Riyad Mahrez gives Arsenal fans hope!

Most Arsenal fans are feeling very frustrated about the transfer of Jamie Vardy being delayed, but there is now a definite chance that the Gunners could end up with both of Leicester’s attacking team by the beginning of next season. The rumours have stated that Wenger has met the release clause on Riyad Mahrez as well as Vardy, and today it seems the winger has not yet decided whether he will be staying at the King Power Stadium next season.

The 25 year old has made it clear that his future is up in the air, which hopefully means that the buyout clause has been met, but Mahrez says he wants to talk it over with Claudio Ranieri before making a decision.

“Leicester’s a family club; I’m happy there and I’d be happy to stay. I haven’t decided on my future yet; we’ll see.” he said.
“It’s possible that I leave, it’s possible that I stay, so we’ll see. I have a very good relationship with Ranieri. This is someone with whom I exchange a lot. We have a very good relationship.”

You could possibly read between the lines and decide that he wants to talk to the Italian boss about getting a pay rise to match what he could get from Arsenal, but perhaps, like Vardy, he really is considering a move to the Emirates…

Fingers crossed Gunners!



  1. How much would he cost?

    I have a funny feeling Wenger will keep the faith in Iwobi, Theo, Ox, and Ramsey on the right.

  2. Riyad Mahrez has given Arsenal fans nothing..


    we are the ones giving ourselves false hopes!

  3. Hope, what hope?…..how many midfielders does a squad need anyway? I will not say no to him, let’s be clear on that but I see him in the same way I see Vardy, a one season wonder who will thrive better in a small club with no expectations at all so will play with mo pressure….but the difference in getting him unlike Vardy is if he does not produce we are mot exactly short on the middle and we have alternatives unlike the Vardy deal, where we are on serious need and very very short; we have to get that striker role right so we cannot afford to gamble om a one.dimensional average player who just so happen to have an exceptional season….so get Mahrez if he wants to come but not before addressing Te CF.amd.CB issues, which are of vital importance more than loading a midfield creaking at the sides with assorted options

    1. What is it with the one season wonder story? Every super star started with one season.

  4. I prefer Mhiktaryan..he has vast experience playing at the top top level for years…

    He won’t much of a risk compared to Mahrez…

  5. Id still prefer Mkhitaryan, and now that utd want him, I presume he has some decent defensive numbers to go along with his forward prowess. Id say in the least, he’s better defensively than Mahrez. So all round, he may be the better of the two.

  6. Mkhitaryan or Mahrez? Mkhitaryan each and every time. Far better close ball control and suits our football in every way. Should even be a question. Mahrez is good but part of his ability comes from the fact he doesn’t look as good on the ball as Mkhitaryan. Defenders tended to sell themselves because of it and Mahrez took advantage. He is similar to Nani and he flopped big time. Mahrez might just flop but Mkhitaryan is more of a sure thing. He is a neat footballer and like Mahrez is great in the final third.

    What is there not to want or like about Mkhitaryan?

  7. One thing I like about this window is the fact that almost all our targets will improve us, it even makes some fans a bit arrogant, saying NO to PFA player of the year? You don’t just get that award by luck.
    Sign Mahrez now.

  8. Wenger will only attempt to sign Mahrez only if he gets a good offer for Walcot . I wonder why some are asking for Mkhitaryan instead of Mahrez. Both men don’t play in the same position.

  9. we might had a genuine chance if we had made a bid for both vardy&mahrez at the same time you never know!!

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