Make backing Arsenal to win the Europa League double the fun

When you get high-quality matchups between two top class teams as we have in this season’s Europa League final and Champions League final, you do not need to bet to enjoy the game but the combination of your team winning the match and picking up a wad of cash from the bookies does add that little something extra to the excitement of the occasion.

The Europa League final, in particular, has all the hallmarks of being a classic, punters everywhere will have an opinion on which out of Chelsea or Arsenal will win, and for the neutral, it is probably too close to call, whereas Arsenal fans will be placing bets on who will score the first goal for the Gunners, what the final score will be and so on.

The same will be the case for Chelsea fans, no doubt they will be backing Eden Hazard to score as much as Arsenal fans will be backing Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang to find the back of the net, and while professional punters will be going in heavily you can be absolutely certain that the average supporter will also be backing up their opinion with a ton of fun bets.

But even if you bet for fun there is no reason why you should give an extra advantage to the bookies, it is hard enough to make a profit from them on a regular basis as it is and that is why you should always look to get the very best odds on your bet.

As an example, take the price available on Arsenal to win the Europa League final, you can get them from as low as 2.90 up to 3.20, that is a huge difference of £30 added to your return for a £100 stake. Imagine that, by taking the worse odds on every bet you place you are effectively leaving money on the table, just giving it away.

It does not have to be like that and in fact, if you visit Sportytrader Football Odds you can check out the prices from a variety of different bookies and choose the highest available odds from a list of reputable bookmakers.

Obviously, you have to pick a winner in the first place, and you will not do it every game, but when you start to see the difference in your returns on the winners you do pick you will soon realise that you can sustain the losses more comfortably.

So, no matter what team, player or scenario you will be backing ,make sure you get the best available odds and enhance your returns to their maximum. That way not only do you see your team pick up a trophy, you also get to beat the bookies at their own game and while that is not as good a feeling as experiencing the team you follow pick up silverware, it is not far off.

Arsenal looks very good value for the win and I for one will be making sure that I get the best value on offer, and that will be the case whether I am backing them outright, to win at half time, winning margin, or whatever bet I choose to go for.



  1. ForeverGooner says:

    I think I will cry if we win.
    To win our first European trophy and get back into Champions League would be awesome
    Would really make this season a successful one considering all the average players we have and help us keep are good players and get better ones

    I KNOW that I will cry if Spurs beat Liverpool
    That will hurt more than our 8-2 defeat to United.
    For Spurs to win Champions League before us, I never would have contemplated in 2004-5
    I hope Liverpool win.

  2. Samson I says:

    I think no one wants to play against laca for now and I think he will give us the cutting edge going into the game

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