Mahrez distracted by Arsenal rumours

Over the course of the past week Arsenal have been heavily rumoured in the media to be interested in signing Leicester City star man Riyad Mahrez following on from the winger’s fantastic performances last season. Arsenal are in desperate need of more of a presence up front and Mahrez would certainly offer us that, but are the Gunners any closer to wrapping up a deal for this fine talent?

Arsene Wenger has been noted as pulling that ‘cheeky grin’ he does when the media mentions to him a player whom he has great interest in signing. This occurred when the press recently asked about any developments on the Mahrez to Arsenal saga. With Mahrez therefore clearly in Wenger’s mind and the the idea firmly in the minds of Arsenal fans, what exactly is happening in the mind of Riyad Mahrez?

Being a player who is being linked with a big money move to a club like Arsenal is surely something that is going to play on your feelings whilst you wait and see if the two clubs can come to an agreement, especially if that player wants to leave his current club. Although it’s unsure whether Mahrez is looking for a move away, his silence on the matter would suggest that perhaps such a move would interest him and it would be an idea worth considering. In fact Mahrez’s current Leicester City manager Claudio Ranieri believes that the Algerian has been distracted by the transfer rumours surrounding his future, so much so his performances have been affected.

Speaking to the press whilst Leicester play out in the USA in the International Champions Cup, Ranieri said: “Maybe Riyad is distracted a bit by all of these rumours and speculation. It is important that he understands that he should stay with us. He has to improve his fitness and play for the team as well as last season.”

Ranieri is obviously keen for Mahrez to stay at Leicester considering it was his 17 goals and 10 assists that played a major role in Leicester’s great success last season. Mahrez may technically be a ‘one season wonder’ at the moment, however the talent he showed last season is surely enough to warrant himself such a commanding transfer fee should a club come calling for the 25 year old. Arsenal had been rumoured to have agreed a £41 million fee with Leicester for the winger, although the media quickly went quiet on that front. The Gunners will now have to wait and see whether the Mahrez saga will develop any further before the start of the season, however if Mahrez is truly getting ‘distracted by the rumours’ as Ranieri seems to think, then it’s only positive news for the Gunners as it suggests that perhaps the star man is considering his future at Leicester.

And if that isn’t enough to convince you, we can always rely on that Wenger smile to give us the biggest hints towards what is occurring on the transfer front…



  1. Mahrez….Oh yeah! I just hope it happens. Since the media said Arsenal didn’t contact Vardy. Better still, Vardy said he wasnt contacted….so maybe we are contacting Mahrez.

    I m optimistic with the deal simply because of that Wenger Grin. Lol

  2. What are the odds we’ll be playing this team at some point this season?

    ____Sanchez Ozil Mahrez
    ______Xhaka El Neny
    Monreal Koscielny Gabriel Bellerin

      1. Mahrez and Ozil are not the most defensive players in the world. Even Sanchez goes wandering sometimes when we’re being attacked. I think El Neny and Xhaka in midfield will help us make up for our not so defensive forwards.

  3. No No, i must admit that “grin” is tempting…but i ain’t giving in till its on…i won’t get carried away with this… i am so much eager to watch our first EPL 2016 match…i have good vibes about it. $
    P.S: i’m getting our third jersey…i love it, its fab

    1. Given that Leicester just agreed a 7.5 million deal for a polish winger (Kapulska) i think it MIGHT just be a little bit of HOPE for me that we might be signing Mahrez this summer anyways i am not putting all my hope the deal is going to happen..

      1. Imagine Mahrez goes injured for 6 months after he signs us. And Kapulska goes on to help Leicester defend their title by scoring 17 times and 11 assists 😛 We’ll become the laughing stock of town 😀

  4. @RSH summerbreez never said OX is better than Mahrez he’s only truly clearly stating that the potential of Oxlade Chamberlain is equal to that of Mahrez if not better.Currently Mahrez is light years better than OX.However if everything goes well for OX to be honest with you and it’s not because I’m an Arsenal fan but I expect a world class OX to be better than a world class Mahrez.A lot of clubs would be after him if he develops like how he should and we would struggle to keep him.but the player I want to fulfill his potential above all is Jack Wilshere.He can be one of the legendary midfielders ever.But it’s so sad.

    1. Unfortunately we are filled with players who are potentially wc. How many such players can you carry in a team? Unfortunately we are carrying too many and none of them have gone onto fulfill their potential. Ox had his chances and always blew it. Honestly i dont see mich variety or trickerykn his game to play as a winger. Mahrez like sanchez has more guile than pace and thats always important imo

    2. Ox must learn more about team player in attack or in defense. That individual inspiration can be useful if it’s work on as a team, just like Ozil or Santi do. Ox also must work on his fitness. Therefore, my opinion, Joel Campbell is better prepare. If we do get Mahrez it’ll be much much better. We have a very good team depth at these right flank with Mahrez, Campbell, and Ox. Theo? He should starting to look for a new club.

  5. base on what has been going on its not just Mahrez that is distracted , i would say arsenal and leicester are distracted.

    i am just hoping wenger does not put his eggs in one basket, gee but knowing wenger probably he does not even have a basket

    1. Lol true. My money is that we will get him. Simple include Walcott in the deal. Btw how good os this lacazette guy? Is he really worth it or are we just being desperate ? If costa is leaving why arent we not going for him? He may be a nut case but on his day is world class. With sanchez ozil and hopefully mahrez behind him- unbelieveable

  6. V never get both mahrez and lacazzate. Both will cost ~40m..that’s 80. And xhaka would have cost 35m. So it’s >100m..that’s floaking not possible. Arsene will never betray himself. I prefer lacazzate more than mahrez. He can play in any front three position.

  7. ***BREAKING NEWS***

    Arsenal transfer dealings revealed!!

    The real reason behind transfer dealings taking so long at Arsenal is because of the Wenger way.
    The Wenger way is a unique way of trying to sign players on the cheap.

    Example: if Riyad Mahrez was valued at £40 million, start the bidding at £20 million. 9/10 that bid will be rejected. Here’s where the Wenger way comes in to play. Add one pound to that first offer of £20 million and keep adding those pounds until the offer is accepted. Hence why transfer dealings at Arsenal take quite a long time to get finalised.

  8. I just can’t imagine how wenger will cope in managing a team with all d negativity that will surround the team if we fail to sign a striker this summer.. This negativity from fans cost many home losses last season because d players can easily feed on d atmosphere whether positive or negative.. Can you imagine the desperation of Arsenal fans over to world calling for a striker.. Wenger better fix it or else it will be worse than last season and how do u win the league without winning consistently at home… Need I remind wenger that giroud went 13 matches without a goal with all d support from the midfield denying ozil d coveted record assist in an epl season… Two weeks to our first game and wenger is still playing hide and seek with transfer… So frustrating, wish I could walk away from thus Tyrant called wenger

  9. Just get it done or move on to maybe lacazette. We’re not getting both for sure! This speculation risks ruining the player. Good sign that Leicester have signed the Polish winger though 🙂 Campbell, ox, walcott, iwobi all fighting to get on the bench behind mahrez?! If RM comes someone’s got to leave surely.

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