Lyon in talks to sign a replacement for Arsenal target

Tuttomercatoweb via Football Italia is claiming that Lyon has continued to hold talks with AC Milan for the transfer of Lucas Paqueta, in what should be a boost to Arsenal’s chances of landing Houssem Aouar.

Aouar has emerged as a top transfer target for Mikel Arteta in this transfer window as the Spaniard overhauls his current options.

Lyon is open to selling the midfielder, but Arsenal will have to meet their asking price, reported by Football Italia to be £54m.

The Gunners are looking to gather the fee and make their move for the 22-year-old and it seems that the French giants are already preparing for life without him by targeting Paqueta.

Paqueta was one of the brightest young players in Brazil when he played for Flamengo and he moved to AC Milan in January last year.

Since his 38 million euros move to Italy, he hasn’t exactly been convincing at the San Siro.

He has played 44 games for them, scoring once and providing three assists in a tough introduction to European football.

Lyon and Milan are continuing talks over the transfer and Arsenal will hope that it will make their move for Aouar easier before this transfer window closes.

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  1. This gotta be true as Houssem Aouar to Arsenal has moved a step closer.
    The bid has been accepted and Aouar will have a medical next week.
    Personal terms previously agreed two weeks ago, Aouar will sign a €120K a-week, 5 year deal with AFC.
    Happy times to be a Gooner.
    Partey next!

    1. Yes I would love the Lyon player to come to arsenal he is a very good player what arsenal need and I hope we get Thomas party as well because he is a fantastic player that we need and I hope we get caught in you as well that will make the arsenal fans very very happy and if we get all three of them there are some tea will be very strong

    2. Accepted?? We only submitted a bid of around £32 million which is 22 million lower than Lyon’s asking price.
      Please what’s your source?

    3. Our bid has been rejected and negotiations are ongoing. A way to go yet. Don’t believe anyone who says it’s a ‘done deal’.

  2. I hope we can get him. Today we are not good enought and our pretended rivals have had better transfer window than us.
    What would be ur line up with aouar? Would u sit Ceballos?

  3. Let’s temper our expectations guys. I recall we all felt universally giddy upon Pepe’s arrival. Now he’s playing backup to a 33 yo 🤦🏽‍♂️

    1. I do not get all this hype about him. Good player, that is all. We did get carried away by Ozil, except for that 19 assists during Sanchez’s peak, what else good did he bring to the team? A few jerseys sold? We could have signed Daniel Craig for the same job and saved on a player. Except for Auba, rest all high value/wage transfers have been below average – Xhaka, Mustafi, Laca, Mkhi, Pepe (the lad was in his first year so can be excused)

  4. If we get Aouar I reckon we will have a shot at the top four. We still need to get rid of Torreira, Kolasinac, Socratis, and Mustafi. I hope we keep Guendouzi. Ozil…..what a $$$$ up!

    1. Let’s not get carried away by Aouar, he’s coming from a league where you get more space to play the ball to a league that won’t afford you that space, he has to be quicker and this will take time for him to settle in. Partey on the other hand is the one I think will really fortify our midfield, and would hit the ground running because of not just his play but his experience at the highest levels, playing against the 2 world best players in the same league is no joke, trust me.

  5. Great news if Aouar really comes in. But I only hope the deal for Aouar does not scuffle the deal for Partey. Partey is also very important to us.

  6. Why all arsenal fans are only talking about what they want and leave what we need behind, just want a star in your team but what about what the team needs to be in somewhere we can be proud of at the end of season, what we needs are cothino, james rodriguez, houssem aour, I don’t know where we can find one but a good creative midfielder not the one we have before (defensive midfielder) partey is a good player but is our want not what we really need

  7. I fear Aouar is an overhyped player. In ligue 1 last season, he played 25 matches, scored 3 and assisted 4. These are not great stats.
    I cant imagine him doing much in PL. Hes shown glimpses of quality in the Champions league and his youtube videos look great but stats dont lie.

    1. One of the fanbase most known to keep using stats to defend an average players and always say stats don’t tell the story completely.
      #about to sign a quality player: suddenly complaining about his stats as if that’s why we’re signing him in the first place

      1. “about to sign a quality player: suddenly complaining about his stats” watched one man city game and he is “quality”. Fans these days

        1. Watched one man city game?
          To burst your bubble, the game you think I saw, I didn’t bother watching it… Some of us really know about other players before they become targets.
          I knew and started following Aouar when he was toping the list of nominated FIFA golden boy a season ago.
          So don’t think I started watching Aouar because of a few UCL games

          1. If we were to keep things to ourselves, why this blog?
            Mate.. he is over hyped. I have just sat and watched his UCL games against juventus, city and bayern. An average player. Falls on the ground easily, very slow movement, passes don’t really reach the target.
            I think Lyon is doing a good job in marketing this player. On the other hand, i have watched Partey in a few matches and he is a beast, that i will admit

    2. Iniesta’s stats aren’t really good, yet he was integral to the Barça team he played in. From what I saw of Aouar against City, he is a very good player, and would add a creative outlet to our game. You should at least watch him play for a while before giving your verdict. Heck, I’m still yet to draw a final conclusion on Pepe. His performance wasn’t that bad last season, and he really improved his game towards the end of it. Why he’s being benched at present, I don’t know, but I feel he would still find his way into the team. What need now is to sign Partey, after we’ve completed the deal for Aouar. And that should make this our best window in a very long time. COYG!!

      1. Iniesta is a homegrown player and the club knows what he can and cannot do. In Aouar’s case, the asking price is too high for a player with poor stats and no PL experience. I say this because i honestly am not very convinced with Pepe either. He might prove me wrong but players of his price should hit the ground running. What is the point in waiting for a year for the player to settle when you could rather invest that money and develop home grown talents.
        I am not saying we shouldn’t spend money but rather spend it on quality. A man city game alone does not prove quality. Just my opinion, but ofcourse I trust the coach’s judgement.

        1. You are a true fan and a realist.Good to have someone like you having an opinion and not getting carried away by the media and hype. See where Ozil has reached with the over hype that some fans gave him. Sad for the player (because he became a victim of his own greed), sad for the club. The selling club pockets the money along with the agent.In the past we never bought stars, we made them. We should continue doing so, for that we need a good talent scouting system as we have a good coach on board. Arsene was successful when he developed the stars, failed miserably when the so called stars ditched him with mediocre performances and was too old to stand up to them. Good Mikel has stood up to the likes of Ozil and Guends.

        2. It’s the inflation that has affected how the market works these days. Players that would go for 15 – 20 in the past now go for insane amounts these days, you can’t fault them for those price tags, and you can’t jst expect it to be smooth sailing from the get go for them in a different league and environnement because of their price. Pepe has been showing glimpses of how deadly he can be, and I feel since Arteta (allegedly, ) was able to help Sterling up his game, he should be able to help Pepe reach his potential. And what home grown talents are we talking about here, only a handful of English players are actually good, and aren’t all media hype. I think Aouar is quality (from what I saw against City), and if he has been putting in that kind of performance consistently, his price tag shouldn’t come as a surprise. On your conclusion, we agree, let’s all trust the coach’s judgement, he knows what he’s doing, evidently….. I should add.

  8. Eddie will Aour be quarintined? If so why can’t he come to London during the weekend and start the quarintine already

  9. Get aouar , ibrahim sangare , maybe nuno Tavares who can play RB / LB
    Then I’ll be happy
    And if a few more leave we can look at other players
    But for me that’s the transfers I wanna see happening asap

  10. Aouar will not need to quarantine if he comes to UK as has been regularly tested. Its far from a done deal though as some seem to be saying on here so let’s not be misled with stories saying he’s as good as ours.
    Partey though is way off and unlikely to happen.

  11. Do you guys realize We can’t sign any other player without first letting at least 3 players out. We currently have 19 non home grown players instead of max 17. So for partey and Aour to come in we need to create space and you all know how hard it is to sell our overpaid average players especially in this covid transfer window. So its not as if Edu is slow but his hands are full, he need some team to come buy Socrates, Torrera, Kola, mustafi who is injured by the way. If he goes ahead and buy partey and Aour, what now happen when come the end of the window and all the players are still here? We’ll be forced not to register some Senior players in our premier league squad and they will still be on the wage bill and unhappy.

    1. I think we can sign, just that we can’t add them to the 25 man list for the EPL, unless we let go of 3 non homegrown players.

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