Lyon willing to negotiate transfer fee with Arsenal for top talent

Houssem Aouar is a top target of Arsenal in this transfer window and the Gunners might finally get their man for a negotiated fee before the window closes.

The midfielder has been the star of the current Lyon side and he was part of the team that reached the semi-final of the Champions League last season.

He remains an important member of the first team, but Lyon isn’t a club that will hold on to their best player when the right offer arrives.

Arsenal has been strengthening their team in this transfer window and they want Aouar to become a part of their team for the new season.

They have approached Lyon to sign the French midfielder and were even prepared to add Matteo Guendouzi in the deal, but the French side turned down their offer.

They value him at £54.5 million and Talksport claims that the Gunners have been in talks with his agent.

Respected journalist, Fabrizio Romano has also revealed that the Gunners might get a discount on that fee if no other team comes to sign him.

He said via TalkSPORT: ‘if no offers come to Lyon in the coming weeks they may allow price negotiations with Arsenal’.

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      1. Morning sue anyway we or not getting anyone else we or done with this window. Like normal wd or going for him and him but nothing Leeds, Villa, wolves ,Leicester to name a few very out spent arsenal we or playing for 5th to 8 th like last season sad but true

        1. Hey Thomas 🙂 I’m hoping for 1 more but we need to sell to accumulate funds, but nothing seems to be happening…too quiet for my liking! If I had to choose between Partey and Aouar, it’s Partey all day long. I just hope we don’t screw it up… we need to get a move on!!

          1. Good morning folks!

            Sue, I’m guessing that the International games are slowing down transfers. Add to that the stability of some clubs and who they can keep hold of without having to sell is having an impact. I should think some clubs will try to sell players beyond their value just because they need the revenue. Arsenal are definitely not likely to pay more than they personally value the player at (as we all know). I’m thinking it will one more and not two!

            As for Arsenal, we need to sell but I don’t think the players we want to sell will attract the attention we need them to. I mean, what value do you put on players who have been woeful at times?!

            1. Hi there GunneRay! You’re right… and I don’t think it helps us giving our players away for a bag of minstrels!
              Hopefully now as the Internationals are over, we’ll get the ball rolling!
              In an ideal world (or the world according to me 🤣, all our business would be done and dusted before the season starts!! No such luck!! 😝

  1. Me too Sue. We might get one or none of them cause of our Krankie owner.
    What a joke of a man we have as an owner

    1. I think 1 more, SJ… if we’re lucky 😄 the stumbling block is both teams won’t accept anything other than the full asking price, so we’d better get selling and fast!! I really don’t want to miss out on TP…

      1. I think Sue, the stumbling block is predominantly the owner we have, Heck Aston villa, Everton and the likes did not qualify for Europa league and they’re seeming to spend more than us (who were told if we qualified, would have transfer kitty) so far, all we’ve done is a free agent and a €30mill defender. Now we are penny pinching, looking for who would buy our players, so we can pay 45mill for Partey and 55mill for Aouar, That is not a sign of an Ambitious club. Not at all. Chelsea has sold no one this transfer window before buying 6 or 7 new players. We’re the only ones who seem to be making the pandemic excuse, no other club says anything about it. I hope we don’t lose Arteta, Aubameyang and other ambitious people at the club in the process, because remove those few ambitious people we have, we are no different than Stoke City or Watford.

        1. Kstix and Sue, the “stumbling block” is the numpties KS&E employ in the Arsenal Board and senior executive. They have mismanaged the Club’s financial and player assets over considerable time, and are unable to facilitate transfers of players in or out.
          The rest of your post I agree with concerning the lack of ambition.
          Until we see a detailed analysis of Arsenal’s financial situation to the contrary, I will continue to believe that Arsenal have the cash reserves to either, use outright or loan collateral, to compete with Everton, Wolves et al.

        2. Plus 2 players given away for nothing – Mkhi and soon to be Sokratis… every penny counts with us!!
          Torreira and Guendouzi will give us some good money, I just hope we don’t price them out of a sale!! Hanging on for 40m when teams are offering 25-30m….

          1. Seems we are refusing offers that fall short of expectations for players. However I think this may be the wrong time to do that especially with players whom we’ll not feel the impact if they leave, when there was no pandemic and the economy was fine, we let good players leave for next to nothing, I understand they want to change that but to be honest, 25m at this time for bellerin won’t be bad especially since we need Partey who has a release clause, otherwise if his price was set by the club, It might be lower due to the pandemic or higher, if they want to be greedy/really do not want to lose him. And they do need him(the release clause makes sure they can’t do anything about it if we come up with the money). I hope we can really assess things and cut excess baggage even if they leave for lower than expected due to the economic crash.

            1. Let’s hope they pull their bloody finger out, Kstix! Oh and btw… it’s Friday tomorrow, you know what that means 😉😁

  2. Hopefully we get Partey cause he is the man of steel we truly need in our midfield.
    Liverpool have Fabinho.
    Man. City have Rodri & Fernandinho
    Chelsea have Kante
    Man. U have Matic
    Leicester have Ndidi

    Arteta needs to make it clear to the board that Partey is a must.
    Aouar if gotten will be like an extra bonus.

  3. What is the delay in selling these players to raise funds for Partey?

    Sokratis – 4m
    Kolasinac – 2m
    Torreira – 24m
    Elneny – 5m
    Bellerin – 30m
    Guendouzi – 20m

    Sum total sale – 85m

    If we can sell these players for these low and affordable prices we can buy Partey for 45m and have extra 40m.

    1. Are these your values, S.J?

      Kolasinac only £2m and Sokratis at £4m?

      Guendouzi at £20m seems too high considering he is very young and has proven nothing yet accept a bad attitude!

      We do need the money though. That’s for sure! Kronke will not doubt wait for some to leave before he sanctions any more spending..

      1. True! Is Auba stalling until the club show that they are ambitious enough?

        This could be a really great transfer window or a completely bad one!?

            1. Talksport news virtually guaranteed Auba is signing. There was also speculation that he will be our highest paid player on a 3 yr contract

            2. I reckon so, GunneRay… ITKs were saying it had been done just after the FA cup win…. how long ago was that?!! They can’t keep us dangling any longer, so what better way than on the eve of the new season?!!
              I’m going to be like a child at Christmas – super excited 🙂

  4. Kronke is a cheat, we are truly at the level of the likes of new Castle, Villa and Watford, No ambition but full of excuses that is why I didn’t blame Ozil for not accepting pay cut without genuine reason, unfortunately alot of us made to believed that Ozil is the reason why we are not signing big name, players what a joke and bull shit.

    1. 9ja Gunner, how is Kroenke a “cheat”? Kroenke Sports & Entertainment own Arsenal FC lock, stock and barrel. They have just consolidated the Emirates debt by paying back external lenders. They can do to this Club anything they like within the rules of the English FA and Corporations Law.
      To change the owner KS&E have to want to sell and a buyer has to be found with a spare £2 + billion.
      Remember the words of St Francis Assisi regarding “serenity”.

  5. If we are genuinely trying to sign Aouar, Arteta must be intent on switching from his 3-4-3 system to a 4-2-3-1 set up, otherwise where exactly does an AM fit in?In any event, Partey or Sakaria should be our priorities in this window, not Aouar.

    1. To be honest, Grandad. I can see MA reverting to 4-2-3-1 and keep a solid three at the back at all times. If this is the case I can see Partey being priority, personally. Likely to be the last addition to the squad.

  6. O.T – Rumors going around from the reliable Ornstein that Aubameyang has signed a new 3 year contract that will make him the highest paid player in our club. Brilliant news.

    Now I want to see the sale of Sokratis, Kolasinac, Torreira, Bellerin, Elneny, Guendouzi.

    Then go for Partey first, if extra funds are available, get Aouar.
    If we get Partey and Aouar then Arteta can switch to a 4-3-3 formation for some matches.

    A 4-3-3 line up like this will be great.

    Willian, Aubameyang, Pepe,

    Aouar, Partey, Ceballos,

    Tierney, Gabriel, Saliba, Cedric,


    Subs – Leno, Lacazette, Saka, Xhaka, Niles, Holding, Nketiah.

  7. SJ ,AMN is superior to Cedric, and whether you like him or not, Xhaka is always likely to be a first team pick under Arteta, which makes me doubt if we will go after Aouar.The front three against Fulham is likely to be Willian, Laca and Auba with Pepe, Nketiah and Saka on the bench.I may of course be wrong, but that is my gut feeling.

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