Mahrez to join Vardy at Arsenal?

All the Arsenal transfer rumours this morning are adamant that we are not just trying to get Jamie Vardy from Leicester, but also the brilliant young Player-of-the-Season Riyad Mahrez.

Personally I think that this will be an even better buy than Vardy, but to get both of them leading our attack next season will be brilliant! Especially with Sanchez on the other wing and Ozil in behind. And Giroud on the bench hehe!

This is how the Sun described it this morning: ARSENAL are in talks to add Riyad Mahrez to the signing of Jamie Vardy in a stunning double raid on Leicester.

Arsene Wenger has already met the £20million release clause of Foxes striker Vardy, who has reportedly had his medical today at London Colney.

But now in another incredible twist, Vardy is set to be joined by his PFA Player of the Year team-mate Mahrez.

The Gunners have been shocked that Mahrez’s release clause is so low and now have well and truly sparked the break-up of the Premier League-winning Foxes team.

The 25-year-old cost Leicester only £400,000 from Le Havre in January 2014 and after a slow start became a Prem superstar.

I can’t believe that any Arsenal fan will be annoyed if we get such a winning partnership from the Premier League Champions, but I also find it hard to believe that there are not more bidders coming in to compete for Mahrez. I can only hope that he would prefer to carry on playing alongside Vardy to ensure another league title next summer….

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  1. Signing Mahrez will soften the blow I recived from the Vardy signing! ? … Make it happen Mr wenger!
    Don’t worry folks! When Vardy flops… I will laugh at you! ? ? ?

      1. LOL…
        Apart from Vardy and Mahrez,I heard we’ll also be signing Kante, Drinkwater, Kasper, Morgan, Okazaki, Ulloa, Huth…oh wait a minute…that’s almost all of Leicester City team.

        1. Let’s cut it with all the greed and speculations already.
          HoW stupid do we think Leicester City are…to loose Vardy, Mahrez and Kante in one transfer window?
          If it however happens, I’ll be betting on Leicester to go on relegation at the end of 2016-2017.

  2. Wenger could actually be interested in Mahrez and the interest in Vardy just a smoke screen.. I remember a time when he showed interest in a certain Ben Arfa..slapped in a bid and while the media was very busy speculating and drawing formations on how Ben Arfa could fit in, he signed Nasri almost undetected.. don’t just be surprised if he announces Mahrez instead of Vardy..just my thoughts and my wishes as well..

      1. Difference between showing interest, and triggering the release clause. Vardy is on the way, be happy, we have a pl proven goalscorer who is quick off the blocks and will scrap to the finish line.

  3. With Vardy going to Arsenal and Kante joining PSG, would you stay if you were Mahrez? If his release clause is low then get him I would say.

    Theo, Oxlade must feel the pressure.

  4. Don’t mind both but if I was to choose 1 it would be Mahrez hands down. With all the goals Vardy scored, Mahrez was still player of the year, think he chipped in with 17 himself. I hope Wenger gets him for the RW, imagine Mahrez and Alexis on the wings…

    1. Vardy’s fighting mentality and willingness to run himself into the ground is much more needed than Mahrez mentality. Mahrez comes off when the fighting starts, Vardy is in the thick of it. And Lei scrapped their way to that title. People always say about Arsenal not having the mentality, lacking leadership. But when signings come into it they always want the most slick, the one blessed with talent. Then when we come up short, they say we need a toughness, I don’t get it.

  5. not to be negative but if vardy eventually comes, there no way they’ll sell mahrez to us., not going to happen…their fans will crucify d board….but incase it does, I’m all Wenger in!!!!!

  6. All these stories better not be all a charade or the usual ploy to get fans excited to sell merchandise and season tickets, cos even Vardy has not been confirmed yet. If Vardy is confirmed and Mahrez is added to the mix? Man! I would be super excited and my confidence level as an Arsenal fan would reach a record high since after the invincible years. Who knows? I could even become an AKB hehehehe!

  7. @Foxtrot
    sorry I didn’t tell you before taking off the section that you are referring to. I am making use of it. it will be returned soon

  8. Personally, I am sure that one of them will sign soon for Arsenal. I will be one of the happiest Arsenal fans if both Varday & Mahrez able to sign for us though it seems difficult. Who knows Wengre is getting back his magic.

  9. All these reports about Vardy. I don’t know y but I’m more interested in a Mahrez vs Mkhitaryan debate.

    Y don’t the site just make a poll on this topic.

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