Lyon President makes a sly dig at Arsenal over Houssem Aouar

Lyon president Jean Michel Aulas is a man that is no stranger to aiming digs at individuals and teams, Arsenal has become his latest victim.

The 71-year-old has watched as Arsenal has been persistently linked with a move for Houssem Aouar this summer and he has an idea about why the Gunners haven’t gotten the deal over the line.

Aouar has emerged as Arsenal’s top midfield target in this transfer window and as the Gunners continue to do business, he might become an Arsenal player before the transfer window closes.

But Aulas was asked if he thought Arsenal could complete the move for the 22-year-old, with Arsenal yet to table an official bid.

He said that he didn’t think the Gunners were willing or capable of paying the fee it will cost them to buy the Frenchman.

Asked if Arsenal are likely to agree a deal for Aouar, Aulas told journalist Chris Wheatley: ‘No I don’t think so. 

‘No offer yet. It seems that Arsenal don’t want to – or can’t – invest the price for Houssem, who is our best player.’

Arsenal is also linked with a move for Thomas Partey, it remains unclear who they will eventually sign.

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  1. Such a shame. We just got 20mill (allegedly) for Martinez. Why dont we now buy Aouar, we will recoup another 20mill when we sell whoever, and Stan can pay himself back that 20mill he puts up. We don’t need to sell first.

  2. Vinai and Edu have publicly stated that Arsenal DO NOT have to sell players to buy, yet there has been no approach to Lyon, according to their president to buy Aouar, who is supposedly one of Arsenal’s top two targets, with Partey.
    Other sources say that personal terms have been reached with both players; however this is pointless without agreement with the Club’s.
    What is going on? Who is telling porkies?
    On the basis of what Vinai and Edu stated. , Arsenal do not have to sell players for either money or squad places (which many on here question). If it is not a matter of money or places, the equation remains the same as it has been since the start of the window:
    1. Partey pay Atletico Madrid thr €50 million buy out clause and AM has to sell; and
    2. Aouar pay Lyon €60 million and they release the player.
    In both cases the club’s don’t have to sell, because both players have reasonable length contracts remaining.
    The clock is ticking and Vinai and Edu’s credibility is at stake, in my opinion. Are they going to support Mikel Arteta or not?

    1. Do you understand how the squad is made up? The problem isn’t the money it’s freeing up the spots in the squad. To bring in Runarsson, Partey and Aouar we have to get rid of four non homegrown players. That’s right FOUR!!! Martinez and Torriera allow us to bring in Runarsson which we need because we are a keeper short now, Aouar will be next my guess would be when Sokratis is moved on then we have to wait and see who out of Kolisniac, Mustafi or Guendouzi goes first. Two of them want to stay and I havnt heard wether Mustafi would be open to a move so who knows. I’m guessing that’s why Bellerin was considered for sale which I don’t mind as Maitland Niles can fill his spot.

      1. Matthew, I understand that completely as I wrote above citing what Vinai and Edu have publicly stated “Arsenal do not have to sell players for either money or squad places (WHICH MANY ON HERE QUESTION)”.
        You and I are two who are questioning the varacity of what we are being told. The Club is saying one thing and the actions are not backing it up. Why are we being misled?

        1. Ozzie nobody is misleading nobody, it’s you who doesn’t seem to understand our dilemma and Matthew correctly explained it to you above. The club saying we don’t need to sell to buy was based on purely monetary aspects. It means we can afford to buy players we are really interested in (Not players the media says we are interested in) because truth be told, as regards Auoar and Partey, whom I’d very much love to see at our club, neither Arteta nor edu as publicly come out to say we’re interested in signing them, for now it’s just media speculations till it’s actually confirmed on Arsenal’s official website. So the club isn’t misleading us, we are just the ones who are falling prey to onslaught of media propaganda. We know what happened last year when the same media said we had just 25m for transfers, we got a certain Pepe, Tierney and Saliba. I will just say to you to calm down and see as things turn out by October 5th, you’re being too anxious for nothing, I understand as a fan, we want what’s best for our club, I’m sure Arteta and edu and the board do too, nobody runs a business or organisation just to fail. If we can’t move the excesses of non home-grown players that we currently have, even if we had man City money, we can’t buy and that’s the truth. Chelsea can buy as much as they did because majority of their squad comprise of homegrown players. In mount, Abraham, tomori, James etc

          1. Kstix, love the double negative”nobody” in your first sentence. 😁 But yes the message coming out of the Emirates is misleading, but I expect nothing less.
            Don’t worry about me mate, I have been around long enough to know, it’s no good worrying until the 5th October and you see transfers announced on the Arsenal website.
            As you know the number of players Arsenal are linked to by the media and player agents trying to up the value of their players is ridiculous.
            The problem is that leaving transfers until the end of the window gives less time to integrate the player into the team, even though this season is a one off due to the short turnaround.

      2. And Torreira also being shifted out gives us more space for a new Midfielder.

        I think we need to sell before we buy.

        The likes of Edu etc saying we don’t need to sell before we buy might all be part of strategy.

        Isn’t this what we kept on hearing all throughout wengers Emirates era? We have the money, we don’t have to sell anyone in order to buy blah blah. But we all
        Knew they were just chatting rotten eggs.
        “We have more the £200 million on hand” etc. Remember that wenger / Gazidis catchphrase each season? But then we woul sell Flamini, Hleb, Adebayor, Nasri, RVP, Cesc, Ramsey, Sanchez etc.. But then we would be told. We don’t need to sell, we are in a very healthy financial position.

        Isn’t it?
        Lol 😀

  3. It’s a shame on the Arsenal owners and the board, if they can’t give Arteta the backing he deserves,in this transfer window. Aouar costs 44m pounds and Martinez was sacrificed and sold for 20m pounds, what’s the hold up? Very frustrating as usual. Of all the clubs in the premier league, Arsenal’s transfer business always seem to be a lot more complicated. Why? To compete for a top four finish and silverware Arsenal must act now and strengthen the midfield.

    1. I actually felt this way a couple of weeks ago but I’ve learnt to give myself a breather and not overthink things. I was worried Auba wasn’t gonna sign, they proved me wrong and I’m fairly certain by the end of the window, we will all smile, watching Arteta’s pre-match conference yesterday showed we are still very active in the market, he even mentioned something about having to sacrifice martinez for other positions which fills me with hope.

  4. Kstix yo opinion is well taken but like some others I don’t understand why arsenal make transfer seem so complicated, its not like they are going to sign de bruyne last last, Liverpool has secured alcantra so what is auar we cannot have already, we waited for ever last season yet dey still paid 72mil for not so good pepe . well I’m not worried coz I’ve been around for tu long I’m just wondering.. I think its better now coz our team look good at d moment unlike b4 thnks to arteta, I hope we continue this form and compete tropies but we need a mieldfield maestro already

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