Mahrez wants Arsenal transfer but is Wenger waiting for Lemar?

If you believe the Arsenal transfer rumours that we have been faced with so far this summer then Arsene Wenger may already have three bids of increasing value for the France international star Thomas Lemar turned down by his current club AS Monaco, with the latest thought to be in excess of £40 million.

The Daily Star is reporting that the French Ligue 1 club are reluctant to seel because they have already lost a few of their key players from last season but Arsene Wenger has suggested that the deal might still be done towards the end of the summer transfer window.

But that would mean that Arsenal would have to do without the new recruit at the potentially vital tough start to the Premier League season, so I wonder if it might be a better idea for Wenger to give up on Lemar and go for the attacking star of Leicester City instead, especially if The Mirror’s report about the Gunners being the preferred option of Riyad Mahrez is true.

A bid of the same sort of value as Lemar should be plenty to persuade the Foxes to sell the Algerian and he could be brought in and be up to speed for when the league starts in a few weeks. What would you do Gooners? Stick or twist?



  1. Guneal says:

    I need Mahrez because it will be dicey having two out of our three attackers without epl experience.

    Sanchez, Laca, Lamer …….. dicey

    Sanchez, Laca, Mahrez………… great blend.

  2. Eddy Hoyte says:

    I don’t see what’s wrong in bidding 40 mill pounds for Mahrez. We all know how good he is, don’t come here saying he was average last season. the whole Leicester team were average and it affected him. With us I see him getting his form back. Plus we’ve always needed a left footed winger. Lemar or Mahrez?? Anyone of them please

    1. Raoh says:

      Exactly he hasn’t turned bad all of a sudden…with the quality we have in our team he will be much better. For starter Lacazette is much better than Vardy in my opinion and Sanchez doesn’t warrant comparisons. So for that unique reasons Mahrez will be able to attempt passes or use them as decoy and go on those maze running tearing appart the defence. Our game suits more his abilities. He is still every bit the player of the season of 2 years ago just needs a team to match his abilities.

  3. Raoh says:

    Clearly it seems that Wenger would rather have Lemar. He is younger, seems more versatile ( can play in our 3 out the back formation, classic 4-3-2-1 and even in a 4-3-3).
    Simply put as a RW he is obviously more skilled than Walcott as he can score and create, dribble his way through, has great IQ. He can also slot as a deeplying playmaker in the Santi role or as a #10 in place of a Özil when he can’t play ot is resting.He can also track back better though he isn’t known for his defensive skills.
    That being said if he isn’t coming than Mahrez is probably the best alternative. He knows the EPL and how to navigate it’s difficult physical play and calendar. I really don’t know why people are so hesitant. Compared to Walcott on that RW he would offer far more threat and less predictability for sure. He is still every bit the epl player of the year of 2 seasons ago. He was just part of a team that overall wasn’t playing at that level anymore (just think about the main guy who he was supposed to supply in Vardy). With an overall better cast of players around him he can blossom again as a big threat and huge asset for us.
    If you can secure any of those 2 primarly Lemar selling Walcott for 30m sounds like a great piece of business

  4. Arsenal_Girl says:

    Here’s an idea
    Get BOTH Lemar and Mahrez
    Sell Walcott, Campbell, Akpom, Lucas

  5. Charles says:

    I sincerely think Asene Wenger is banking in French solidarity to perform coming season.We have coqelin,lacazete,koses,Oliver,all first team players coupled with some on injury list.Do we need to break the bank to bring Lamar while Mahrez in my estimate is far better while playing in PL. Lamar would coming to different league and may take time to adjust to the pace of the PL.Sanchez wants out.I believe if a player wants to leave from the approach of this player he should be sold.If Man city let’s get Aguero cos he is better than Sanchez in finishing.The coming of lacazete puts more pressure in Sanchez wanting out cos he might be made to warm the bench coming season for his conduct.He might lose his place in his countries team.He should be let off at a good price or sensible swap deal.

  6. Dashing Rino says:

    Sanchez opened up on his future saying he wuld prefer playing champions league, dats to say he wnts out so it wuld mk sense we sign both lemar nd mahrez nd probably get a dm like jorgihno, matic or william cavalho nd do away with d likes of walcot, iwobi, campbell nd perhaps lucas

    1. Wenger will never buy all the players that you mentioned broth

  7. Dashing Rino says:

    We wuld hv to wait nd c i guess. Jst my candid opinion.

  8. Dashing Rino says:

    If we r looking to replace Sanchez mahrez wuld b a good option dat shuldnt stop us from geting a good dm nd lemar

    1. Vlad says:

      Please, proof read before you post next time. I’m getting migraines from reading your posts.

      1. Chinedu 347 says:

        He dashed through and you had a migraine. Lol

  9. v says:

    arsenal family
    lemmar is done and soon will be an arsenal player, as for mahrez it will come down to wether sachez stays or go.
    you deserve to know

  10. Lev says:

    I think mahrez would be a great addition if we failed to buy lemar. The reason mahrez failed to replicate his form is the same as ozil. They are very skilled around an opposition penalty box, but the teams failed to deliver the ball to the final third quickly (The transition from defense to attack is kinda slow IMO). That allowed opponents to regroup. I think it`s because Leicester lost kante and we lost santi. Ideally we buy mahrez and lemar though.

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