Man City can’t stop their players joining Arsenal if they demand it

There has been a few silly rumours lately saying that Pep Guardiola will not let any more Man City players join Arsenal, after the incredible success of Gabriel Jesus and Oleks Zinchenko since they joined up with Mikel Arteta during the summer.

But now Fabrizio Romano has revealed this morning on CaughtOffside that he has not heard of any such policy being confirmed within the City camp, and besides, it would have been impossible for them to block the summer departures as Jesus and Zinchenko as the players themselves had no desire to join any other club.

Romano stated: “I’m told nothing has been decided internally on this; but of course, after Gabriel and Zinchenko performances, it’s quite normal that they don’t want to keep selling players to the same club,”

“On the other hand, I think it was no mistake to sell them to Arsenal as they needed fresh money to invest on Haaland, Phillips, Akanji and Zinchenko/Gabriel only wanted to join Arsenal, so they had no other option.”

People seem to forget that the players have a big say in which club they want to join, especially as there contract is down to its final year. If you try and stop them from going to their chosen team you risk them refusing to leave and running down there contracts, or even worse, like Ronaldo, causing disruption to the squad on a daily basis.

So forget the rumours Mikel. Go and get a couple more Man City stars this summer!


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  1. What a pathetic thing to say, of course we can prevent our players from signing for Arsenal if we want and we’ve proved we can time and time again. We’ve prevented players from joining Man United in the past and Barcelona, what makes you think your club are any different. A bit of good luck this season too if the league and all of a sudden you think you’re gods, don’t make me laugh.

    1. Pathetic.
      What are you doing on an Arsenal fan site? I can’t be caught on a rival club fan site simply because your football club don’t mean shít to me.
      A bit of Goodluck?
      Arsenal have had to play without Partey, amd Zinchenko, and guess who’s lost just a game?
      City’s defense is as bad as Chelsea’s, you guys look awful whenever Haaland is not being given space. Managed to get a point against Newcastle, Robbed Fulham with a DeBruyne late time dive. Shamelessly loss to Brentford at home and you say Arsenal had to deal with a bit of good luck?
      To City? Arsenal will remain their gods, bring out the number of trophies. Third most successful club in England.
      Even with your rich oil money, you lot can’t even buy tradition or a proper fanbase.
      Just because the past ten years you guys have been on top, you suddenly think you can chat to the likes of Man United and Arsenal?
      You think you guys will dominate England forever or still dominate for the next 5 years with DeBruyne and co aging?
      LMAO, good thing you made me laugh

      1. @Eddie I’m Grateful for this response, and will continue to be.
        Form is Temporal Class is Permanent.
        City Blue won’t ever be able to buy the Class that is called Arsenal FC

    2. @Cotyblue- Fans of those club who runs on charity and blank chequebook and with Chequebook manager should not speak in the 1st place..
      Where were before that oil money…
      Even after spending 1 billion on players your Chequebook manager hasn’t won the UCL

    3. When we had an economist as our “head of footballing operations” we lost our average players to you, now with a proper coach you are losing your good players to us. What goes around, comes around. You guys losing to the Bees was it our luck?

    4. Damm all of a sudden City fans are panicking. Well done Arsenal keep doing a great job.Relax Man city this season belongs to Gunners

  2. And who are you by the way and what is your business here. The last time i checked this forum belong to Arsenal fans not manshity. oh very soon they will get rid of jack grealish and arsenal will sign him

    1. Jack Grealish is the last type of player we need. Totally inconsistent and spends half his time diving. Occasionally shows a touch of class but certainly not good enough for Arsenal.

  3. Who will arsenal sign among these players. Arsenal has been link with so many players but who will they sign, among them are N’golo kante, Facundo torres, Danilo santos, Marcus thuram, Youri tielemans, Mykhaylo mudryk etc

  4. A player would join any club of his choice in the right circumstances. If, for instance, a player has a year left of his contract, and the parent club Is desperate to sell so as avoid losing him on a free, can they dictate to him what club he cannot join?
    Or a club wants to sell a player they think they don’t need (as it was the case with City and the two players we got from them), could the club dictate to them what club they could join?
    All this talk about Man City not selling to Arsenal is, in my opinion, bullocks because it ignores the player-power factor in these decisions

  5. It depends on the player and the situation besides of the club.
    I am not sure why one would another club’s fan make a rude fuss about the topic on an Arsenal fan forum.
    No we are not gods, but there are no god clubs! The comment made was the pathetic one.

  6. It’s like cutting off your nose to spite your face.
    State own clubs with unlimited cash can and will delay a player moving to another club if they think it’s in their intrest, to disrupt the campaign of a rival.

    They sometimes trys to dictate that the said player will be only sold to a team in another country in some cases at a lower value, but that control can only be enforce up until to the end of the player contract in most cases six months to one year.

    But it will be interesting to see how Man City would react if Arsenal should go ahead and go for ilkay Gundogan in January a player that is expected to move on in the Summer.

      1. Mahrez is on a longer term contract and pretty comfortable, it is Gundogan that has a similar position to Jesus.was in.

  7. Of course a club can prevent a player from signing for certain other clubs, (if he/she is under contract) it’s ridiculous to think otherwise. As for cityblue (small c, small club) it’s just a troll.

  8. I don’t think City will make the same mistake we made with them of selling several important players at the same time… if he wants there isn’t much the club can do. moreover, it’s not just City that have players who can contribute greatly to Arsenal’s success.

  9. I have long thought that mostsocial media fans are reactionary and have not the inate ability to put their brain into gear before posting.

    The plethora of spiteful rants on this very thread saying that a City fan has no right to be on our site is ample proof of my thinking.
    As all who use their brains will perhaps recall, I believe in free speech for EVERYONE and therefore I condemn as brainless and spiteful nonsense, the many silly and childish posts on this depressing thread.


    And to be clear, it is obviously true that when a player is still under contract, though not otherwise, then the retaining club indeed CAN prevent him playing elsewhere.

    1. WOW! Ive heard it all now. Free speech from a person who doesn’t respect others opinion, calls people immature, childish and all sorts of put downs when jon fox doesn’t agree. You really are a piece of work.

      1. Freedom of speech would, or should, include the right to say things that others don’t like – otherwise how is it free speech? The right to say things that other people find acceptable is a pretty meaningless right, if you think about it.

  10. @jon fox, oh you are the mr wisest right. You are rude and have insult all the members of this great club with that your statement. I personally demand an apology.

  11. @Jon fox, you talking about freedom of speech. In as much as there should be freedom of speech it does not warrant a disrespect. Imagine someone coming to your house while discussing an issue with your family and started to disrespecting you because he think that he has the right to do so. Tell me how will you feel. You also said we should be matured, tell me have you ever been matured for once. You are always complainning of either gramma or wrong spelling or wrong use of words as if we are all from England and alway use of abusive words. I hardly comment and i have been following this forum for several years. I love Arsenal and i always derive joy being with Arsenal fans therefore let respect one another

  12. Freedom of speech should come with respect and consideration for the next person…..there is always a line to draw

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