Lyon coach speaks out on Arsenal-target’s future: “He can leave”

Houssem Aouar has been a rumoured Arsenal target for a few years, but has remained at his boyhood club Lyon after breaking into the first team five years ago.

Yet again this season, the Gunners have been linked with the French international as Mikel Arteta has been desperately searching for an attacking midfielder that will fit in with his tactical plans.


But it now seems that Arteta is making either Leicester’s James Maddison or Martin Odegaard as his favourite targets for that position, but one thing is for sure is that Aouar is very unlikely to be still playing at Lyon next season.

The new Lyon coach Peter Bosz has replaced Rudi Garcia, and in an indepth interview with the French website he was asked about the future of Aouar. He gave a very short and clear response. “ Aouar? Il peut partir, c’est ça le foot moderne. Jusqu’au dernier moment, il peut partir.”

This translates to “Aouar? He can leave, this is modern football. Up until the last moment, he can leave.”

Well, he can’t be much clearer than that! The Sun claim that Arsenal have been talks with the 23 year-old’s agents in recent weeks, and say that the Frenchman would be available for around £25m despite being on the market for 40m just 12 months ago.

It also sounds like that price could drop on deadline day if no other concrete offers come in for him. Could Arteta be keeping him in reserve if he can’t secure Odegaard or Maddison?

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    1. I think Aouar has got something wrong with his physical fitness, the injury he got must be scaring pple who want to invest in a risky player and his form also dropped last season

    2. That’s just bad translation and take n out of context first of all Bosz the Lyon coach is Dutch and his French isn’t great he learnt it after spending 3 seasons playing for Toulon ages ago anyway he was asked about transfer rumours and the future of Aouar he should have been translated as something like”he could still leave you never know with football today..blah blah blah”what you read is probably a Google translate.

      1. I am afraid not. I speak French very well but you don’t need to. Click on the link to original interview, it is very clear indeed.

        1. I don’t how good your French is but I am French your article gives your readers the impression that Bosz wants Aouar to leave which is not the case and as I previously wrote was taken out of context the writer used just a portion of the interview if a good offer comes in sure they would accept it from his interview dated the 5th of August”On whether he is counting on Houssem Aouar this season? Yes !Bosz did add” that he’s still counting on the silky France international ahead of their Ligue 1 opener against Brest on Saturday.

          Aouar, meanwhile, has been named Lyon’s third-choice captain behind…

        2. “I speak french very well but you don’t need to”la blague!imagine un français incapable de parler sa langue natale !!

        3. I thought by 1 August Arsenal would have signed Hussein Auoar. We are running out of time🕙

  1. The fact is that Aouar is better than Maddision,I don’t know the fixation. We can have the Lyon guy for less the price of Maddision.

    1. My thoughts exactly. Rodgers won’t sell Maddisson on a cheap. I would go for Auoar. Save money and spend on another attacking midfielder like Bernardo Silva.

      Arsenal should sign Aouar and Bernardo Silva

  2. I think Aouar has got something wrong with his physical fitness, the injury he got must be scaring pple who want to invest in a risky player and his form also dropped last season

    1. That is what the football world think about Fekir but he hasn’t disappointed since he has been playing for Real Betis.

    2. I think it is more to do with his personality. That’s why Arteta likes Odergaard so much, in the West Ham game when we went behind he dragged us back to 3 – 3. Reporters have said that Aouar can go missing when things get tough.

  3. Why would any club reduce any players price by nearly half in just 12 months? Especially being quite young too.

    I get the feeling there are underlying issues or maybe Aouar has made a very strong case to be released at a reduced cost? Either way, there is something going on.

    1. I’d say they’re poorer than last season, so a hint of desperation there. Also he has a year less of contract and didn’t have as stellar a season. Strike while the irons hot as they say. Look at what we could’ve got for Guendouzi after his first season compared to what we did get. Still the same player but a different moment in time.

      1. Exactly right Paul, Lyon are are in a dire financial state and need to sell players. Arsenal could do a package deal for Houssem Aouar plus Bruno Guimaraes for less than the asking price for James Maddison, with change for Onana as backup goalkeeper.
        If after a medical examination, or other misgivings, Arsenal decide to pass on Aouar, there is always Guimaraes. Should the medical go well Arsenal can fill three priorities for less than the cost of Maddison.

  4. There’s so much going on this window, it’s hard to know what to believe. I’m surprised that we haven’t pushed hard for this one if we were indeed so keen for him last year, especially given his apparent value now. I can only assume that Odegaard is priority one and until such time as that door is shut then other options are on hold. Risky policy but is a means of getting the squad you want. Maybe Maddison is being pursued highly because of the homegrown factor and maybe Sander Berge is mentioned because United want to sell him elsewhere and the agent is using our name to get value.. it’s the only reason I can think of for that nonsensical link.

  5. Aouar——£25M

    Would cost around the same as LC’s asking price
    for Maddison and immediately address 3 positions
    of need in the starting 11.

    To much common sense for Edu and MA?

    1. That would be some solid business. Guimares would be a fine addition too and no more than Aouar. Then sell some of the fringe players, buy a quality right back and we are more or less good to go.

    2. What would the total weekly pay be? It’s not only about the transfer fees, what about the weekly wages for the 3 pkayers?

      1. Jay, Arsenal have removed some large wage earners off the books, with more to go. Maddison has apparently been offered £100k+ per week. Ozil’s wages are gone and both Bellerin and Kolasinac are on £100k+ each, so hopefully wages won’t be an issue. The wage structure at Arsenal is a concern, given the overall high wages making underperforming players difficult to move on.

  6. I am tired of all this rumours, am eager for the window to shut down, and get started, arsenal bord and media are playing with arsenal fans, they cant be able to solve even simple solution.
    Bought aour+isco is ok for our midfield department, go for ramsdale give martinelli complete chanch and forget with that expansive matinez then we are good to go.

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