Lyon’s side of Arsenal’s failed attempt to sign Aouar

Arsenal didn’t put their hands deep enough into their pockets when it comes to signing Houssem Aouar in the summer, this is because Lyon general manager Vincent Ponsont has just revealed that their offer for him was below market value.

The Gunners were keen to land the French midfielder in the last transfer window after they identified the need to bolster their options in that position.

They had been pursuing a move for Thomas Partey earlier in the summer, but the Ghanaian’s move was proving too tough for them and they turned their attention to Aouar.

They also couldn’t get Lyon to sell the midfielder and they eventually went back in for Partey.

But Ponsont has now confirmed that Arsenal did try to sign him in the summer, but the Gunners made an offer that was unacceptable.

He claimed that their offer was discussed with the player’s entourage and it was deemed not good enough.

“We had three big clubs for him. The first one was more for next season,” he told L’Equipe (via Sport Witness).

“The second one was related to the departure of a player, and with this club, we could have come to an agreement. The third club was Arsenal, who offered below the market value.

“We discussed it with the player’s entourage, and together we took the decision to say no.

“The priority for us was clearly to keep the team competitive. For us, the market was over, but the coach told us that we were missing a lateral defender and then a central defender.

“But in the medium term, if Mediapro doesn’t pay and the Covid continues, it will be the same.”

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  1. I still think we almost had enough money for both. Get Aoura fist and use the rest for Partley as his price would not change.

    1. Unless you have inside knowledge of the clubs finances and how far Kroenke was prepared to go, your first sentence has no relevant meaning.

      1. I said I THINK. I did not say I KNOW. Big difference, for someone who prides himself on his intellect should know this. Might be hopeful thinking but thats my opinion. 👍

  2. I think it’s clear Arsenal wanted both Aouar and Partey and were negotiating prices to suit our budget. When it became clear that neither of the players teams were willing to drop their prices below their release clauses, a decision had to be made as to which player to purchase. That player was Partey and we duly paid his full release clause amount.

    1. I wonder how far away we were from getting both. Could we go for him again in the winter transfer window or summer? We could definitely do with an attacking creative type midfielder. The sooner the better.

  3. We missed our chance to sign him, next summer there will be more teams after him and his fee higher, with the effects of covid on football it was the perfect time to buy him, sadly we need to move on from AOUAR.

  4. I think this is bollocks from Lyon. I believe Arsenal was the only team that came for him. Notice how the other teams were not mentioned but Arsenal was? The whole thing is annoying, Aulas can shove his Aouar up his ass, let’s go for sbolaczi or whatever his name spelling his that plays for Salzburg. He’s alot better and cheaper than Aouar in my opinion. I have a deep nagging feeling Aouar will flop if we buy him. I don’t know why I just feel that way. Maybe Pepe is not helping to convince me seeing he came from the same league.

    1. Same, A lot of french ligue players flops in epl only a few didnt the likes of Henry , Pires and a few more…..

    2. Agree Kstix. Typical modus operandi of Aulas, but he won’t fool those who are thinking.

      There were 3 big clubs in for Aouar and we offered below market value. If the 2 other clubs offered market value, why wasn’t he sold to them? A market value offer still wasn’t good enough?

      Does Aulas think Arsenal fans are stupid enough to be riled up by something as nonsensical as that?

      1. AOUAR didn’t want to go to these clubs hence the reason Aulas didn’t want to name them also one club wanted a pre-agreement for next summer.

        1. Why name us then? Is it customary in football that confidentiality is reserved for clubs that players don’t want to join and club that want a pre-agreement for next season?

          Isn’t it better for Lyon that a club commits to sign a player next summer at a fee that is deemed acceptable now and they still get to keep the player for the current season?

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