Mahrez just waiting for Arsenal to make transfer bid?

He has been the subject of many Arsenal transfer rumours throughout the summer, but so far it seems that Arsene Wenger has yet to make a concrete offer to Leicester City for their Algerian international star Riyad Mahrez. There definitely seems to have been interest, though, judging from the comments from his manager Claudio Ranieri.

The Italian has suggested that his player is happy to stay with the Premier League champions, although reports have claimed that Mahrez is keen to move on to a bigger club and now the player himself has spoke out about the situation to try to clear things up, as The Sun reports.

Last season’s PFA Premier League Player of the Year did back up Ranieri’s comments about him being happy enough to stay with the Foxes, but he also made the proviso that there were some clubs that he would find it very hard to turn down.

Many people will think that the two Spanish La Liga giants Barcelona and Real Madrid would be among these clubs, but Mahrez also hinted that he would prefer to stay in England and that does not leave too many options.

He said, “The Premier League is a super league and I would like to stay here as long as possible.

“Now, there are two or three clubs in the world, that if they come for me, it definitely makes you think, if you understand what I am trying to say.”

Could the Leicester star be trying to tell Wenger that he would like to play for Arsenal and so encourage the Frenchman to actually make Leicester an offer?


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  1. I doubt Arsenal is one of the 2-3 clubs
    Even according to Henry are reputation is decreasing

    2 out of 3 clubs could include any of these
    Real Madrid
    Bayern Munich
    Man City

      1. Yes, Yes! Of course He is …. ?
        Now read it and weep!


        Thierry Henry dropped by Manchester United’s Carrington training ground on his birthday, with Marcus Rashford posting a picture on Instagram, to spark rumours of a coaching role at the club.

    1. To be honest I don’t think Arsenal are part of the 2 or 3 clubs that Mahrez could go to and we all know that’s because Wenger and Arsenal don’t want to pay up,if Leicester say £50m Wenger will bid £35m and get rejected!

  2. Now Mustafi is linked with Liverpool. In case Lievrpool or Chelsea sign Mustafi and Lacazette/Mahrez goes somewhere else then Wenger will not have any excuse for not signing these players except MONEY.

  3. The Jose Giminez rumour is laughable he’s worth around £40m so seeing as Arsenal won’t pay £28m for Mustafi there’s no way they will fork out that money for the Atletico Madrid youngster

    1. Yeah I figured the same, we cant pay 28m for a full German international, so lets instead pay 40m for a 21 year old.

      1. Apparently Wenger is holding back the majority of the funds for a Striker, hence the extra,extra, extra penny pinching with Mustafi, some rumours suggested that we haven’t even bid for that player, yet!
        Rumours coming from turkey suggest that we are keen on Fenerbahce’s dutch defender and again we are 2 million under their valuation.

  4. The Mahrez situation is tough. While Arsenal is clearly interested, you wonder if we really need the player. What we need is a striker and a defender at the moment.

    1. True true,

      But let’s be honest:

      we have just played one Premier League game and Ramsey and Iwobi are both already out for a month. Luckily the international break is soon coming and will cover half of that.

      But I can guarantee that both Walcott or OX together will be sidelined Christmas for a total of 2 months before Christmas. We all know this will happen.

      It’s plausible Sanchez will get injured as well, because when our English players get hurt, Sanchez will have to play every single minute.

      We mind as well sell Joel Campbell for his careers sake since he doesn’t even make the bench for the Deluded One.

      1. *will be sidelined for a total of 2 months before Christmas*, damn why can’t why have edit button..

        1. An Edit button is not available because as Admin once told me. .. ” A spud could come on here and say all nice things and then come back later and edit it, with all kinds of swear words etc etc” which could cause problems for Admin from Google etc . 😉

  5. Mahrez has all the looks of a Wenger signing, minus the price, although we did pay allot of money for three of our current crop of players. I’d say Mahrez could easily see himself wearing an Arsenal shirt, he himself will see that his own type of football is tailor made for The Arsenal.

    I know he’s not French, but am I wrong in thinking that he speaks French and has lived there for a long time. He would fit in quite well with our clubs continuity. Doubts about his work rate and/or tackling abilities persist, but when did that ever stop us before.

    This is going to be straight out of the blue but I’ll ask it anyway. I watched Lei on a few occasions but mostly just caught the highlights, so I’m nowhere near an expert on Ryad Mahrez and everything he offers.

    I know he’s good at scoring as well as creating, and is a totally offensive player.

    Here’s the question -I’m asking anyone who’s watched lei and Mahrez in a great deal, whether or not, they believe ..Could Mahrez be utilized as a striker.

    1. Yes, Of course! Mahrez could easily be converted into a striker, he has all the right attributes.

    2. Yes lets buy a winger and convert him into a striker, then conver a cdm into a cb (beilik), b2b player into a winger (ramsey) and a striker into a winger (welbeck)… we all have been bitten by the wenger bug 🙂

  6. Mahrez would be a good replacement for Sanchez!
    As Rumours are now rumbling that Sanchez wants OUT! and Juventus are now rubbing their hands together and are expected to come back with an improved offer, after having a bid rejected, earlier this summer.

    If anybody saw Sanchez’s body language during the Liverpool game, you will be forgiven for thinking that this rumour has some truth init.

    1. I thought the same thing. I couldnt tell if it was because he was playing (poorly) as the main striker and felt he wasnt playing well, or if it was because he just wants out. If juve come with a big offer though, I dont expect he’ll be around much longer

  7. The questions are more:
    1) Will Arsenal manage to beat Leicester? If YES and we have some interest in Mahrez maybe losing 2 games in a row one of which directly involves Arsenal might create a change in decisions.

    2) Is the 3rd club Mahrez speaking about includes Arsenal? The 1st 2 spots clearly belongs to Madrid & Barcelona…but do they need him: not really, and not as much as we would!

    3) Is Arsenal still interested in Mahrez? Wouldn’t it make more sense to part ways with Walcott/Campbell before going there?

    4) At this stage of the transfer window can a deal be made for such a player and if so will Arsenal show some willingness to complete a deal quickly and part ways with the a more than likely big amount of money?

    Around two weeks left…time is becoming a precious commodity, we’ll just have to wait. Either look at again an underachieving window and a gamble on a team that has failed for it’s most part 3 seasons in a row. Or be happily surprise by the late dealings.

  8. We really need to be realistic. The signing of lacazette as our only forward will not win us the league. Don’t get me wrong I would be happy with lacazette when you look at the market but if we are all honest he was never our preferred option at the beginning of the window. Only when we realised h e was the best we could get we all jumped on the band wagon.

    This is why we definitely need mahrez as well as lacazette because having them and Sanchez as our front three gives us real chances of bringing home the title.

    I would prefer mahrez anyway as he is tried and tested he can score goals in the EPL and we we will still have the space for a quality world class striker if one becomes available in the next two windows. If we buy lacazette our striking options are set for the next three – four years!!!

  9. tired of this transfer nonsense. Nobody is coming in. Press have NO CLUE what’s going on because Arsenal are so stupid when it comes to transfers and are only willing the pay the price that they personally want to pay. Go outside and enjoy the day people, don’t waste time tracking these nonsense rumours.

  10. why you talk to MARHEZ? Wenger not even want to purchase him. we talk like he come. If MUSTAFA come, that end of ARSENAL transfers window 100%!!!

  11. For Christ sake……am jx looking at the loss to Liverpool and I don’t think defenders should be our only problem Cech is too.
    We are forgetting how he was being beaten at his near post last season I think he won’t be any better this year.Ospina should take the #1 and build up his confidence.
    wat jx annoys me is the coutinho free kick, I tell u it was totally avoidable cos he saw De ball.

      1. That’s what the wall is for, to protect the inner post as you call it. If Cech had stood to protect the inner post the other half of the goal would have been completely open and unprotected, plus Cech would have been blinded by the wall.

        Sometimes you just have to admit, the free kick was just too good!

    1. @Theophilus
      As regards Cech: It’s the curse of Wenger again.
      He brings even great players down to his level!!!

  12. talking about the coutinho free kick .why does these sort of once in a blue moon things happen to us
    god bless us with some luck this season

    and fr god sake pls shut up about mahrez hw deluded can 1 be i read this article just to write this

  13. There is. I say we are getting Mahrez or anyone else. Our business is done although I have a suspicion we are going to lose Alexi. His body language said it all and I think he has had enough. He is a winner, I think he sees what Arsenal has become and wants out.

  14. Best signing Arsenal could do is mr David dean to come back and build a team for next season. This with AW is to much now and arsenal should say to him you are in charge of the team nothing else. He’s 66 now so ease the work load before we all end up hate him. It was said the other day why move to the new stadium if you can’t keep up with the big boys?

  15. I will not renew next year if this continues and there is no change in direction and attitude this year. I will not support any other club, because Arsenal is always my club, but unfortunately it has been taken over people with no ambition, no pride and no loyalty except to their own bank balances, and I won’t be taken for a ride.

  16. Mahrez has signed a 4 year improved contract with Leicester. Now these stupid rumours can end from the Sun and every other crap paper being quoted on Just Arsenal as click bait.

  17. Lol I get the impression footballers just use Arsenal to get a pay rise now.

    We have been turned into a joke.

    1. Good for Mahrez, who would want to come to a team of losers.
      It’s bad enough being a supporter!!!

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