

Juninho told French radio station Top of the Foot via Mail Online: ‘I get on very well with Edu, we spoke on the phone. Aouar is really appreciated by Mikel Arteta. 

‘Guendouzi was discussed during the call, he is a great player, but he is the wrong profile. We are not interested in that at all, we cut the conversation.’

Guendouzi has developed a reputation for being a bad boy recently and although he has been given another chance by Arteta this season, his attitude might let him down again. 

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  1. OT.. PSG are back for Guendouzi but are reluctant to meet Arsenal’s 30m pound valuation. They want to include Draxler in the deal.

    We want money and not extra bodies.

    1. We just had to be linked with Draxler one way or another 😄
      That just proves MG can’t be that bad if they’re after him! 👍

  2. Guendouzi is just a kid with attitude, he’s not a bad footballer at his age.
    He’ll definitely grow better.
    Lyon didn’t reject it because it was Guendouzi.
    The offer was disrespectful somehow.
    I already said it before that the offer seemed ridiculous that they didn’t even bother replying or talking about it. So the media only came out with it was rejected.
    Good to see him come out to say they weren’t even interested and they cut the conversation.
    It’s not news to me, I read it two weeks ago.

    They want the money.
    No swap, nothing else, doesn’t matter if the fee will be paid over the years, as long as we agree to pay the 55M.
    City are not interested, Juventu needs to get rid of some players before they bid for Aouar.
    So for now we have a free shot at him, it’s looking as if we’ll get him finally. If Lyon don’t get the offers they’re waiting for from the likes of City, PSG, Juve, they’ll reconsider selling to us, and it’s very likely they won’t get those offers they want.

    According to L’Equipe PSG are back in for Douzi, but they don’t want to pay the 35M Arsenal want, and they want to add Draxler to the deal instead.
    I say they can f##k off with Draxler.
    There’s no way I’m supporting taking a 26 years old declined Draxler over s young Douzi that has the potential to get better than he is right now.
    It’ll be delusional if we think Draxler is what we need, this isn’t 2014.
    Also, there’s never been a window that we ain’t linked to him.
    To complete it, let’s add Benzema rumours and M’villa rumours to this summer too then.
    Arsenal better pull a Lyon on this and refuse the Draxler stuff.
    We need the cash.
    Also Barcelona are considering Bellerin since they’ve put Semedo up for sale.
    If they get rid of him, they might come for Bellerin

      1. Lol…. Pat I’m not, I’ll stop looking for transfer news soon as the season kicks off, and I’m only sharing because I trust and believe what I read and where I’m reading it from.
        I really have no special knowledge about dealings, I only share what I read. I’ve seen a lot of it happen, so it really does help in filtering out the rumours.
        This is only temporary, I’ll be resuming writing articles instead soon

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