Mahrez chooses Leicester over Arsenal

Mahrez to Arsenal is finally put to bed!

Arsenal fans have been given hope over the past few weeks that despite the fact the club hasn’t had the best transfer window, there was a chance that Wenger was seriously lining up an attractive offer for Leicester City star Riyad Mahrez. The transfer rumour however has now been put to bed, with some unfortunate news for Arsenal fans.

Mahrez had given the fans hope last week when he said there was ‘two or three clubs’ he would consider leaving Leicester for, as well as the fact that he also stated that he wants to stay in the Premier League for as long as possible. It meant that Arsenal were pointed out as firm favourites to get the Algerian’s signature, if he was to leave the Premier League Champions.

Now however the transfer talk surrounding Mahrez can stop, Arsenal fans can no longer get their hopes up and Arsene Wenger can turn his attention elsewhere for like the tenth time this summer. Leicester officially confirmed yesterday that Mahrez has signed a new four year contract with the Foxes, ending all speculation that he wants a move away.

Contract extensions can sometimes work in favour of a transfer of course, as some clubs get players to extend so they can negotiate more money from a potential sale, however in this case I can’t see that happening. I firmly believe Mahrez will be remaining with Leicester for the forthcoming season. Last season’s PFA Player of the Year therefore becomes the second Leicester star to be shown interest from Arsenal this summer, after teammate Jamie Vardy, before deciding to extend his contract with his current side.

Arsenal face Leicester at the King Power stadium this weekend for the second round of Premier League fixtures. Both sides are in need of a win to kick off their seasons, so I’d expect it to be a close encounter.



  1. Its depressing
    Wenger should have tried to get Mahrez
    Only 25, PL experience, plenty of goals and assists
    Leicester has more ambition than us
    SO Mahrez made the right decision
    I don’t blame him

    1. mika was better choice than mahrez.
      plus he tracks back an hes cheaper.
      but we dont deal with mendes or raoila .

      honestly we laugh about vardy but i would piggyback him here now.


  2. What a load of rubbish there’s no evidence that Arsenal even asked about him never mind actully made an offer.
    The facts are that if we never reached agreement with Leicester, which is difficult when you don’t actually make a bid, we can’t make an offer to the player.
    Both managers recently indicated that no bid was made serious journalists ie BBC David Oberstien stated that Arsenal were not looking at the player yet you seem to ignore these facts an Base yr article on rumours online.
    Arsenal don’t have millions to spend we need a CB and a striker what we don’t need is another winger which is what Wenger said a cpl of weeks back.
    Dont attack the club based on lies from the Internet

    1. Surely Wenger was not going for Mahrez, but it doesn’t mean we shouldn’t have tried; he’s way better than what we have on the wings except for Sanchez who’s on that level. And Arsenal do have the millions to spend on a good CB as well AND a striker.

      1. He is a 45M gamble! Haven’t you seen enough 1 season wonders in EPL? I’m not saying he is a 1 season wonder, but spending 45M on a person with 1 good season and a position we don’t need is not a good idea.

  3. Striker and CB are priority….Ad ons are RW and LB….I wanted Mahrez as well but I ain’t sad we didn’t get him. I will be sad if we don’t get a striker and CB. I remember Rodriguez of Wolfsburg and Switzerland. Another player I like but that position isn’t priority if we don’t sell Gibbs.
    From all indications, we are done with our signings unless Wenger proves me wrong and get someone before deadline day Or on deadline day…

    1. You can bet on the last panic buying frenzy,
      Especially after losing at Leicester and picking up one or two more injuries.

      Nostradamus?… Nah… more like Quasimodo with an extra camel on his back! …. “The BELLends in charge are giving me the extra hump”

      1. Any signing made from here on out will be labelled a ‘panic buy’ by some… Some people still to this day label the best #10 in the world a panic buy!

    1. Not really Muff.
      Its must win for the top 10
      who hope to make Europe
      or win the title.
      And for the bottom 10 its must
      win to avoid relegation.

  4. We were NEVER in for Mahrez NOT EVER
    we are only looking at a CB cos of the injury situation Merk got injured and NOTHING was initiated it was only when Gabs got smacked that we suddenly realised we need a CB.
    three players was what Wenger siad he would buy and three was only ever the original plan.
    Christ only knows why Asano was one of these but then lets be honest he’s an asian shirt salesman and will NEVER play in an Arsenal shirt.
    Wenger is a lier and a fraud well maybe he’s not a straight liar cos he does do what he says he just doesnt do what everybody in the world knows he should

    1. May be we were looking at him
      but now we are going for
      another CB (apparently)
      Mahrez at 40 mill was just impossible?

    2. The window’s still open mate. I feel your pain, but we can still come out of this window with a squad capable of challenging. (Striker and CB)

  5. Since when has Wenger signed a player who hints that he is interested in joining Arsenal?
    Or worse, Whenever the player states his a Gooner! ?

    1. The performances of Gnabry in Rio futher establish the fact that we don’t need a winger even Mahrez..I only wanted Mahrez just to spite Vardy…

      Gnabry to me is a top top player that will soon be in the German senior team, and IMO he has the talent to be moulded into a striker BUT we can’t do that now,he can score a lot from the LW and he should replace/compete with Iwobi there as Iwobi doesn’t defend well…

      As if we don’t know already, what we need is a difference-making and established CB and CF…

      Surely,that shouldn’t be too much for a club that boasts of having the resources to sign any player bar Messi and cr7…

  6. Mahrez situation is as clear as ice. We can “officially kick his ass” this weekend. COYG!!!!!

    1. Hahaha
      Not only have Leicester strengthen their squad in the right places, their confidence levels just got a huge boosts with Mahrez signing a new contract, whereas the mood at Arsenal is the complete opposite.
      I wouldn’t look at their result at Hull too much, as Hull will surprise afew of the bigger clubs in their own backyard this season.

  7. Now I read we are looking at a CB called Jose Gimenez and that he “Vows to splash the cash”
    Its all rubbish he has left it far too late again and wouldnt even be comming out with this drivel if Gabs hadn’t been crocked.
    So it’ll be a second rate cheap center back and NO striker
    Go away Arsene we dont believe you any more your a liar and at the best inept
    bog off for good

    1. Really?? You’ve never heard of Gimenez…? The 21y.o who started the majority of games for the CL finalists last season. He’s one of the best prospects in world football at the minute mate.

          1. I think that you misunderstood his comment ?
            Yes, its not clear but I doubt that he was referring to Gimenez as a second rate CB, since this player will cost nearly twice as much as Mustafi.

            It was Probably sarcasim, intending that we would end up with a second rate CB, instead?

            1. ‘Now I read we are looking at a CB called Jose Gimenez…’ that doesn’t sound the language you’d use to describe a talented player.
              ‘This left winger called Ronaldo scored on the weekend…’ or ‘Ronaldo scored?’ I’m not nitpicking!! I was just genuinely shocked if he either had never heard of Gimenez or thought he’d be a great signing..

  8. Who do we all honestly think we are going to get now? Honestly?

    Lacazette at 60 million? Nope! The CB we been chasing forever? Nope!

    We could of got Janssen for 16 Mil and Ashley Williams….both probably better deals. But we didn’t even go in for them apparently.

    This window makes even less sense than all the others….which is saying something.

  9. Mahrez on the plane to London
    Mahrez speaks to Conte in Hotel
    Mahrez following Sanchez on twitter
    Giulianelli ” Mahrez is a Gunner”
    Mahrez in a Chelsea shirt
    Mahrez looking for house in London.
    Mahrez takes medical.
    Mahrez agrees personal terms
    Did I really follow all that B/S for 3 months 🙁

    1. hahaha.

      i rmember the suarez an higuain saga i refreshed my google search for them maybe 100 times a day .
      girl i was seein at the time said …how pathetic…

      “oh yeah? see what ur saying when suarez joins us an we …Oh”

      imagine how stupid ppl felt last season . when they spent half the summer fpcused on transfers an all we got was a goalie. lol


  10. I was always hugely skeptical about our willingness to spend the 45-50 odd mil it would’ve taken to land Mahrez with the amount of strong prospects we have on the wings.. (JRA, Willock, Gnabry, Iwobi, Maitland-Niles, Nelson.. We’re pretty stacked, and I’d put Ox at the top of that list in an attacking sense, but the majority on here seem to have written him off despite the amazing goals he’s been scoring of late.)
    For those of you who haven’t watched Wenger’s latest presser it’s worth a watch. It doesn’t help the disappointment of the first game, but the language he uses to do with potential incoming transfers is a lot more definite that he usually uses. I’ll remain quietly positive.

  11. Look face facts we are not city or Chelsea we have around £150 million to spend on players that includes their wages so yeah we should blow £45 millions on a winger we don’t need we need a CB we need a striker we also need to keep monies back for the winter window

    1. Look…I don’t get why people say we are not Chelsea or City.
      The owners of Chelsea and City put their money where their mouth is. Why does Kronke not pump in his own money so we can compete with the big guys? It’s because…to him, Arsenal’s just a milking cow…or the goose that lays his golden eggs.
      Until the day we get an owner who is a fan of the club, and would go any legal length for us to win and challenge for titles, our club will remain the same…or worse, regress.

    1. Hahaha its takes the old Boring Boring Arsenal tag to a new dimension of the field of play.

      No need to mention the cause, even that’s getting boring!

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