Lyon president denies Arsenal close to Lacazette deal

As usual there are hundreds of conflicting Arsenal transfer rumours regarding top strikers, and this week it was alleged that we were close to finalising a deal for Lyon’s hitman Alexandre Lacazette, but according to the Lyon president Jean-Michel Aulas he hasn’t even spoken to Arsene Wenger directly about a deal, and he is in no rush to do so either! “I do not intend to sell Alexander quickly, because there is always the option of Atletico Madrid to signing him on January 1, 2018,” Aulas said in L’Equipe.

“I also listen to what Alexander says.

“I saw Arsene during the match between France and England [on June 13]. I was with Gerard Houllier [who is an adviser to Aulas] and I understand he told Gerard that there could be an interest from Arsenal.

“But it is premature to say that things will be done.

“We can not let a player of that quality go without his replacement [lined up].”

It was reported this week that Aulas and Wenger had held meetings over Lacazette and they were close to an agreement, but that now just looks like a distant dream if Aulas has only heard about Arsenal’s interest through a third party.

Maybe Wenger is checking out other strikers as well and is leaving his options open for the moment, but it would seem we will have a long way to go before securing Lacazette for next season…



  1. A no news article… Lyon president always washes his dirty inen in public.. we will buy laca and they will get Giroud !

  2. Admittindedly I haven’t seen more than a handful of Lacacette’s games but I just can’t get excited about these rumours. It just doesn’t feel like the step up in striker that Arsenal needs. The only thing countering my gut reaction is that Athletico want him and they are no slouches in talent evaluation.

  3. Including Giroud in the deal makes Lacazette over priced.
    Need to hang on to him for a different option up top.
    Having both would give us real tactical flexibility.

  4. I read the news about the price Lyon’s president is asking for Lacazette. For that kind of price, I think Arsenal had better focus on Aubameyang and Lewandowski, strikers with better statures and have been playing for Dortmund and Bayern Munich.

    If Lacazette is really that good, Barcelona and Real Madrid would have chased him already, and he would have started ahead Giroud, Griezmann and Mbappe in France national football team. His current price is too similar to what Barcelona paid for Neymar and Suarez.

    I hope Arsenal would use their budget wisely to get a striker that is suitable for their current playing style. Arsenal still has to get a real playmaker to replace Cazorla.

    1. Sorry mate we are not Barcelona and R Madrid,we are Arsenal, we want Laccazatte to bolster our squad,Infact we don’t chase players that have played for Baryen and Dortmund but we want to improve our squad for the coming season and Lacca can do that.

      1. We are most certainly not R Madrid or Barcelona.
        Or Bayern Munich or Dortmund.
        Or PSG or Monaco
        Or Juventus or Inter
        Or Chelsea, Spurs, Liverpool, City or United.
        We are just a joke of a club and a source of laughter for everyone.
        A club that is linked with everyone and signs no one.
        Whose ambitions are outshone by the likes of Huddersfield and Watford.
        And who are “managed” by a senile fossil who by the looks of him recently should have died a long time ago.
        That is Arsenal – promise everything and deliver nothing and rewards failure with a two year contract worth millions.
        Arsenal deserve everything that is coming to them…

        1. I actually agree with you. I fear that we’ll be suckered once more by the end of this transfer window. I’d LOVE to see Laca, or any top player sign for us, I really would, but I’m just way too cautious when it comes to Arsenal transfer dealings.

  5. Aulas is just trying too milk us dry,cause he knew we are the only club interested in him this transfer window.@Arsenal should sign him at all cost cause he will definitely improve our team

  6. OT selfish gooners no one here wished messi happy birth day! if it was not for Higuan’ the big game bottler, messi would have won two capa America titles and the world cup…all hail king messi he is not Giriod or a lacazette

  7. I believe if it was not for injuries Walcott would conquer league 1 better than lacazette and he would be priced at 80m by now. The standards of French football is low do not be deceived..We need tall pacy skillful striker that is a must have qualities to conquer epl as a striker

    1. @yagoonersya,
      EPL is not as good as you think. There are more fans here at match days and that makes it more exciting. That s why people think the EPL is better.
      English team see the truth when it comes to champions league. They see how good other countries teams are.
      In any single city in France you will find a football club it s not the case in UK.
      France has got better young players coming through every year than England.. MBAPPE, DEMBELE DIAKITE …star like Griezman, even Girou would play in English team if he was English, i m not sure that Walcott will even make the French bench.
      I love england and support the team in the world cup and euro (of course as long as they don t play against France lol) but i only speak in terms of football for having lived in both countries , no offence.

  8. Andrew silver would have been another option, our scouting is very poor.Sack the and hire some Monaco and soton scouts,They mislead wenger to buy Gabriel while the media had scouted for us Virgil

  9. Watford has shown more ambition than Arsenal.
    I would not be shocked if he signed no one other than the freebie that no one else wanted.
    You have to ask the question – a free player that no one except Arsenal wanted. He really cannot be very good can he?
    I just don’t know – Arsenal signing players or the thought of the fan base becoming so nasty and unpleasant that it would force the manager out of the club.
    I would be happier if he failed to sign anyone and was forced out – with him in charge Arsenal have failed even before they kick a ball. What must his squad of players be thinking as our competitors sign new players and he sits on his overpaid backside doing nothing? Would him doing nothing keep you if you were in Sanchez’s position.
    I think the best that Arsenal can achieve is just to make up the numbers – we won’t challenge and we won’t make the top four. I think sixth or seventh is the best Arsenal can hope for. I just wonder if the master of failure will start talking of sixth or seventh position as success.We will see.

    1. How true. Every season the rumours start,and Arsenal ALLOW the rumours to continue until the selling club say” no contact with wenger”!! Its because he is and ALWAYS WILL BE a ditherer hes unable to make his mind. Up the mans a buffoon!!!and the american owner does not care one bit and rewards failure with a new contract. Winning the fa cups NICE but all it is is a day out for the fans.THE REAL TROPHIES ARE WON BY AMBITIOUS MANAGERS. not our deluded dinasaur!

    2. Of course he will consider playing in EL success. He’ll just switch his tune it’s very important to play in the Champions League to it’s very important to play in European competitions.
      He’s not nicknamed Le Fraud for no reason.

  10. “Maybe Wenger is checking out other strikers as well and is leaving his options open for the moment, but it would seem we will have a long way to go before securing Lacazette for next season…”
    Still checking out , wow this is new.
    If they have to buy a new striker it has to be done before July 31st(I know transfer window ends during last week of August).It gives sufficient time for the selling club to find a replacement.
    If we try to sign a player in last week August ,it becomes difficult for selling club to find replacement.
    Wenger is just wasting time.

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