Man City and Pep are simply in a different League to Arsenal and Emery

Arsenal were soundly beaten my Pep Guardiola’s Man City side yet again, and the gulf between the sides is very plain to everyone. Only the most optimistic amongst us gave us any hope at all, and even Unai Emery made it clear before the game that he thought that Guardiola was the best manager around at the moment. He told “I have analysed a lot of teams and coaches and I think it’s difficult to find one coach who is better than Guardiola,”

“His career is a very big career. We started together. He started with the Barcelona second team, I started with Lorca after Almeria when he was starting to train.

“I learned a lot looking at his team. It’s good to look at each other when we are coaches to learn different things between us. I think in his career he doing the best in all the coaches in the world.

“He has had the possibility to take the best players at Barcelona, in Bayern and in City little by little. He is every year improving with great players and also paying a lot for some players. But he led them, at Barcelona, Bayern and City, one step more every place.

“This for me is the quality that makes me say he is the best.”

Guardiola has certainly led a charmed life. He joined Barcelona’s youth team when he was just 13 and grew into a side that won 6 La Liga’s and a European Cup in the ten years he was in the side. He came back after retirement as coach of the ‘B’ team and promptly won the Tercera Division and was promoted to replace Frank Rijkaard as first-team coach. He had an immediate impact and won the coveted treble in his first season. He won two more La Liga’s and one more Champions League before he left Barca.

At Bayern Munich he won three Bundesliga’s out of three, and at Man City he won the Premier League at his second attempt.

That list makes Emery’s one Ligue 1 title and three Europa League trophies look like small fry, so it is no wonder the Spaniard is in awe of his fellow countryman…



  1. gotanidea says:

    Rijkaard assembled the winning team and promoted Messi, then Guardiola continued his work

    Emery is a top manager as well, proven by winning the EL three times in a row and make his team competitive in La Liga with smaller resources

    But according to the news, Arsenal would only give him a small transfer budget of just 45 M this summer. This means he would go back to square one and I don’t think he would stay if there is a good offer from another top club

    1. Thomas Kelly says:

      Well he will av to do it here we don’t get top 4 he’s got 40 million to spend on players so roll on the Thursday night football for 1 more year then mid table here we come know more Wenger trophy which was not good enough then but it is now ????

    2. McLovin says:

      Wasn’t it reported last summer that we would only have 40 million to spend? I doubt we only have 45m to spend. Besides we need to get rid of underperforming players:

      Özil £25m
      Mustafi £15m
      Jenkinson £2m
      Mkhitaryan £20m
      Elneny £10m

      These players sold should bring in +£70m and £37m wages freed. Add Cech, Welbeck, Ramsey and Lichsteiner leaving, that’s another 19m wages off the books.

      9 players leaving – Chambers, Nelson and Smith-Rowe brought in, back-up GK won’t cost that much, and maybe we can snap up one free agent in the summer. This way we would have +100m to spend on 3-4 players. Not enough all to be WORLD CLASS players but possibly 2 and another 1-2 potentials. This is if you believe the news about our future budget.

  2. Kenyanfan says:

    Emery is not good enough.Am that patient person and can always tell when things aren’t going the right way.From my assessments, this team is on a downward spiral.How can we play with seven defense minded players, two strikers and one attacking clueless winger in the name of Iwobi while we have real creativity in our bench? To be sincere it’s not working.If Emery’s tactics and game plan has been to work with wingera then he should know that we currently have none of those and have a plan B to work with what we have.Emery has never been able to utilize a number 10 hence unable to use OZIL. Lastly, loosing to mancity, you will say they are on another level.Liverpool, the same is Manutd on another level? With a new Coach? Yes.they improved tremendously because they had good players but a coach who got it wrong.Tell me, if you think Emery is better than Wenger, with the same squad should he not have at least improved ‘a little ‘ bit? Nothing has changed.The most embarrassing moment comes when we have five deffenders, two DMs and still conceed. This is trouble I tell you.
    You always say Emery need transfer periods. Look at his current team. How many players would you take out of that team and say they need replacement? Just 2 or 3 and this should not be the reason for such bad results.It’s a different team from Wenger’s already.wenger had Giroud he has Auba and Luca..he has Leno for Czech, he has Toroira and Gudouzi , papa all new faces. Let’s stop these excuses.Things are not right. Must we sell everyone in order for is to see the results?? Why should we accept that mancity, Liverpool etc are better than us? What don’t we have to be at the same level with them? For me, Arsenal is at risk. We need a coach who can perform miracles with little support from the management in terms of budget.Dont expect this to change.Emery will never be given enough cash for that.He must learn to use what we have.That is why he was brought here. Remember this is EPL.more competitive than LALIGA and league 1. We have top coaches here. We have a coach who plays seven defense minded players two strikers with Iwobi to feed them.its not working. You are frustrating these players.Get a plan B.And the most shocking outcome is to concede severally with all of them in the field.if you can’t attack then defend. We can’t do either of that. Long long periods

    1. Mobella says:

      You know what let us just blame it all on our squad. Our players are crap and the team is mid table quality. Wait a minute, Leicester is a mid table team, Newcastle is a mid table team, westham is a mid table team can I dare say Wolverhampton is a mid table team. All these team took points away from teams ( pool or city) that are on different level to Arsenal. Why are we failing where are contemporaries have passed. My guess is my club is maybe closer to relegation teams than a mid table teams or Emery doesn’t have a clue.

      1. gotanidea says:

        Despite winning against the top teams, those mid-table teams you mentioned are still below Arsenal

        If you guys think beating the big teams and losing against small teams is the indication of a good manager, like what Klopp did when he just came, then Arsenal would need someone like Ranieri

        Emery can’t make a fast improvement, but he deserves to stay at least until the middle of the next season. Arsenal should give him a much bigger transfer budget to rejuvenate the squad

        1. Mobella says:

          I’m so glad you got my point. Which is Arsenal is not a mid table team and our players are crap like most people think. They are just not being properly utilized and that is because of a certain Emery. He needs to stop being egotistical and use the resources at his disposal at least till the end of the season when money will be available to bring in his own players.

    2. Finally! Someone talking sense. I assure you Ozil is already winning the mind games between the two. Even PEA looks unmotivated lately. Emery out!

  3. deejay says:

    The only difference is money. Arsenal is owned by a tight fisted asshole. Man City are owned by the United Arab Emirates.

    1. gotanidea says:

      The Gulf countries are having problems because of the oil price and the rise of the renewable energy, therefore I believe the oil clubs could only be superior for maximum five years

      Some countries can still rely on their tourism and other businesses, but their main income is getting smaller and it shows on the taxes

      1. Alph says:

        Dream on – the world is still an oil driven entity and will remain so. Abu Dhabi are world leaders in developing renewable energy and low energy design and they have diversified into sport and tourism. They will not go away any time soon if ever!

  4. Olivia Dunham says:

    Unpopular opinion here but I think PEA should be dropped to the bench for the next few games. As for Litchsteiner and Iwobi I reserve my thoughts.

    1. Jamesbrowney says:

      …….True, one of them has to be dropped. That will depend on the line-up and formation. I am guessing it will be Lacazette as Auba has more goals than he does. Iwobi might start, but preferably on the left. But then it all depends on the formation that will be used.

    2. gotanidea says:

      As long as Arsenal do not have dangerous wingers, the team needs both of them to play together, preferably to play wider upfront

      1. jamesbrowney says:

        ……and where has that gotten us against teams that sit deep or well organized teams like City or United? Truth is, we need only one of them on the pitch. Using them both without anyone supplying them passes is pointless.

  5. Eddie Hoyte says:

    Are we not all aware that he’s never gonna get to spend like Pep did? Or Klopp did? Suddenly it’s dawning on everyone that he will never be given enough money?
    Emery was aware of that fact, or wasn’t he? Anyone please?
    This is the main reason I lost faith in him already, he knew Arsenal is a football club that works with budget, yet he took the job, has good enough players, but he’s just making use of them wrongly while knowing our owner won’t give a sh*t bout transfers.
    Like kenyanfan said, Why isn’t he using the players rightly and using the best of what he has??
    He insists on playing from the wings without a proper winger, fields defensive players like he’s trying to defend the White House and yet we concede unreasonable amount of goals.

    I can’t believe I’m saying this, I’ll rather watch a Wenger team lose 8-1, 5-1, 6-3, 3-1 knowing at least we were trying to make something out of it, knowing at least we were attacking and trying to score but couldn’t than to bear this losing 5-1, 3-1 without even playing with much sense and just trying to defend all day.
    All I’ve been saying since I lost faith in him, let him use a backup plan and make use of all of our best options!! At least until he gets to change the first eleven, since most of you believe that bullsh*t that the whole team needs a change.
    Some of us say we’re realistic enough to know we ain’t making the top four but we ain’t realistic to the fact that he has a set of players that he could make use of differently on the bench?
    Or tell me, his sets of benched players and creative midfielders are all crap?

    1. ThirdManJW says:

      “I’ll rather watch a Wenger team lose 8-1, 5-1, 6-3, 3-1 knowing at least we were trying to make something out of it” you’re right…I can’t believe you said that! Haha!

      Well I’d rather a manager like Emery who’s at least trying different things, whereas as Wenger did the exact same tactics, formation, players…forever! I’d rather not see us almost concede double figures in just ONE GAME to our bitter rivals, and all the other countless humiliations! I’m sure Bayern are desperate for us to get back into the CL Haha!

      1. Eddie Hoyte says:

        I respect your opinion because it’s yours mate, yours not mine. How many times haveww played like we did against City this season? We even did against West Ham.
        Don’t try to force the team or turn them into what they ain’t, going all about using defenders all over the pitch and yet losing miserably and poorly is not what I’ll sign up for. The way we are playing now is so alarming, at least under Wenger we knew what gameplay the team had, we knew what we could do on the pitch, we knew we could attack effectively and just needed to fix our defense, right now we don’t know anything about how we play, yes come on tell me that we press and we run around the pitch covering more distance now, or tell me we have the poorest sets of players, we can’t attack, we can’t defend, is that something good enough for you?
        If it is, carry on mate..
        All I hope for is the best in the end

    2. jamesbrowney says:

      …..Players he could use differently that got the previous manager where last season again?
      …. I can’t believe you will wish us getting spanked 8-1 because you want to see fancy football. Fancy football that has gotten us where the last few years apart from a few f.a cups and becoming a joke of a club amongst the top six. I will rather we play ugly as we slowly make our way back to the top.
      Anyway, that’s just your opinion.

      1. Eddie Hoyte says:

        James that word you used, fancy football, at Lea with fancy football we got into the top four for twenty straight years didn’t we? we won F.A cup thrice within four years with that fancy football you call it.
        That 8-1 loss, it stopped us from playing in the UCL the following season?
        Do you even get my point at all??
        Right now we are playing what? Uglyball? Pressingball? Emeryball?? How much of an improvement has it gotten us??
        ththe AME top four you folks cursed Wenger for and called names for achieving with crappy players then is what you’re now striving to get now isn’t it?
        Speaks volume..
        Wenger wasn’t all perfect, neither will Emery be perfect, but at least Wenger gave us something to look forward to.
        Good luck playing defensive football against Mid table teams and Top teams while expecting to get into the UCL with it

  6. Jim wall says:

    Arsenal should have got defenders in January at least a rb and cb ,we would have had a chance of getting top 4,
    Emery said if we bought defenders in January we would be over loaded with defenders in the summer . . Bull shit….
    We should get rid of jenko..mustafi…kos…monreal…leicht….

    1. jamesbrowney says:

      ….. Defenders with what money and our wage bill being so high too. Thing is, people have to go for others to come in. Lich, Cech, Welbeck and Ramsey will leave on the free. Finding buyers for Elneny, Ozil, Jenkinson and Mustafi will be the real issue come summer.
      ….. Personally, I would rather we get deadly wingers and one right back in order for us to properly utilize our attack next season.

      1. Jim wall says:

        I meant getting a rb and cb on loan.
        And how would or wage bill be too high when we should be selling …letting go
        Cheq…leicht.mustafi…kos..monreal..Ramsey.. elneney..ozil..wellbeck…in the summer

  7. ThirdManJW says:

    I am not saying Pep isn’t a great manager, but when you have had the best squad of players in your respective league, and the most money to spend, at EVERY club you’ve been at, then I would argue it’s harder to NOT be successful!

    1. ozziegunner says:


  8. GB says:

    Just to brighten the sombre mood on here at present and all the bitching and baiting, it’s the 4000th day since spurs won anything!

    1. Sue says:

      Well that’s cheered me up no end GB ???

      1. GB says:

        If I’ve made just one person happy my job is done?


    Believe me when I say if you look at tactics and maturity in Gameplan you won’t doubt pep guardiola to be the best coach anytime
    Before he came man city always found it hard to beat Arsenal but that is not the case now it is like a common thing
    You said that he was backed in his respective clubs with money
    That’s true but he is a great coach that’s why he has been so successful just take a look at Bayern now and see what how they have fallen without a good coach.

  10. Jim wall says:

    Team next game please.
    Jenko kos mavro kolas
    Torre guddenz
    Lacaz Auba

    1. Declan says:

      I like it Jim, apart from Kolas.

  11. Babasola says:

    A day before the game I made the analysis that If Iwobi & Auba are not given strict instructions before playing Man City they would have a bad day

    U don’t dribble while playing them
    U don’t trying to run with the ball every time

    The whole Man City team are 11 Ball Winning Defender & 11 Attackers at the same time (just like Barca then)
    Guardiola’s tactics aims at possessing the ball for the whole 90 mins

    When u are with the ball, a crop of “Torreiras” will surround u, they’re going to win it back almost instantly

    But with quick one touches and one-twos, there’s a huge weakness to exploit in their tactics

  12. Dboy says:

    Evening News and The Sun reported that whoever becomes Manchester United’s next permanent boss will be given about £200 million to spend on signings at the end of the season. Emery will have £45m . In 2013 we were told that we could rival clubs such as Bayern Munich who use a self sustainable model, but to date there has been progress. We have made some terrible investments in the transfer market and that all because of Arsene Wenger. How people can Turn on Emery with the mess he has inherited is beyond my understanding. Most experts believe that he will need at least three transfer windows to get us competing again.

    1. ozzziegunner says:

      Dboy, the big question remains why did Arsenal leave Highbury and build the Emirates for again? Arsenal are now supposed to be competing with not only the top teams in the EPL, but also the top teams in Europe.
      What a total load of BS.

  13. Malaysian gunner says:

    .The problem is when you play MC or any other top team,you have to your tactics.
    Tactically its easy to play Arsenal. Let them have possession and pass all day.
    MU and other like teams have shown with a quick counter they can win.
    How did CP beat MC ? They don’t pass like Arsenal and build from the back.
    The thing is speed in the attack is crucial.If you keep passing ,as I have said a thousand
    Arabian night times, defenders can regroup.Thats why our 2 strikers did not have a sniff
    at goal.When they had the ball 2/3/4 Blues will quickly converge and the threat snuffed out.
    Mr Kun was unmarked and scored.
    That’s the difference.Furthermore Sterling had time and space to cross.
    Emery has to devise a plan to deny the dangermen time and space.

    1. Mobella says:

      That is exactly how the game played out. That was how we played against Cardiff too. Thank God their attackers are suck at scoring otherwise they would have being 3 to 4 goals up before we scored at all. And I keep hearing it is not the system that is wrong but personnel. It is in our nature as a fan to think our players are never and will never be good enough so we always look outside and when those outside players are here, it takes like 2 or more months to become part of the “ crap “ as some fans called them.

    2. GunnerJack says:

      MG. Yes Emery should have a plan to deny dangermen time and space – it’s called man marking (and used to good effect by such as Man U).

      I don’t know Emery’s view but Wenger was always terrified of making players RESPONSIBLE for their actions. So we played the feeble zonal marking where players mark patches of grass instead of players and so no one can be held responsible for anything. Do you think the poor pampered darlings will break down in tears if someone said to them after a match ‘Those 2 goals they scored were YOUR FREAKIN’ FAULT – GET YOURSELF SORTED OUT!’

      I’m absolutely sick to death of opposition wide players being given all the time in the world to make their moves, such as Sterling etc on Sunday. The defending here is absolutely CHILDISH! Bring back Lee Dixon to teach these pathetic amateurs how the game should be played. We’ve given Bould more than enough time and he’s proved to be useless. It’s now time for a proper defensive coach who actually knows the game.

  14. Eddie Hoyte says:

    James that word you used, fancy football, at Lea with fancy football we got into the top four for twenty straight years didn’t we? we won F.A cup thrice within four years with that fancy football you call it.
    That 8-1 loss, it stopped us from playing in the UCL the following season?
    Do you even get my point at all??
    Right now we are playing what? Uglyball? Pressingball? Emeryball?? How much of an improvement has it gotten us??
    ththe AME top four you folks cursed Wenger for and called names for achieving with crappy players then is what you’re now striving to get now isn’t it?
    Speaks volume..
    Wenger wasn’t all perfect, neither will Emery be perfect, but at least Wenger gave us something to look forward to.
    Good luck playing defensive football against Mid table teams and Top teams while expecting to get into the UCL with it

  15. Abbas says:

    It was a super cold day, our defence has been ravaged by injuries, we played an excellent team and we lost. Anyone calling for Emery to go after that performance needs a reality check.

    There were positives, Guendouzi played like he a man possessed. Strength, vision, positioning, work rate all on the big stage in a huge match. I’ve liked him since he arrived, but Sunday he showed real class IMO.
    Another positive was Mavraponas, I know only a small cameo appearance but he looked calm, strong and ready for more opportunities.
    Another positive, maybe not everyone will agree, Kolasinac as a winger. Nacho + Kola on the left could be a good combo, but they need time to work together. Kola was defending as a winger a lot more than Iwobi on the opposite side.

    I’m hoping Suarez can provide the width on the right going forward, but we need AMN back ASAP. I hope Suarez packs on a little muscle and learns how to battle a little more.

    1. GunnerJack says:

      Abbas – Yes Guendouzi was terrific and I really hope he keeps Xhaka out of the team. I see Xhaka was injured for the City match whereas I was hoping that Emery had finally realised he’s useless and dropped him. He could have then continued the good work and moved on to the equally useless Iwobi. As this was not the case it’s, well, back to the freakin’ drawing board.

  16. Grandad says:

    Well said Abbas although I do not share your views on Kolasinac and I find it difficult to understand the Managers rationale as far as Ozil is concerned.A back four of Bellerin,Holding, Mav and say Tierney(who is a terrific young player) would not have succumbed to Man City as easily as the back four selected by Emery on Sunday.Injuries have blighted the Manager’s options but apart from our glaring weaknesses in defence we have plenty of very talented midfielders and forwards who are wrongly being dragged off for the abject failings of the likes B&B of Lichsteiner and Mustafi.I am all for giving Emery time to get rid of our defensive dross but he should never be immune from criticism when it is justified.Ozil ought to have played on Sunday while Lichsteiner and Mustafi should not.

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