Man City have no intention of “playing catch-up” with Arsenal this season “Full Steam Ahead”

Arsenal had a strong start to the 2022–23 season, dropping only three points by match day six. Man City, on the other hand, had dropped four points by match day six, with draws against Villa and Newcastle.

Fast forward to the 2023–24 season, and the Citizens are off to a good start, with four wins in four games. Meanwhile, Arsenal have already dropped two key points in a 2-2 draw with Fulham. Dropping two points is not encouraging for Arsenal, who are striving for their first title win in years after coming close last season but failing to win it.

It’s not wise to try to catch up to Manchester City, and it doesn’t help to hear Kyle Walker say in the MEN that all they want to do this season is lead all the way like they did in the 2017-18 season, when they won the league with 100 points and had a 19-point margin over second-placed Manchester United. They don’t appear to want to play catch-up as they did last season, when Arsenal dominated the Premier League title race for almost 248 days and had to battle them off at the end.

“I think it was important to get off to a good start. We are always playing catch-up,” said Walker of their bright start to the new season.

“I said that to the lads at the start of the season ‘why don’t we try and run away with it, like we did in the 2017-18 season’ rather than playing catch up or waiting for people to drop points? And we have got off to a good start, a 100 percent record in the Premier League.

“Now we go to the internationals, make sure we look after ourselves there, also perform well for our countries, and make sure that we hit the busy period full steam ahead.”

This season, Manchester City has made it known that they intend to capture their fourth consecutive Premier League title. Arsenal will have to be at their best to prevent that from occurring; they will have to battle until the very last second, as they did against Manchester United, to ensure the victory and be ready to capitalise on the Citizens’ mistakes.

Daniel O

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  1. I can see City looking to want to break Arsenal’s Invincible record and set a fourth-straight title record of theirs. I doubt anyone would deny their ability to achieve both given the way they have started things season

    1. Let’s remember that they were being held by Fulham until yet another Manchester VAR decision.
      Also, let’s not forget the CS result and the fact that we beat them.
      Bring them on I say, bring them on!!

  2. An odd use of language IMO. Naturally NO team would ever prefer to play “catch up” but would ALWAYS prefer to steam way ahead of the pack and extend that lead massively, if they can.

    That is SO OBVIOUS that it needs no stating.

    So WHAT is DANIEL trying to say about “catch up”?!

    It is just a meaningless phrase when applIed, not only to City, but to ANY team at all.


    Being chased means you are top of the league and ALL teams want that, NATURALLY. And Daniel states, in ridiculous fashion “its not wise to try to catch up to Manchester City”!,

    Oh no? What SHOULD we do then Daniel, just let them get further ahead?!

    I think you learn how to use English correctly, as I CANNOT BEGIN TO BELIEVE YOU ACTUALLY MEANT WHAT YOU WROTE HERE!!

  3. That’s some confidence he has I wonder how many of their players have that confidence. I’d like to say it’s nothing more than ego but the problem is they have every reason to be that confident. Playing catch-up hopefully might suit us as most PL winners come from being behind at some stage. I will say though that it doesn’t feel ideal to have every game as a must-win game. The first slips feel like they could be catastrophic, and it’s just started

  4. Jon

    i think you are a bit hard harsh on Dan. In any or at least in most sports there are always different strategies to be triumphent.

    An athlete or a team may decide to go all out from the start or can choose to just sit behind the ‘pacemaker’ & reserve energy. The strategy you choose will depend on the strengths or weaknesses of yourself or your rivals.

    Why that doesn’t make sense to you is mind boggling.

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