Mahrez, Lacazette, Carvalho, Sead? This could be Arsenal’s best squad EVER!

Is this really happening…. by Sean O’Hara

As we fell to a 5th place finish last season I couldn’t help but think that this was the beginning of a downward spiral for the club, especially with all the apparent changes that were on the way – with Wenger leaving, Usmanov throwing money around like monopoly money to buy the club, big players leaving & as usual the dismal transfer windows with no ambition… BUT; What has actually happened since all this uncertainty around the club?

Wenger has a new deal for two more seasons and Stan doesn’t want to sell – but is maybe starting to loosen the purse strings a bit, to get the fans back on side maybe? Also the signs point to the fact that we have accepted being out of Europe as a wake up call to make heavy & smart investments to the squad.

As we can all read we know all the gossip but two transfers in particular are maybe coming to fruition in Alexandre Lacazzette & Riyahd Mahrez on top of the already sealed move of Sead Kolasinac (Top LB in Bundesliga). These 3 signings to start off the window would be awesome no doubt but what happens next… Contracts for players is a must!!

Alexis to stay at all costs & to be honest it looks like he might just be staying, as the media would have us believe after all the circus around him going. I’ll give you a few reasons;
1. He is the man at Arsenal with all the freedom he needs to express himself.
2. He is just a number at Man City or Bayern.
3. Ambition (as I wrote above) being shown by the club, with a big pay packet on the table.
4. He actually likes being at Arsenal, did anyone ever think that. Just getting the best deal for himself. Plus its World cup season ahead.

Ozil & Ox both should stay. I’m convinced Ozil is staying after Wenger staying plus a nice pay rise. Ox if you want to leave then just go as, Walcott can still do a job. One of the two need to leave for Mahrez coming in.

A front three with Ozil behind, of Sanchez, Lacazzette & Mahrez would be deadly for the title. Keep Giroud – always a great plan B – And he just announced he wants to stay. That just leave’s the DM to sort out (Carvalho) & all this is realistic, it could happen, if it does i will be over the moon as we all should be.

After that get the deadwood out before we head off for pre season. Team for our season could well look like this;

GK – Cech, Woj, Martinez
RB – Bellerin, Chambers
CB – Boss, Holding, Mustafi, Gab, Per
LB – SEAD, Nacho
DM – CARVALHO, Coquelin
CM – Ramsey, Xhaka, Wilshere
AM – Ozil, Santi
ST – LACA, G12, Welbz
LW – Sanchez

Maybe another signing of needed before window shuts in September plus younger guys coming up!

Not bad going into Aug 1st Maybe!! Fingers crossed this all goes to plan



  1. Noel says:

    Can’t see our mentality changing even with new bodies adding. It’s not like lacazatte is ibra like figure who will change the mentality on his own. Also, can’t see Sanchez staying. Won’t blind myself with optimism just for the sake of it.

  2. Fatboy Gooney, Too Fat to track back. says:

    I doubt that Jack wheelchair will be around Arsenal next season, there’s not a contract renewal in sight, for this player.

    Juventus still taking the piss with their offer for Mr selfie between the sticks, they have upped their offer from 5 to 7 million euros.

    Now, The Mirror claims that Arsenal have had a second bid rejected in their pursuit of Gelson Martins and William Carvalho, Sporting Lisbon are hanging out for more than the £86 million that’s been offered.

    1. Quantic Dream says:

      That Gelson Martins guy looks extremely good…on YouTube..I hope he’s good in reality too.

    2. funkyrith says:

      I would like to see two or three of Dani Ceballos/Jorge Meré/Jesús Vallejo/Max Meyer/Julian Brandt/Leon Goretzka/Timo Werner/Levin Öztunalı/Mahmoud Dahoud/Jack Grealish/Domenico Berardi/Marco Benassi/Lorenzo Pellegrini/Gelson Martins. They are all young, might come at a total cost of 40mil+ for three, and if we dont need then now, we can loan them out. Cant see AW buying a Lacazette+Mahrez every year, so we should diversify and invest in youth bit more

      1. Bigperf says:

        Pass the weed lad

        1. funkyrith says:

          not permitted here

  3. Samij says:

    Only if Sanchez and ozil are not leaving…

    1. reddb10 says:

      if Ozil leaves and we keep Sanchez it will be a blessing. I honestly cant wait to see the lazy git leave

  4. Muffdiver wants change...not for arsenal...for.the vending machine, I'm thirsty as f### says:

    Losing Cazorla is huge
    He needs replacing

    Offer 10 mill for isco
    Or straight swap for theo an they give us 30 mill ontop

    We should bench Lacazette and re sign sanogo

    1. Arsenal_Girl says:

      £10 million for Isco?
      Was that a typing error?

      Would love Isco but Madrid fans adore Isco and he likewise. Not going to happen

      But completely agree with Cazorla. We have missed him sorely for two seasons. Amazing player. We need another creative genius like him

  5. Nedum says:

    What about Alex Iwobi.What happens to him and others?? Bench players right?

  6. gunn3rgr says:

    let’s first do the transfers
    get rid of mediocre players and if we do that we have hopes for BPL and/or UEFA

  7. Jonm says:

    Wenger consistently has said that two to three signings is the max due to integrating new players in to the squad. Anything more than that would be players for the future or backup players he has no real intention of playing unless forced to through injury/suspension.

    We have one already so it is one more good player, two is we are very lucky. Wenger may have had a wake up call but not a brain transplant.

    But we can dream.

  8. I LOVE ArsenaL.........- says:

    where’s iwobi?

  9. Arsenal_Girl says:

    Those signings would pretty much do it. We can challenge for the Title and not just top 4 (assuming Alexis stays). If Alexis leaves we need a top quality LW

    BUT yes these signings would be awesome
    Sead look like a good LB
    Lacazette is a clinical finisher
    Mahrez is an PL experienced and PL winning RW who can compete with Theo
    Carvalho is a top defensive minded central Midfielder to compete with Coquelin

    1. Quantic Dream says:

      I agree except Mahrez is another Ozil in disguise..doesn’t defend and puts in some pretty languid displays. We really don’t need that.

      1. LL_cool_gunner says:

        How many times have you seen Messi or Neymar defend, I would prefer Lemar, younger and faster but mahrez is really good, I will be happy if we get him..

        1. Quantic Dream says:

          Messi scores 60-70 goals a season…he can sit down for a glass of lemonade whenever he loses possession if he likes. Mahrez will score 10 goals and cost us 20 with his poor defending…not sure how that will help us.

    2. Alex says:

      I believe Mahrez can easily overtake Theo. Theo isn’t a competition for him.

  10. Janssen says:

    Best squad ever?? Maybe best squad in a long time but best squad ever. TBH I thought we had our best squad in 10 years at the beginning of last season and that didn’t quite pan out.

    I try to make my new mantra “wait and see”. Wait with criticizing and wait with celebrating until we have played 20 games and at least 4 top 7 teams. What do we really know before that?

  11. Muffdiver wants change...not for arsenal...for.the vending machine, I'm thirsty as f### says:

    We should buy Peter crouch
    Tar and feather him

    Have him fight gunnersaurus for.mascot duties
    Proceeds go to Sepp blatter

  12. Muffdiver wants change...not for arsenal...for.the vending machine, I'm thirsty as f### says:

    No football for ages yet I can say anything makes no difference

    Troll season begins

    1. Fatboy Gooney, Too Fat to track back. says:

      Man, that DavidNZ Bug is spreading through the camp ?? first Robin van payslip and now you…. Wait…. Was Peter Crouching Tiger available for Freeeee? ?

  13. tas says:

    i for one is loving this window because we are acting like a true top team, wonder what other clubs supporters are thinking possibly green with envy, we are going for the players usually we can only dream about or see our competition sign, this will interest other players by thinking we are aiming high now and not just 4th spot and knocked out final 16 CL,

    hope i wont come crushing down to earth soon with appointment’s

  14. donzona says:

    What’s holding the announcements?!

    1. satanK says:

      Rob is holding the a-nonce-ment.

  15. Big G says:

    Buying new players alone does not guarantee a title challenge, the players need to gel together with their new team mates and then we need to show a lot more fight than we did last season when players were guilty of ball watching instead of marking opponents.
    Wenger needs to get his tactics and team selection right from the off and change them without hesitation when needed to and we all know how long that’s likely to take.
    So as much as I would love to see us win the Premiership again there are plenty of rivals wanting to do the exact same thing, I shall wait and see how the new season pans out and really won’t be to dismayed if we don’t end up with the title, however, with the reported near arrival of new players to the club there’s reason to be optimistic for the season ahead after dropping out of the Champions League last season.

  16. J c walker says:

    Watched Mintins on YouTube. They must have speeded up play because incredibly fast. Maybe one footed. Walcott would have to go if we sign him. Who would pay Walcott wages. Southampton-WestHam-Newcastle?Also if we keep Walcott then you get in to the Club wages limit. So someone would have to leave with players coming in.

  17. ThirdManJW says:

    Didn’t Wenger say he had his best squad ever last season? Look what happened. It’s not about the money, or how many WC players we have, it’s something more obvious!

  18. lcebox says:

    Lacazette in Arsenal medical.
    Sky sports.
    About time media got something right.

  19. Leeroysgooners says:

    That team doesn’t meet the quota for home grown rules for the premier league 25 man squad

    1. Quantic Dream says:

      It does…OX, Ramsey, Wilshere, Martinez, welbeck, Coquelin, Holding, Chambers, Bellerin…all home grown.

  20. Adam Criniti says:

    Taking into consideration both Santi’s and J Wheelchairs injury realities, as well as Coquelins/El Nenys inconsistencies I truly believe Arsenal should consider making bids for both Carvalho and Goretska. Carvalho has seemingly been on Wengers radar for years and would finally provide the necessary physicality and playmaking abilities to boss the middle of the pitch. Goretska was fantastic in the Confeferations Cup and imho is already a better player than Ramsey despite being 4 years younger. I cant fathom he envisions his long term future @ Schalke and would the German giants really let him leave on a free transfer to Munich with Arsenal and other European giants willing to meet or exceed his transfer fee?

    Mahrez will only be signed if Sanchez heads to Man City

    Adding Laca, Carvalho, Goretska and Saed in addition to extending both Ozils and Sanchezs contracts would be the best transfer window in the history of the club.

  21. Raj says:

    What about the players whose future is not guaranteed till now? Sanchez, Ozil , Bellerin , Ox.
    We are not buying new players we are replacing these guys.At the end of transfer window , we will still have same problems that we had last season

  22. lube says:

    Time will tell.

  23. ZEN2OH says:

    Would prefer Ousame Dembele to Riyad Mahrez, Idrissa Gauye to William Carvalho

  24. Mark says:

    The fact that we are not in the CL this coming season I think is actually a good thing. Just like Chelsea last season, we can concentrate on the league, we will have less games to play than the other top teams so the squad will be more rested. I think this year more than ever we have a real chance to fight for that top spot. Also, good news Lehmann is coming in on the back staff.

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