Mahrez delay due to Arsenal transfer tussle with Chelsea?

We may soon know whether Arsene Wenger was serious about trying to sign Riyad Mahrez for Arsenal this summer, as he suggested recently was a possibility. The Leicester City and Algerian international star did not enjoy the same spectacular sort of season as the previous one, but he does at least seem to be more available now.

But that has not transmitted itself into any concrete offers from Arsenal or any other club, according to the player himself. Sky Sports are reporting that the talented 26-year old says that he has an agreement with his current club that he can leave after he decided to stay another season after helping them to that shock Premier League title win.

Wenger tried to sign the Algerian and his club mate Jamie Vardy only to be snubbed by both players last summer so I wonder if he is getting a little bit of his own back now. Another reason for the delay in bidding for Mahrez could be because the boss has his eyes on someone else and according to many Arsenal transfer rumours that man could be the Real Madrid and Colombia attacking midfielder James Rodriguez.

Wenger could be about to see James sign for Chelsea though, according to a report in the Spanish paper AS. If that move does happen, will it be the signal for Arsenal to go for Mahrez I wonder?



  1. Wenger, Please don’t screw this up
    And please don’t let Mahrez be the only attacking signing this summer

    If we got Mahrez and Lacazette and kept Alexis, that would be great

    But not holding my breath
    Wenger has let us down in the past

    1. Mahrez is not worth it, he’s being massively over hyped. You may disagree, but he’s had one good season for Leicester and that’s it…!

      Save wasting money on Gervinho 2.0!

      Keep Sanchez whatever the cost; and get Lacazette (£45/50M) or give Perez a chance.

      I mean ffs Sanogo started against Bayern, Dortmund, Liverpool etc but Perez can’t start against Middlesborough…

      Promote Nelson over Mahrez!

      I await the red thumbs…

  2. Yeah, I wonder too, ?? All talk & no action. Apparently Arsenal didn’t even bid for Mahrez last summer & they are still yet to bid for this player.

    Mbappe dreams of winning the Champions league, so Wenger best take the hint & start looking elsewhere before all the Top players are gone.

    1. What the hell do you mean?

      We have a Champions League winning squad – Arsene Wenger, book of Delusion, chapter 1

  3. Am just trying to be optimistic about this summer, but I have a feeling that wenger will f*ck this up as usual..

  4. We didn’t bid for Mahrez last summer
    We didn’t bid for Kante either

    Those two players could have made us title contenders last season

    BTW Wenger said he has no regrets over Vardy and Vardy would NOT have been number 1 striker. Vardy made right decision as Lucas hardly started
    It also shows Wenger had NO intention of getting a Top striker or forward

  5. Maybe Arsenal is still waiting for any offers for Ozil. If Ozil stays, Mahrez or whoever it is will have to be his backup.

    Mahrez is good, but if Arsenal cannot get him, there are other good attacking midfielders like Rafinha, Munir El Haddadi and Arda Turan.

    1. Mahrez is a winger, not CAM
      He would not be backup to Ozil
      He would compete with Walcott and maybe be backup to Alexis

      1. If we play with a 3-4-3, as we have at the end of this season, and many things point towards us doing just that, then Mahrez would obviously be competing with Ozil.

        If we manage to keep Ozil and Sanchez I see no point what so ever in buying Mahrez, where is he going to play?

        1. where do you see Ozil play in 3-4-3? Right wing? I don’t think Ozil is great on the wing. Mahrez is probably a better winger.

          1. That’s exactly where he does play, on the right side of the front 3 and probably played his best football when we switched formation.

            In this formation you don’t play with traditional wingers anyway because you have the wing backs flooding forward. Its more like a RAM and a LAM.

            Think we will have to agree to disagree on this one.

  6. talk of a move for CKSA Moscow midfielder Aleksandr Golovin claiming he is not yet good enough for the club.

    Recent reports have claimed Arsene Wenger was ready to spend £10 million on the 21-year-old this summer, but Kucherov, who works for the club as a scout in Russia, does not expect him to move to north London.

    ?? Thank Fork for that!

    1. If Mbappe came to us last season for 230k, he’ll probably still be fighting for his life in the reserves as we speak, ask Donyell Malen, Reine Adelaide and co. Fabregas developed because we had big players surrounding him, they were there to clean up whatever mistakes he made due to his inexperience, Mbappe has Falcao too, if we don’t go back to having players in the top echelons of the game all around the pitch, our youth players will rot, simples. It’s quite sad that a so far one season wonder in Riyadh Mahrez is who we have to turn to as our saviour.

  7. wenger won’t make any more signing his plan is to keep alexis and ozil and have faith in jack wheelchair walcant and welbroke

  8. For those of you who think otherwise, the deluded one is gong about his transfer strategy the exact same way as previous years, the new contract hasn’t and never will change him one bit.

    1. According to reports Wenger has been instructed by the club to spend and to do his business quickly. It was also claimed that Wenger has promised to quit at the end of next season if Arsenal flop in the premier league. So we have no choice but to presume that Wenger will do things differently during this summers transfer window. Time will tell ?

  9. We need to go all out for James Rodriguez, beat Chelsea to his signature and let them settle for Mahrez. It feels stupid just writing it cause I know it ain’t gonna happen but I think Mahrez will be ok with the players we have for him to play with assuming Alexis and Ozil stay. J. Rodriguez, Lacazette/Belotti/Mbappe and a top defensive midfielder and we will be on top off the world

  10. We haven’t even made contact with the guy according to Mahrez. Sounds like smoke and mirrors again….

  11. We won’t go with the 343 always, Wenger is too loyal to his players to just cut out Iwobi Walcott Welbeck and any others who play wide, except Perez of course lol. When we are at home against those teams who like to sit in, we will not go 343. So Marhez would get games, but would he agree with something like this. The upside of this is we’d have a replacement for Ozil or Alexis if they stay and pick up injury, so we’d have another option behind the striker in 343. Maybe Marhez is against the idea of joining a team playing 343 unless he’s starting in the hole also.

  12. Mid June and it’s the same old pin drop silence at the transfer front.

    Maybe AW is at it again….All talk but no signing. “I’ve tried…”, “No players are available”, is just heard too frequently for him to say it for a good 10+ years.

    For those who defended him, has you guys forgotten that AW kept himself busy with something else when everyone is keen to boost their squad.

    Anyway, please don’t sign traitor Cesc. Why should we allow him to come back to us?

  13. I think i’d have to agree with @Fatboy goony…Wenger knows his job (£9m/year) is on the line if he f***up plus he’s had some really slick things to say concerning his ambitions for next season. I want to believe he will do somethings differently this time around it just has to be things that meets our expectations though.

    1. I hope i’m wrong but it’s just the 10+ time that I’m saying that I hope I’m wrong.

      If you look at some of the reported targets like Mbappe, it’s just a speculative attempts by AW. Does anyone really believe AW can get him in? Not any more.

      While players like Mahrez (EPL clubs will hold us ransom for), or some unknown Russian players whom even our own agent in Russia had refuted…where do we go from here?

  14. I believe we have an 18 year old of our own that Canberra every bit as good as Mbappe. His name is Edward Nketiah and as a precious poster said we have a young lad called reiss Nelson that should be.promoted to the squad and given his chance. If you are good enough you are old enough just look at mbappe, no one had heard of him a year ago, but he was given his chance and is now worth £100m.

    Fact is we need some improvements to our first x1 we also could start the season with key players injured. We need to decide do we need cover for them or do we need to replace them? In particular Wilshire and Cazorla, can we afford to give both a place in the 25? Can we also afford to have 3 keepers over the age of 21 when we have a decent young keeper in Huddart who could be 3rd choice.

    IMO this first x1 and even 2nd x1, is not that short, but can it be improved upon? Will it be fit enough? Will they all be here?

    Mustafi Mertesacker Koscielny
    Chamberlain xhaka cazorla kolasinac
    Ozil alexis

    holding Gabriel Monreal
    Bellerin coquelin elneny gibbs
    Wilshire ramsey

    Pleguezuelo* Bielik* sheaf*
    Chambers M-Niles* Adelaide* Bramall*
    Iwobi* Nelson*

  15. Mahrez and Ozil are just similar players. Get James Rod and Aubumeyang.
    Release: Ozil, Giroud, Ramsey, Jenkinson, Debuchy, and Coquelin.
    Keep Sanchez, and call back Campbell

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