Making Odegaard captain shows Arsenal are lacking any real leaders

So, Martin Odegaard has been confirmed as our new captain. by Dan Smith

The Norwegian has the same role for his country and by all accounts has always been popular in our dressing room.
Yet the decision to give the 23-year-old our armband highlights the lack of leaders we have.

What cost us a place in the top 4 last season was not enough experience to handle the pressure of the run in.

Successive defeats to Palace, Brighton and the Saints and the manner of how we lost at Spurs and Newcastle – Odegaard was unable to alter the group’s mentality then, so why would he now?

This time last year the midfielder was still to agree to a permanent switch from Real Madrid, so it feels a shame that our skipper doesn’t really have any connection to our club.

Vieira and Henry spent years learning about the ethos of the badge by observing Tony Adams. They passed on those values to Fabregas, then Van Persie.

These were names who had been in North London for a long time or were given the honour as a prop to entice our best player not to leave us. Odegaard is neither, he has zero connection to the Gunners.

We used to have a core group who as teenagers grew into men at the Emirates like Wilshere, Ramsey, the Ox, Walcott, etc, so you knew we had representation who understood the principles of Arsenal.

We do have Gunners born in the UK who would have grown up being taught how big an institution we are and therefore the pressure it takes to wear the shirt.

Tierney has the personality for the role but doesn’t stay fit long enough, Ben White might not play every week now that Saliba is in the squad.

I thought Ramsdale was the obvious option based on how vocal he is, the influence his presence has given the defence and the fact he will be in the first team every week.


I saw him visibly hurt at the Etihad last campaign but not many times have I seen him instruct his peers or demand standards.

Other captains don’t shout but instead lead by example, think Steven Gerrard.

If you’re honest, how many performances has Odegaard given where you can say he’s taken the initiative and been the difference?

He was invisible when we really needed him last season.

In reality he’s a young man that is yet to match the reputation he’s had since a child, and doesn’t need the added spotlight.

In an environment where Arteta likes to micromanage, I can imagine Odegaard being very polite and cordial and following his bosses’ orders without an alternative opinion.

Is he going to alter the mindset of our locker room? Let’s be honest, that’s what needs to change if we want to return to our previous levels, that’s what needs to improve. In the squeaky bum moments of games and seasons, do we have the mental toughness to get over the line?

Odegaard won’t change that, him being captain is a reflection of how far we have regressed.

Who would you have had as captain?


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  1. I totally disagree with you Dan !! I think Odegaard is a great choice. Since Tony Adams left we have had half hearted pathetic Captains. He will kick ass !!

    1. It’s a pity we have fallen this short in our thinking, we now use friendly games to judge our performance? What a shame! I agree with Dan 1000% Ode is not our Captain in any way! How does he influence the game of influence others? Plz point me to one match where Ode was the difference? The truth the best choice would have been Xhaka! Ode is a no no….. Some who as a number 10 had just 6 assists in 60 games played last season???? Arsenal fans are indeed funny! Someone said Arteta has turned Arsenal around, we hounded Wenger for not qualifying for Champs League once….. Unai also finished fifth…. Arteta came in and finished 8th the first year, 8th the second year (taking us back) and suddenly he finished 5th, where he could have finished 4th, and suddenly he is a HERO! Do you know how much Arteta has spent in Arsenal and this is what he could assemble? Give the same amount of money to Pep, and see what he would buy! I can go on and on! It it’s not a problem, we shall discuss again at the end of the season

      1. Our win away at Burnley when he scored a free kick . Ode leads the press and plays tidy football. The lads respect him too

    2. Dan odegard doesn’t in any way stop Ramsdale from shouting, plus you say he hasn’t influenced games but then we are worse when the doesn’t play. If the gaffer has elected him the permanent captain he has his reasons the same way in your opinion you saw Ram’s shouting and vocalist nature suits your “Ideal” captain. We have moved from the group captains now and should or rather must support whoever has been appointed your opinion withstanding

  2. I don’t understand the negative point of this article. How does it help anyone, it’s pure opinion with not factual basis. Although I understand he’s not your personal choice. Your reasoning is poor. To blame one player for the difference between winning one game or not, is frankly ridiculous. It’s a TEAM. Secondly laca captained most of our games towards the end of the season.

    You start the article by stating he’s popular in the dressing room and has experience captaining his national team. Are those not two qualities you look for in a captain?

    Then let’s not talk about the elephant in the room, ode is a player with immense potential. he’s still young, he’s shown superb qualities, skill and attitude ever since joining us. Remember this is a player Real Madrid bought as a wonder kid, at a time when he would of been a regular at arsenal. Instead he rotted on the bench and in the academy at Real.

    We bought him for 30million in todays market!!! He had already shown he was an incredible purchase at that value.

    Do not under estimate this guy, we are building a team around him, he’s keeping ESR out of the first team. He can score goals, free kicks, produce silky skill and provide defence splitting passes.

    Get behind your new captain, your new signings, are his season is going to be a hell of a ride!

    1. What a very lovely response to Dan ,sometimes there are criticisms based on disliking a person and this seems to be one of them.

  3. Why the negativity? There’s a time and a place. Can we not just enjoy the amazing pre-season we’ve just had.

  4. Wha a load of tosh, are you sure you’re an Arsenal fan, have you seen how we have been playing in pre season, I see plenty of leaders, not shouters but leading through example.
    Please don’t post again until you watch a few games and see how the players are interacting with each other.

  5. Oh Groan! DAN SMITH, aka Mr. Negative, is back after a welcome, for us, break, with his typical criticism. For Gods sake DS, start acting as a supporter does and not as a troll!
    If Mr. Negative EVER writes ANYTHING positive I will faint with shock.
    Finally,to answer Dans last line question , my answer would be Odegaard, the same as the manager chose and I value MA’s judgement far more than Mr NEGATIVE.

    1. Further to my post, I must add that as we are talking about judgement – MA’s versus Dismal DAN’S – DS has read the room, (the room being our JA fanbase) COMPLETELY wrongly.

      Judgement ? Don’t make me laugh!

      1. John, we need to put Dan assets to use . Send him over to the spuds fan base,(undercover if you will) and get him to bitch and moan about Conte and his players. His talents in this area are indisputable. He is underutilised here, a sure way to demoralise opposition supporters.

        1. Fact we have fallen so low we are now boasting about pre season !
          Think I’m not the one who sounds like spurs fans

          1. What position was arsenal b4 Mikel Arteta took over, arsenal as a team nw is playing wonderful football and growing as a team that is built around love, understanding and determination.the arsenal nw is better than arsenal of 5 yrs ago de improve daily.odegard is a wonderful choice.captain is not about shouting or talking their is more to it which include dressing room , influence on de pitch looking at dis young ones nw does guys are discipline de follow coach ok instructions and de deliver.

            1. What position ?
              He then took us to 8th, 8th and 5th
              Arsenal better then 5 years ago ?
              5 years ago we were hounding out Mr Wenger for not qualifying for Champions League
              5 years later we ……are still not in CL

      2. Couldnt agree more. This comment should be shown to those who disagree with the manager regarding Granit and Elneny. If only to show their hypocrisy.

        1. If the fans excitement for what’s to come then I’ll tell you what I tell rival fans…Go hug an an electric pole. What is your gripe with arteta huh that he isn’t good enough or the board gave him too much time fine we’ve heard you but I’m sick and tired of fans like you craping on anything that relates to arteta’s decisions like he can’t make a good one

          1. Was that a reply to me? My point was directed to Jon who understood it very well that is why he has gone back to his shell as he always does when called out for his hypocrisy.

    2. Don’t always agree with you Jon but we’re definitely on the same page this time,been reading on here for quite a while now and tbh I don’t even bother to look at articles from Dan,I find his absolute negatively a bit depressing.

    3. Am sorry to say, this doesn’t add up at.
      Just because you sit n watch don’t make u a better coach. All seem to know better than the coach. Common, what’s the point for this write up?

    4. @JF – I love the freedom of speech and your opinions Mr. Fox 😉 I do seldom agree with Dan, but I appreciate his opinions. From my point of view he’s too focused on the past. It’s time to build our new great future 🫶

  6. Lol..
    Watch Odegaard during the games behind closed doors and you would realize how vocal he is.
    From what i have observed, he has the right mentality and doesn’t hide.
    You saying he doesn’t have any connection with us cos he isn’t home grown or our academy product is poor reasoning to be honest.
    The team is young and they’ll get the much needed experience as they journey together

    1. The team and s ESR’s to captain, it’s just not time yet. Odegard can hold the band for now…

  7. @Dan – football in 2022 has changed and so have the players. Individuals capable of adapting to their environment have definitely a greater potential for success than people focusing on the past. I don’t say that Ødegaard is an optimal choice but he’s our captain.

  8. Before the match started, I saw Xhaka giving instructions to his teammates. I believe Odegaard is just a captain on paper or merely a leader of the attackers

    My first choice would be Xhaka, because he’s so passionate and intelligent. He also plays mostly in the defensive midfield area, so he can see the whole game and instructs his teammates

    The second one is Elneny, who’s another long-serving Gunner who seems to have similar passion and tactical understanding

    1. Saying Odegaard is a captain on paper is disrespect.
      And as for Xhaka, he has always been a leader since his Borussia days and national team duties.
      You don’t have to wear the captain band to be a leader.
      They all work together as a team and for the team.
      Xhaka had the band in the past and for some reasons it didn’t go down well.
      But he’s still part of the leadership core at the club

      1. Dan we could have had Tony Adams as the Captain over last years team and they still would of failed, the players were simply not good enough. The upcoming season we have added winners to the team that will lead by their own example but from time to time they need a kick up the backside and we only have one player tough enough to do that which is Xhaka. I watched him live warming up at the 3 USA tour matches and he was the one who stood out as the most vocal. Added to that he looked like a Brazilian at times now he has quality players around him we should see the best of him.

  9. I think the days of truly exceptional captains that players get behind and can change a game are long gone I’m afraid…

    Rose tinted glasses

    Cesc, van persie… both left us when Wenger needed them the most…great values…🙄

    1. “Cesc, van persie… both left us when Wenger needed them the most…great values…🙄”
      They just wanted to win, and saw it wasn’t going to happen at arsenal – I think they were both good captains and showed loyalty for a long time, they just weren’t supported well enough. Everyone has their breaking point.

      1. RVP showed nothing
        Had only one great season
        And jumped ship
        What great captain that is
        Please save me from the mess

  10. Tojo, I believe ESR is injured at the moment, but I think he’s the guy we’re looking at, when wanting every position to be challenged by a player of equal ability.
    I don’t believe Odegaard to be a natural leader who can stamp his authority on a game, such as Adams and Vieria did, but Dan forgets one thing in his article (just as I do!!) and that is the fact that Mikel sees him day in day out and can evaluate his status within the group.

    Perhaps Dan and I are stuck in a time warp, wanting to see the likes of Tony and Patrick giving it all verbally as well as physically out on the pitch?

    As for Dan’s question regarding who would I want as captain – the answer is Gabriel, but let’s give Martin the chance to see what he can do first shall we???

    1. @Ken1945- he’s our national team captain chosen by our experienced national team coach. Ødegaard is respected for his down to earth approach and ability to see all the players. He is an intelligent guy reading the game very well.

      1. 👍Didrik, and Odegaard was chosen to be captain of his national team, Norway at a comparative young age. Surely this says something about his status?

        1. Agreed. Apparently Dan thinks that the Norwegian national team has a “lack of leaders” too…

        2. There are various leadership styles and attributes. That a captain is does not come across as Tony Adams or Patrick Vieira does not mean that the choice of Ødegaard is wrong. Some players lead without still being the captain in a match, Virgil van Dijk comes to mind.
          Dan Smith should go take a chill pill and think of more constructive things to write about. Don’t draw people to your pathetic views a stage, we have not started the season yet. Let’s just watch and see how the boys fair.

      2. Being a captains of countries that dont achieve doesn’t say anything,…if you said Germany. France then I would agree with your comment as in xhaka is the captain of Switzerland so..

  11. I usually don’t mind any Articles but this was ill timed right before the season opener on Friday & after we have beat Chelsea 4-0 then Sevilla 6-0 in last 2 pre season games. Along with the new signings already here & us playing really solid it looks like then there was no need as Øde is a leader and is well respected by everyone.

    All teams have more than one Captain, Martin is here to stay long term and wants to take on that responsibility of this youth project with him at the head of it, plus he is only gonna get better & better as he will play every week so makes sense as he already has the qualities to fill this role for next 5-7years. Stability.

    Other than that well thought Article but have to disagree as Martin Ødegaard is the perfect choice with his exp at such a young age and Captains national team also. He showed loads of leadership skills last season and the boy is a baller at only 24 in the hardest league in the world and his stats is up there…. his workrate sets the tone to this team with his closing down also, he’s a fighter.

    I am looking forward to seeing Martin stepping up for Arsenal. He’s going to be loyal to the club.

  12. C’mon Dan, you telling us that we lost on a CL place through lack of experience, utter nonsense. We lost through lack of depth, caused by injuries to key players. I am excited about the prospects this season, because of the youth, leadership and togetherness in the squad. I am not sure of your agenda but you seem to find fault in everything thing this club is trying to do to be successful again. Given I have no understanding what goes on behind close doors and those that do have made him captain, I am satisfied and given you also no nothing of what goes on behind closed doors your opinion on leadership also doesn’t mean much. Thank God.

  13. I wish disagree that we lost the top four fight because of lack of leadership,unless of course if you mean Physical endurance.

    It’s important to point out here that the EPL is entirely physical plus a few teams that are technically gifted.

    We need Savic and Jarrod to help us fend off physical sides and be able to contend when we meet the likes of Crystal Palace, Sorin , Newcastle and Nottingham forest,…that was our major undoing… technically we can match anyone. The two sides that have been dominating have both physique and plenty of techniques. Patrick Vieira has learnt something about the combo of physique and Technique… The only thing that will hinder him from contending is that Technically gifted players cost an arm and a leg. Otherwise he would be in the face of Man city and Liverpool already. Arsenal needs physically and technically gifted combined players; I won’t mention the latest acquisitions and the two strongest clubs to emphasize my point.

    A good player is strong physically, mentally and is self motivated even before he gels with the rest in the team… Height .Adios

  14. Garbage journalism tbh. You talk about Wilshere (perpetual crock), Ramsey (half season wonder), OX and Walcott massively over hyped under achievers as though we need to go back to that 🤣 please god no! Where did that lot get us? I’ve been as under motivated by Arsenal over recent years as much as anyone but we finally seem to be going in the right direction and I’m looking forward to the season for the first time in Years. This team can actually evoke excitement and credit to Arteta, Edu and even the board for their efforts to eradicate the soft uninterested weak mentality within the club and to replace it with a young gifted hungry team. If you can’t find anything positive to say about our current situation go and support the Spuds if indeed you don’t already!

      1. Your article is rubbish and you’re deservedly getting hammered for this and every other negative, unsubstantiated tripe you’ve written. Yet you still see fit to come out with purile quips as a last line of defence in response to your deserved criticism for those who are opposed to your idiocy

  15. Sorry, you’re good at writing and coming up with articles, but this is nonsense. Is it that you do this to draw attention and pointless debates or what?

    “so it feels a shame that our skipper doesn’t really have any connection to our club.”

    Haven’t come across any BS about choosing a captain for a long while.
    What does he do? Perhaps you choose to be blind to the fact that while Auba, Laca were captain, Ødegaard was always instructing his teammates and always directing position and he’s the connection between the manager and team during gameplay.

    What connection does Ramsdale have with the club?
    What connection does KT have to the club?
    Ramsdale because he’s vocal and energetic, sorry vocal? That he’s energetic and always jumping about and screaming at his defenders when they make a mistake means he’s captain material?
    Ben White, has zero connection to the club also, but you see him as a suitable candidate, except for the fact that Saliba may keep him out of the squad.
    What connection did Auba had with the club before becoming captain?

    It’s been said that asides directing and controlling the players vocally on the pitch, even the older players listen to him and respects him. A great leader is someone who people can get people to follow him anywhere and Ødegaard does that effortlessly on the pitch.
    He doesn’t have to appear to be jumping about to show it, he’s always there to talk to his teammates, get in with the referee, and who says others can’t lead on the pitch too?
    Geez!! Give the boy a break already

    1. I saw that contradiction as well. None of the players he mentioned have connection with the club yet.

      The only one with connection and should have been an obvious choice is Granit.

      Time will tell if he is the right choice. We should give him the chance. He may turn out to be a capable captain.

    2. Last season guy I said arsenal would bottle the race for 4th when the pressure was on
      I was called negative
      Whisper it quietly …I was correct
      I said we regress once Wenger left … I was correct
      Heck I said we lose to Brentford …correct
      Someone not saying positive things don’t make them less of a fan

      1. DS, you are not allowed to be correct, you have to be positive, whatever you really think.

        1. C’mon Reggie
          We haven’t even started the season yet and Dan is busy expounding negative vibes
          Last season is done and dusted and I’m looking forward to seeing what Arteta has learned this summer and what the team that is now his, can do.
          If it’s tripe then I’ll join those who don’t think Arteta can cut it
          For now, I’m in front of the box ready to see the Lionesses take on Germany and looking forward to the start of the season

          1. Sue p, wether you think it negative (which it is) or not, it is his opinion. You and i can either agree or disagree but untill the season starts nothing the most negative or positive poster says counts for anything. I wonder why people get so upset over negative posts. There was a poster who predicted on here Arsenal will win the league, he is putting his money on Arsenal to win the league, jusus will win the golden boot and so on. Is that better or worse than Dans article? Its neither, its his and Dans opinions and mean JS in the great scheme. Why get so personal over someones opinions?, its not right.

            1. It is Reggie as you say
              All it does for me is make my shoulders drop
              If Dan won a million on the lottery I doubt he’d punch the air
              As Dan is one of the most prolific contributors I suppose it can be tiresome to invariably read articles that make me undeniably miserable
              As for the Lionesses, that was a cracking win and brought a tear to my eye

              1. But Sue P that’s the point , in terms of football we havnt won the lottery , not even close
                Would understand if we were like 2nd or third and I was being negative
                We finished 8th, 8th and 5th ….that’s simply not good enough

                1. It doesn’t make me happy that we are not in the same shoes as City or Liverpool but our time will come again Dan.
                  The fact that so few clubs have won the EPL is significant because our finances haven’t been managed by the oil barons who poured money in and have since reaped the rewards
                  Liverpool are slightly different but look how long it took them to rise to the top after years in the wilderness

                  I’m going to stick my neck out because I think that Arteta will deliver a much better outcome this season, and with other clubs now investing heavily there will be a greater rotation of clubs vying for top spot too. The current top4 will not have it easy like it used to be when Arsenal qualifying for the CL was a dead cert. The following pack are snapping at those heels and nothing will be a forgone conclusion

                2. Pathetic Dan, what did you expect when Merci Wenger left after 22 years, and together with him more or less all our key employees.

              2. There’s a lot of hypocrisy on this site. After the 1st 2 months, almost all here wanted the novice gone, even Mr know it all. Then we started to win, then all was forgotten and the next coming was suddenly here. Then we lost out 4th and the hypocrites hedged their bets…trust the process.
                Guess what sheepies, Dan was the only one to hold true to his opinion.
                I don’t agree with his opinion here as I wanted a ratbag as our captain, in the mould of Roy kean but the novice got rid of guendouzi. I would say that odegard does go missing when we need leadership but I suppose, skilful players don’t have the dirty in them.

            1. Yes I am HH
              Thanks for asking
              I hope that more women and the next generation enjoy the sport and get the encouragement and financial support to develop it futrther
              It wasn’t many years ago that women’s football was banned in England
              A lot of catching up to do but tonight should kick start women’s opportunity to shine

      2. Lol thats the definition of being negative to predict us losing to teams, such as Brentford.

        We started to regress under Wenger last league title win, seriously and tell the truth did you think at that time that Arsenal would not win another league title under Arsene?? 🤔

        1. Did we win or his prediction was correct? I dont agree with this article but he has been spot on more often than not.

          1. Hence why people get angry
            I was big enough to say if we finished top 4 I hold hands up
            I was correct and we choked

            1. Same here Dan, i was ready to give Arteta the benifit of the doubt but im still in doubt. I dont see why some small minded people think that is so wrong.

          2. But HH this is Arsenal forum we should be positive and hope we win always. I could predict we will lose every game next season and would be right in maybe 5-10 games and say “see I predicted that) it is not appropriate in my opinion to do this on a Arsenal forum…

            I would not go to a church and say “I don’t believe in Jesus “ every
            Week and not expect to get angry people questioning my faith “and why are you coming here every week”. not appropriate…

            The point is we know that Dan does not rate Arteta, he’s system of play and some of the players , fine we all know that. But to keep coming on here with a negative opinion, is simply going to get people annoyed and he should expect that.
            In fact it would be interesting to see Dan to have read he’s piece
            At the emirate’s at half time on a microphone, and see the reaction of the fans🤔

            1. You are right GD but i dont get upset by the stupidly positive people. But i do with the idiots that make it personal.

            2. No the.point is you can’t dismiss an opinion
              I didn’t say Arsenal wouldn’t finish 4th because I’m negative mate , said it because there’s serious issues at our club
              What some want to do is not address them so it’s easier to say he’s got an agenda , he’s negative
              I can show you lots of positive articles I have written
              But I’m not going to write Arsenal are going to finish top 4 if I don’t believe that

      3. So Arsenal was progressing when Wenger left? Don’t console yourself man, you wrote a bullock article with no fact or sense as far as I’m concerned. we were on a free fall for more than 10 years and that was the reason he was asked to step aside. Blaming Ordegaard leadership qualities as a reason we lost top 4 is the most ridiculous assumption I’ve heard in my life. If you don’t have something to say it’s better to keep quiet. And what are you saying about crystal palace vs Arsenal on Friday?

      4. Just being lucky with some predictions or guessing one of three possible outcomes to a game ie win, loss or draw, doesn’t make them nostradamus either !

        You give yourself way too much credit for citing most of the time what’s either patantly obvious or engaging in your flights of fancy and unnecessarily criticisms

    3. Real talk Eddie. Just noticed though that this has been the most talked/ debated article for while!

  16. We gooners always moan at any decision maybe transfer maybe team selection lets all support the team and decision coyg

  17. I am more than happy with him.

    He is young but been playing senior football since he was fifteen and knocked up over 300 games.

    His only mistake was going to Real Madrid not a club known for helping youngsters develop – Ajax or Dortmund would have been better choices.

    Still if he had not made that mistake, he may not have ended up here.

    He is perfect for the role. Last season Arteta was always giving instructions to him, shows how he is entrusted to implement the press. I could not care if he is not constantly barking out orders as long as he gets the job done.

  18. Can you please stop being negative for once! I mean do Liverpool , Manchester City or ,Real or Bayern perform because of “leaders” or captain. The world has moved on ,stop living in the past. These days, it’s the collective,not individuals.

  19. Thanks for your opinion Dan, everyone has one.
    What I see from most of your articles is that you are unhappy with how things develop at Arsenal and you keep criticising coach, certain players, owners. Maybe have a look at yourself one day and see what positives do you exactly bring to the club?
    Everything in life goes through ups and downs and Arsenal is not an exception. But we are definitely on the way up, with or without you.

  20. Anyone watching Arsenal closely assumed Martin would become captain, he’s got the best understanding of what we’re trying to do as a team and constantly manages players on the pitch as a conduit for Arteta.

    Arsenal are full of leaders, we literally have multiple national team captains. Leading in the modern game has changed though, the days of Keane vs Vieira are long gone.

    Think you also need to reevaluate calling for picking players based on their nationality, Dan, that’s an embarrassing and telling suggestion.

  21. OIdegaard is fresh to some us gooners who have followed the team from birth and am 62yrs. He will grow into the job. He has legend written all over him. He was on loan with us went back to Real Madrid and chose to come back because he loves Arsenal and its future.

  22. Time will tell. The people who see them for hours almost every day are best placed to decide these matters.

    There’s no point in suggesting Xhaka as captain because he’s refused to take the role again, if reports are correct. He’s still pained by the episode where the support booed him and he (seemingly) told them where to go.

    He’s also someone who may not be around for long.

    Arsenal has a few people who captain their national sides (Ode, Xhaka, Zinchenko spring to mind) so they’re not exactly short of people with experience.

    Connection to the club? What connection did Roy Keane have with Man Utd when he was made capt? It might be in the “nice to have” column but you can’t guarantee that over time.

    1. Keane was at utd for 4 years before becoming captain – I think it was something similar for Vieira? This is a reasonable amount of time where you could say a serious connection could be established with the club imo.
      I actually think it’s a fair point, although it’s just one factor for what might make a suitable captain, and aside from xhaka, there are no realistic candidates who have been here that long.

      1. Only because it took 4 years for a vacancy to come up.

        And 4 years is not really much of a “connection to the club”. Someone like Saka who’s been there man and boy would have a connection, someone transferred in… different story.

        They only become captain because there’s a vacancy – Vieira only did so when Tony Adams retired in 2002, it’s mostly about a need arising and choosing the best man available for the job.

  23. Sorry but this is a Load of Tosh…

    Maybe give us insight on the rationale behind Arteta’s choice then reasons why he may not be fit to be captain. He wasnt captain last season – a highly tumultous season. No one can lead men or any team when they do not respect him or follow the values of the group!

  24. I disagree, but the piling on in the comments is a bit much. I do see where Dan is coming from, I just don’t think we can expect a Vieira / Adams – they almost don’t exist in football anymore. Ode isn’t perfect but does lead by example and I think he’s as good a choice as anyone else (save maybe Jesus but of course it’s way too early)

    1. Agreed
      Herd mentality at its finest up above ,a lot of sheep .
      My opinion is that the captains job as been worthless since whoever started that comical 5 captains bull crap .
      I’ve always been in that old school thinking where you should have a CB or CM general but those days are long gone replaced with pampered players that roll around for 5 mins after been brushed from an opposing player .
      Time will tell if Odegaard is the right choice .

  25. Great article, i couldn’t have written it better myself. Very good examples and opinions as too why some think he isn’t an Arsenal captain but he can prove us wrong, i hope. As you say, Vierra, Keane, Lampard, Fabrigas, Adams, Gerard and Henry were what i would call proper captains and earned their stripes. I didn’t like Xhaka as captain and i was proved right, i dont mind being proved wrong this time.

    1. Why do you even bother to comment? We know what you think already. You agree with anything negative about AFC. What team do you support exactly???. its sure not Arsenal..

      1. Because i dont agree with you, i dont support Arsenal? What a stupid statement and you haven’t a clue what i do in my life or have done to support Arsenal. Because i am more negative than you why does that make me less of a supporter. Its not like you have anything to back up your positivity as you like to be portrayed. When we win something or achieve something, i will be positive. I have higher standards than you, why does that make you better.

        1. “When we win something or achieve something, i will be positive.”

          Telling comment. If you can only be positive when we win something that really isn’t my definition of *supporting* a club.

          The time when a club or a person most needs support is during the bad times.

          True supporters are there through thick and thin, they are not fair weather friends. I have more respect for the people who turn out in rain and shine to support their League Two side than a plastic supporter of a big club who can only stop moaning if the club starts winning.

          1. Totally wrong, here you go again, not realising the difference. I support the club but i can also have an opinion as to what i think about it. You aren’t the only one who can.

          2. His happiness is conditional. That tells you a lot. Rest, argueing is folly. Just expect them to swarm when we lose even a match, calling out the manager as if they have ever managed a club outside Fifa. Ridiculous

    2. There is a little saying about birds if a feather. Well what can i say, one can only attract his kind.

  26. So you moan about Odegaard being here for 18 months then suggest someone who has been with us for 12 months 🙄.
    It’s not about how loud you shout or nationality (as I sense you suggest from your article) but about principles, values, being exemplary and influence that Martin has been chosen. I support Arteta’s decision. He s pends more with these guys and surely knows better.

  27. I guess the Norwegians know jack sh%t as well!!! And to go the beginning of this very negative diatribe, none of your suggested ‘others’ – Tierney, White, Ramsdale – are Arsenal products.
    You don’t have to shout and stomp to be an effective leader.

  28. Completely disagree with everything you said. He leads by example with his pressing and looks to love the responsibility. We must watch different players

  29. Dan, you attach too much importance to the role of captain as it won’t be a deciding factor in our season. Having said that, MO is captain of his country; a model professional; an emerging and important player for Arsenal and understands the club – a good choice. But other players will take a leadership role whoever has the armband: Ramsdale, Gabriel, Xhaka, Zinchenko and more. This announcement makes me feel positive not negative.

  30. One thing Odegaard won’t be doing is taken
    The players down the pub to get pissed every day.
    It took Arsen Wenger to put a stop to that.
    I’m sure Odegaard will be a great Captain th on
    And off the pitch with ability some can only dream
    Of get up to date Danny boy.

  31. My one question is” When will Dan Smith ever see something positive about Arsenal in general and Mikel Arteta in particular? Why should he always see the negatives and never the positives? Is it his style of supporting our team?

      1. @ Dan Smith, I like most of your article and many of us always read and post on it but this one you just posted is out of it for me.
        First of all being a captain doesn’t mean you are the best but just a representative in the club, just as we have a lot of captains or leaders in the team( Lokonga( captain in his former club), Partey, Xhaka, Zinchenko,) but one has to represent them others too can talk and give instructions to their mates even to Odegaard himself.
        The board and mgt are more closer to these players than us and they have chosen their captain, our job as a fan is to support and pray for them to succeed or what is the purpose of the captain without winning…. It is a collective work from the mgt level up till the fans or supporters.

        1. Wale, Henderson the Liverpool captain pulls no trees rather match winning performances ! I wonder if Dan will choose him Capt if he were to play for Arsenal…. Well he might , the criteria he will use! Your guess is as good as mine

          1. name me Odegaards match winning performances ?
            eg we needed one win from Spurs and newcastle , he was invisible

      2. Dan, if your ambition is top four then I am sorry I am not with you. Real ambition should be winning a trophy not being in top four. Top four should be a consolation for not winning as was the case during Wenger’s time. It should not be an end in itself.

        1. That wasn’t your question
          You asked when will I be positive .
          I will not be positive while we finish 5th

      3. Hope your married and u have kids…and your the best dad in the whole world!!!
        And hope no other parents achievements surpasses yours….indeed if it does…then your a failure!!!

      4. You criticise people for their acceptance of finishing top five with the implication that that shows a lack of ambition and might even give in to mediocrity.

        But, your standard aren’t much higher as you don’t want to win the league outright but are happy to gain a top four position even if that means finishing fourth.

        1. no I was answering a question
          Question was will I ever be happy ?
          My point was bare minimal for Arsenal FC should be top 4
          That would at least be progress in terms of building on something

    1. Yes , when we start finsihing higher in the table
      Ask United are they happy with 6th ?

      1. But Jon you were happy when Wenger finished 4th
        Why must I be happy with 5th ?

        Must have missed articles where I said Jesus was a great signing , well done to super Jack and women playing at the Euros

          1. You call someone disrespectful and yet you do it to someone way older than you. You don’t deserve respect if 5ou can’t give it.

  32. Henry Fabregas Van Persie Auba Laca left immediately after given the armband.
    Loyalty missing towards ARSENAL and shambolic performance after becoming captain.

  33. Ordgaard is the right choice may we should talk about the vice captain
    zinchenko, Tierney, Ramsdale are the ones me i think can back up him

  34. Everybody connected to Arsenal knew that Ødegaard would be announced captain of Tierney is unfit for the beginning of the season. While I would have loved a Tony Adam or Patrick Viera kind of captain (I didn’t see them play but the hype they get shows that they are the best), Ødegaard is Arsenal’s best choice at the moment.
    Young, energetic and has the necessary skills. He is national team captain for crying out loud. Messi is not vocal on the pitch but he is Argentina’s captain. Let him prove himself first.

  35. Having read this article twice I am at a loss to understand the negativity which seems to consume the writer on this subject and others relating to a Club which he is proud to support.All I will say is that Odegaard is a logical choice as far as I am concerned, and I wish him well in that role.With regard to the authors suggestion that we failed to make the top four due to a lack of experience, that is simply not the case.Our failure was due to a lack of quality in certain positions.

    1. But Grandad (and you did reply without the vitriol of others) surely that is just opinion. I think it was down to lack of experience and expertise, why am i not allowed to think that?

      1. Oh and Grandad, i hope Odergaard is a legend. Why should i get such shit, if i think he is not the best choice in my opinion? That isnt pointed at you by the way but the jackals that gang up to spout their vitriol and hypocrisy.

        1. Well said Reggie. Nobody should get shit thrown at them just because they disagree with your opinion. With regards to Dans articles why do so many people respond to him, and moan that he’s negative all the time, surely if you don’t like his posts stop reading them. I suspect some people wait for Dan to write an article just so they can have a go at him. I happen to agree with him on the subject of Odergaard, from watching last year I think he’s a lightweight who goes missing in games and does not appear to me to be a leader. Maybe I’ll change my mind sometime during this season I’ll wait and see.

          1. exactly and why care about one persons opinion
            its sad in 2022 that a reader would ask admin can we only have positive articles …wow ….that’s really sad
            what did I say that was so bad , that Arsenal lack leaders

          2. This Reggie guy does this all the time that’s the issue honestly I understand that sometimes arteta’s thinking can be lease fans conflicted but when a fan always questions (degrade is the best word to use ) Arteta every article whether in relation to his treatment of saliba, his playing style,his transfer policy infact anything in general you start seeing those type of fans as negative and you start getting tired of there “opinions”.

          3. Thank you Rob, some very disrespectful people on this site and spoiling it daily. If you dont like what someone says, ignore it, i do. Or respecfully answer with your own opinion, that was what this site was for until it turned into a bullying site.

        2. Reggie, one can have an opinion, as long as they agree with it!!!
          Dan has taken the time to write an article that he knew would draw criticism – it’s his opinion and good on him.

          The next thing will be, fans asking Pat to disallow any article that criticises Mikel – the same fans (in the main) who were going hell for leather criticising AW, UE and Xhaka!!!

          1. Ken, the problem with a small minded few is that opinion has to be to their liking otherwise it is wrong. How disrespectful and rude can you get. They think it is right to say things about people they dont know and dont know what they do but they tell them all the same. I wont sway from my opinion and i wont sway from the next important game, i want to win every time. What my opinion is, is just that. I want Arsenal, Arteta, Edu and the krankies to win and be successful but when they are not, i will hold them to account and voice where i think they are wrong or going wrong. The manager is just and employee, the club is ours and we will still be supporting the club long after Arteta, Edu, Wenger, Graham and whoever have left. My standards are my standards, when they meet them, i will be happy, when they dont, i wont. I said last season, my standard was 4th and i would have praised all involved. We failed from a position of strength and i am not going to be hoodwinked into thinking everything is all fine now. I will let results and trophies do that not some hypocrite. I hold everyone to the same standards and that isnt 5th.

            1. I dont think he sounds bitter, he sounds frustrated and he does back up what he says and doesn’t pander to false dawns. We all want success, we should all denand it. It doesn’t mean we should all agree.

            2. Or am I simply not happy how far my club has fallen ?
              Could it simply be that ?.
              Day we left Highbury if you said in 2022 I be called neagtive for saying 5th is poor …

            3. Reggie I get your point. But is not someone’s opinion not to have liked the others opinion on matters !

    2. Well said Tojo.
      “If you’re honest, how many performances has Odegaard given where you can say he’s taken the initiative and been the difference?”
      Sam you’re wrong here. You don’t mean Norway are just another bogus team? The boys sleek play and the fact that he is a national team captain is enough. This negativity won’t help us.

  36. The same Mr fox who moaned when Mr Wenger finsihed 4th and now wants praise for 5th because he can’t admit he was wrong

    1. Keep em coming Dan ,like you said your articles get the most traffic by along way and always a good read .

      1. The two Dans and Reggie against the Gooner world. Now I know what the term OUTLIER means ; it means anyone called DAN or REGGIE.

    2. That’s a sad sad approach from a guy who says he loves the club. Don’t you see that the media has been part of the problem for years and that you are now part of the problem? You should be ashamed to call your self a supporter of this club if all your care about is your own self success. When they talk about the 12th man, that’s everyone of us, not just at the games but outside the ground, how we support the team and the players. Be that man.

    3. And you will get more and more taken as a pessimistic fool who is out of touch with modern reality then DAN.

      THIS VERY THREAD SHOWS CLEARLY WHAT ALMOST ALL GOONERS THING OF YOUR NEGATIVITY. And , ironically, they are negative and correctly so, about you and your attitude towatd the clubabout which you claim but do not act in writing, to be a “supporter”!

      And crowing that you get “many views for the site” HAS certainly been true in the past and even on this thread. But beware , as the Gooner tide is turning completely against your relentless and agenda ridden personal negativity. You have many people who are sick to the back teeth of your odd personal agenda and who will resolve not to read your negative nonsense ever again.

      Your choice , but you would be wise to change tack! Jeremiahs are not popular nor liked

  37. I really do not understand the negativity of either the writer or a few others on this subject as the club captain is just a figurehead who is the go between, between manager and team, where required, someone to lead the team out, meet and greet in the centre circle and more importantly be a decent player who does the aftermatch stuff. There are plenty of other players on the field like Ramsdale, Xhaka and Gabriel who can do the shouting along side Ødegaard.

    1. I get your point but dont get why people think DSs article is negative. It is an article of opinion and yes you may not agree but he does give some good points.

      1. Reggie the negative perspective comes in the moment he picks his ideal captain and contradicts his opinion on who should be captain and ignoring the sentiments he himself has highlighted as the parameters for his choice.

    2. Got it in one Declan
      As we don’t have an Adams or Vieira or the likes of Jordan Henderson today, then I see nothing wrong with Odegaard as Captain.

      I agree with Dan kit that position on the pitch is a valid one

  38. To be sincere,odegaard is still the best choice. And this captain issue shouldn’t be a problem

  39. I dont fully disagree with you Dan. I also like a captain who can scream at players who aren’t doing their job. Arsenal have had “silent leaders” for well over a decade now and it has not been any good. At the same time, let’s give him a fair chance. So i’ll reserve judgement.

    1. actually im being kind with the “well over a decade”. I honestly don’t think we’ve had a proper captain since Patrick Vieira. So lets call it close to two decades instead.

  40. Should be mentioned that the Arsenal coaching team has said they’re looking more towards a modern “leadership group” than a single captain.

    That works well in a sport where the captain can be a long way from some of the players for long periods of time. How would, say, Ramsdale tell Jesus what he should be doing – over the noise of 60,000 people?

    1. I do believe Roy Keane managed it in front of 72,000, along with Tony Adams at Wembley for England.

  41. Why are you so negative man?
    Odigard is one of our best performers and he is the one to be built the team around him
    And why do you think he doesn’t deserve to be arsenal captain when he is the captain of Norway?

  42. Dan you’ve dropped a bollock here.

    Your example of a prime captain, Stevie G – won stuff all with Liverpool. So yeah that worked great.

    We have the Swiss captain, Xhaka. The Norwegian captain Odegaard, Partey is vice captain of Ghana. No real leaders?? everyone else is under 23.

    Take a look at yourself and turn the computer off before you post next time or just arsenal can be added to the block list if such nonsense is standard.

        1. Jesus. Can you guys stop whining. He is the right guy at the right time. We are solid and its almost as if you dont support the club. Fake fans who care about what the neighbours are doing instead of seeing the beauty of our progression. REAL GUNNERS FOR LIFE

    1. Dan the issue is that there is no balance in your articles. 99% of your articles criticise Arteta and the club, so it just feels like you have an agenda. When one criticises to the point that you have, nobody would care even when you say the truth. Common!!! Its just a sport, its entertainment. I don’t think anyone’s life depends on it. At this point you just sound bitter.

  43. Of course Ramsdale should have been appointed captain with his long connection to Arsenal. Oh no wait, did he not arrive last summer???

  44. For me, the writer’s position is purely centred on ethnicity. The fact that a Briton or at least “home grown” wasn’t picked is the bone of contention here.
    Let’s the young man a chance cos I believe that finally, we can now sense light at the end of the tunnel.

    1. Apart from the bit where I praise Henry and Viera , Fabregas and Vanpersie for being great captains lol

  45. A worthless debate! We would be much better off discussing a backup for Partey and the almighty Jesus.

  46. Dan Smith has been very negative. I remember well when we were first linked with Jesus. DS said “why would he join us,” Jesus is hear now and he’s scoring.

    Some people just fail to see the light.

  47. The decision arteta took by vomfoing odegar as a cantain Is a wise thought . Arsenal has been a youngest in England last season and this incoming season and the squad also is young and also the coach so it will be good to pick up a young one. In my point of vw odegar as that spirit of leadernesss in him because he did well in playing the role of a captain ,well age cannot determine one to be a captain but spirit of leadership.

  48. I wonder if the author really watches the matches closely because I see Odegaard directing players on the pitch.

    In addition, his article comes across as completely bitter and negative. You would have thought that we had lost all our preseason matches and that the player selected to be our captain had played poorly. Does the author have an axe to grind with Odegaard?

  49. All the past captains mentioned except tony left us in limbo when we needed them most…fabregas? Persie, Vermealin, Patrick, Henry.

    though, I would have preferred Saka because of his consistence performance and connection to the root of the club, but Odegaard is also an option. We need 25 captains like Liverpool not 1.

  50. All of us need to appreciate that there are no carbon copies or clones of any individuals. Every one has different attributes, strengths and weaknesses. Thus it is not possible to recreate Tony Adams or Patrick Vieira who served their terms and relinquished their duties for other individuals to take over. That is how life is. So the obsession of getting players similar to those two individuals is misplaced and unrealistic. This is Arteta’s and Odegaard’s time and not George Graham’s and Tony Adam’s time. Let us accept that hard reality and move on. It is the surest way to face the future with optimism.

  51. While you could certainly make an argument that Arsenal have lacked noteworthy on the field leadership since the days of Tony Adams and Patrick Viera, I think it’s totally unfair to speculate Odegaard isn’t up to the job.

    Meanwhile, it appears that part of the new transfer focus is bringing in guys with leadership quality among other things. Though they are still relatively young, in addition to Odegaard, Tomiyasu, Zinchenko, Viera, and Lokonga have all been captains for club or country. Meanwhile I think most Gunners would agree you could make a fair argument that both K.T. (if he could stay healthy) and Aaron Ramsdale both look like they have leadership quality.

    I like the direction I am seeing in terms of bringing in not just talent, but personalities and I have a hunch Odegaard will be an excellent captain.

  52. Why all the fuss over who is the captain. I thought the players and the coaching group would had done one or two things before arriving at who the captain fit?.we don’t know what’s going on in the dressing room. Please don’t let us create unnecessary issue where it doesn’t exist. Let them handle it by theirselves. Let accept it as it had been adjudged by them. The most important thing right now is how our team will consolidate.on the rising profile recently so as to sustain the tempo. Please fans let us leave the issue as it. Our paramount concern should be prayers, good advices and positive response.

  53. Very negative article. Odegaard is a world class player still improving. Not injury prone. Our whole squad is rather young. Of course, tierney could have been captain. Gabriel Magalhaes too. Ramsdale maybe was a little bit too new at the club, even if just by 6 months compared to Ode. Xhaka did not want it again and is 29. Partey is injury prone. What would have been other options. Saka is younger and already carries a lot of arsenal on his shoulders. Ode was almost obvious. Maybe Gabriel M. Or Ramsdale could have make sense but ode is already a good choice.

      1. Fair to say. Statistically, he was one of the most influential midfielders in the league last year just based on chance creation. Defensively, he contributes as well with his excellent pressing.
        Now captain of club and country. To me, with his creativity, touch and left footedness, it’s hard not to be reminded of Ozil, except Odegaard is far more committed to the cause on all levels.

          1. Such negativity.amd what is your solution ?? Ode males player better around him. So he has not been the one to expect flashes from. But he is still improving, he is young. Big future ahead. I am glad he is with us and that many people, unlike you, supports him. He deserves that. If he head not had fantastic potential, you think real would have signed him, or not insert buy clauze the first time? I hop you forget this stupid debate because it is anyway over, he is captain. and start supporting him

          2. I see. So only players at KDB’s level or higher are world class? I guess by your metric there are probably about a dozen guys that are world class then.

            Odegaard may not be filling up the stat sheet (yet) like De Bruyne, and his contributions are subtle at times but anyone whose been paying attention can see the caliber of player he is already and knows he will surely continue to improve.

            Having said that I remember a point last season when he was equal or ahead of pretty much everyone, including De Bruyne in terms of key passes. He also needs proper finishers and I’m excited to see what he will do with Jesus in front of him along with improving Saka, Martinelli and ESR.

  54. The coach knows better. Position brings responsibilty, he may not be like Adams , henry or Fabregas but i believe that he has the potential yo lead and been giving the captancy it will stir him up, more over wth the experience of captaining his country at his sge it is wrong to write him of without given him the opportunity. The team is young and he has captained his country this makes him most qualified

  55. This is very unfair. Captaincy is not based on age. What Arteta has tried to do at the club is to restore a culture that was lost. In this plan he knows who suits that plan. The choose of Odegaard was 100% backed by squad members and the board. Let’s try and create a positive energy around this team, not negativity coz most pundits already give Arsenal a tonne of negativity.

  56. I totally agree with you Dan. Odegaard cannot be called a true Gunner in every sense of the word. He lacks the connection with our badge. I think they fast in their judgement on Ode becoming our captain. I had thought that arteta and co should have been more careful in their selection so that we can solve the problem of captainship once and for all. For me, Tierney would have been a fit choice except given his frequent injuries. That leaves Ramsdale as the best choice.
    We need a captain with personalityand character. A fearless , courageous and a person who has a commanding aura among his team mates.

  57. Arteta ,Edu and Josh Kronke doing a great job,money has been spent on young players and experienced players,we finished 5 th last season due to a weak bench and experience.All that is now in place and if you think back to the start of the season pundits said we would be relegated after our first 3 games.I sense a big change as this squad is much stronger and playing as a team.We at last have a very goon number 9 …Odegaard will perform at a different level as he has better players around him and yes he should be captain as Arteta has point out he brings a lot to the squad on and OFF the field and obviously he knows a lot better than us

      1. If you watched the first 3 games last season when we lost against Brentford in our first game and then the next two Keanu ,Neville and other pundits said we may be for the drop, not made up at all you just aren’t that knowledgeable and just come out with a crass statement that it’s “just made up”

        1. your claim is after three games pundits said we were for the drop so can you provide me with proof where a pundit says after three games , ‘ Arsenal will be relegated ‘

  58. Such a pathetic opinion from a so-called Arsenal writer and from some other fans. How is Tierney better than Odegaard as a captain if really fit that the writer of this divisive article wants Tierney as our captain instead?

    1. Agree Mike,Arteta says Odegaard has all the qualities of being a great captain leader on and OFF the field the latter being just as important.
      Two top coaches….a Norwegian manager and an Arsenal manager both see top qualities in this player and yet here we are as lay-man discussing who should be captain of Arsenal when we have a manager closer to the player.

    2. Or is it just an opinion lol ?
      When I seen them play I have seen more leadership qualities from Tierney then Odegaard
      Can you give me examples of big game performances from Odegaard which make it pathetic to say he’s not captain material

      1. wow i have left a number of replies to you and you have not even posted them,obviously you are not happy if someone does not agree with your opinion , I even posted links of pundits saying we would be relegated after 3 losses as you requested.
        you obviously do not like it when someone proves you wrong,ditching this blog as its one way traffic from you unless you post my answers.

        1. Zero right or wrong , it’s an opinion
          If you think 8th , 8th and 5th Is a great job , good for you
          I do not

  59. Just ask Norway and Haaland how they feel about Odegaard as captain, I would trust the decisions of both managers of Norway and Arsenal more than somebody with no experience of being in charge of a national or international team. It reminds me of click bait articles

    1. not really
      Arsenal announced their new captain , I gave my opinion on it.
      I’m not right or wrong , just my opinion .

  60. I think it is a good thing that someone like Dan is questioning the choice to make Ødegaard the captain.
    I mean you can not be sure whatever you decide right ?
    So he could be right or wrong. Or there will be no conclusive answers to the question.
    My take is that this is a good decision. Given the kind of team Arsenal is in 2022; A group of mostly young players with huge potential.
    And as Dan says, MØ performed less than expected in the top matches. Brilliant against poorer teams but lacking to take the responsibility against the top opponents.
    And I am sure Arteta saw that. But then again who was better in the big games ? None that I saw. The whole team collapsed.
    My view is: Artea has seen (as many of us) Ødegaard as a future legend.A playmaker, goalscorer (yes indeed !) that will push Arsenal back to a top team in England and Europe.
    As he said in: He is showing the values that the club wants. Works hard, creative, serious. He is not a Pogba who puts himself before the team. Quite the opposite. He always put the team in front !
    Is the decision on captain a be or not to be for the team this season. Of course not !
    Those of us who has played football knows that it is not important at all unless you pick the very wrong captain.. 😉
    And in that regard Ødegaard is very safe.
    We will see what happens. I hope and cheer for him. He is blessed with qualities that can take the PL to new heights. I am Norwegian and has seen the impact he has had from the age of 15 both in our league and on the national team. This guy is truly amazing..and thinking about the fact that he will have Gabriel Jesus in front of him…whoo…there will be MANY assists on MØ this season.
    Tomorrow it all starts. Good luck to us all !

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