Man City humiliate Arsenal yet again – Where is the Pride?

In my EPL predictions post I asked if Arsenal had enough leaders to help our youngsters in the tough moments?

If we conceded an early goal at the Etihad, did we have the mentality to not fall apart?

Did we have enough characters to provide game management in those tricky periods.

All of those questions were rhetorical.

In reality most gooners knew the answer, because we see afternoons like the one in Manchester too many times.

Too many times where this is not acceptable, and we deserve answers.

Consider this ….

In our last 10 League fixtures with City, they opened the scoring in the opening 20 mins on 8 occasions.

8 out of 10 isn’t a coincidence.

Some of those Matches Arteta was in our dug out, other times he was Pep Guardiola’s assistant.

Enough times though to know the common pattern of this match and therefore plan a different approach.

That Saturday went the same way, and the fact that came as zero surprise to anyone, shows that either the coaching isn’t good enough or the players don’t have the capability of adapting – or both.

To just focus on why Kolasinac was starting (having been loaned to Schalke last season) or to make Xhaka a scapegoat due to his red card, would be not facing the reality of what is going on at the club.

Holding and Chambers knew that one of them had to marshal the back three and yet left it to each other to take responsibility.

After conceding our first goal, an Adams would have screamed, a Vieira would have pointed, a Henry would have shown disgust.

This version of Arsenal simply shrank into a shell, scared to press as the Champions scored again.

Forget ex-captains, we once had men …Campbell, Lauren, Touré, Pires, Ljungberg, Bergkamp, etc. Men who knew the standards required to wear the shirt and wouldn’t tolerate those standards not being met.

In the second half our manager ordered his 10 men to sit behind the ball, stay deep, watch the passes in front of them, and his striker not to close down above the halfway line.

In other words, we accepted, home fans were quiet because routing the Gunners is now common, while the away section resorted to ironic chanting.

As a club we now accept mediocrity.

If nothing else, I believe Arteta cares and speaks well.

Yet it was the Spaniard who promised that anyone who couldn’t follow his principles would not be welcome at Arsenal.

This wasn’t a one off.

Don’t get me wrong we had humiliations under Mr Wenger, but it never felt like this.

8-2 at Old Trafford, 6-3 at the Etihad, but at least we tried to attack.

Drubbings at Anfield – simply blown away.

Never like this, never with this regularity.

We had so many squads in the last decade where you could question the type of personality we were buying. Not like this, not this often.

Not where you could review our entire 23 player squad and argue we don’t have a single leader.

Believe it or not there is a way to lose 5-0 with pride. Norwich would have put more heart into getting thumped.

Don’t let anyone tell you that being down to 10 men made that second half acceptable.

The saddest part?

I’m quite sure a few of the more senior players were not part of the group who apologised to the travelling gooners.

Maybe readers can confirm that for me?

Anyone who still can’t see how backwards we have gone since Mr Wenger left; I simply don’t know how much more you need to see.

This is our worst start in the prem era.

Easily the worst mentality.

Apart from Tierney, not one leader


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  1. We can rant and rave all day long but we all know Arteta looks to be untouchable and will not be sacked. What’s hard to take is Pep talking Arteta up after the game, pep can say this and that about his buddy but in reality if Pep walked tomorrow Man city wouldn’t touch Arteta with a barge pole.

    1. Pep did the same last season when they humiliated us as well.
      He came out and said how Arteta is a fine manager that needs time and patience.

      1. I remember it Goonster and predicted he would do the same before today’s game, if I was Arteta I’d be embarrassed my former boss talking me up out of sympathy but Arteta will continue deluding himself that hes the man to take us forward 😶

    2. I wouldn’t say that Kev and as much as it pains me I have to agree with Jon Fox that the club must be looking for the replacement right now. And I too think he won’t be there come October.

      My gut feeling says we will be reading news of his sacking any day from now.

      1. HH I won’t hold out much hope as we all know how incompetent the Arsenal board are, I just feel we have blown a nice transfer kitty on a manager who is clearly out of depth and doesn’t really know what he’s doing. The club should have seen the warning signs in pre season but as always they fail to act.

  2. Where has it all gone wrong with out club?

    Wenger constantly got humiliated by the likes of City, Liverpool, Chelsea, United, Bayern, Barcelona etc..

    Emery too.

    Now Arteta is going the same way.

    Are we a cursed club?

    1. Goonster, why do you keep mentioning Wenger?
      What has he got to do with today… or UE come to that.

      At least with those two, we were never bottom of the league, never out of european football and never lower than sixth at the end of the season.

      Somehow, you can never make a statement about MA, without bringing others into defend him.
      I thought we were performing better against the big six since AW left and yet 7-0 against two of them, clearly shows we haven’t.

      1. Hear Hear Ken – as two of the older supporters it should be us constantly comparing things with the old days, but instead we keep having to refocus on the here and now.
        I can remember a time, back in the 70’s, when I didn’t have to tell people to stay in the present…

      2. 👍 👍 Arsenal may have had aberrations of the odd high score against, but throughout its history it had always been known, as a Club hard to beat until now.

      3. @Ken
        Because I say it as I see it.
        The humiliations started with wenger even if you constantly want to gloss over the whole thing.
        8-2 United
        6-3 City
        5-2’s Liverpool
        6-1 Chelsea
        5-2 Bayern / 10-3 on aggregate.
        Barcelona humiliations

        And it happened under Emery too.

        Now it’s happening under Arteta too.

        The difference between me and the likes of you is that I don’t do favouritism and fanboying. When an individual deserves praise I will praise them. If they don’t deserve praise I will not praise them. That’s me. All in context.
        You might just want to sugarcoat for certain preferred individuals of yours all the time but that’s you mate. I don’t deluded myself that way.

        I stopped doing individual fanboying in my early 20’s. Now I am a mature person that will call out ir praise any individual when they deserve it. Again, wenger is not some infallible human being that we have to keep venerating no matter what. He was the one that started this slide we are still on. Had more than 10 years to hold the Kroenkes accountable but just kept spewing propaganda for himself and the Kroenkes while earning £8 million a year to just about stay 4th.. Wenger went from challenging for The Title 2003-04 to brainwashing us all into believing that 4th place was like a TROPHY for more than 10 years.

        Don’t forget that even his “4th Place is Like a Trophy” tournament had come to an end when he finished 5th and 6th consecutively in his last 2 seasons. The trajectory was obvious.

        @ken. You never properly address this point. Wenger went from challenging and winning EPL titles between 1996-2004 to just about hanging on to 4th place ever since. The likes of City, Liverpool and Spurs got themselves together and finally pushed Wenger out of his 4th place comfort zone. Finished 5th in the 2016/17 season and then 6th in the 2017/18 season. The trajectory was so clear that even the old Stevie Wonder and Ray Charles could see it from a distance.

        So, you can keep propping up your only positive one sided Wenger propaganda and white-washing his glaring failures in order to keep his memories as pleasant as possible in your mind. You are entitled to do that but it will never work on some of us. We all went through the 25 years of wenger, there is no secret you know about Wenger that rest of us don’t have access to.

        Just refute my contention about later 2006-2018 wenger and I will own up where I am wrong.

        1. difference is 8-2- finished top 4
          6-3 – top 4
          6-1- top 4
          you get my point
          we were not finishing 8th and being bottom of the prem

    2. I echo Ken in also asking why do you still mention AW, after all this time?
      Yes, we have Bellerin, Elneny, Holding and worse of all, the appalling XHAKA as his inheritance. BUT his two successors have had plenty of time HAD THEY WISHED , to get rid of them but chose not to.

      After three plus years since he left, we need to move on to the present. After all, Herbert Chapman played a weakened team at Walsall when we lost in the cup in 1933. So, by the same token are our present problems still HIS fault!!??

      Do please live in the present, where we all need to live!

      1. I am just pointing out that there is something not right about the way we keep being humiliated by these scores no matter the manager in charge.
        I gave Arteta 2 seasons to show improvement, now he has clearly shown he is not good enough he has got to go before this season is also wasted.
        Pointing out Wenger, Emery and Arteta is me trying to ask a question. What is really going on at our club if we constantly keep being humiliated by these big scores against these Top clubs? It seems like it does not matter who is tye manager at the moment.

        Are we sticking with the wrong managers?

        It’s all about context. I can’t see Arteta’s team humilated 5-0 and it does not bring back memories of Wenger also getting theee humiliations. Emery getting the same humiliations.

        That’s why I am rhetorically asking “ARE WE CURSED?”

        1. Imagine we had a manager like Sir Alex Ferguson who would give out bollickings to any player underperforming. When was the last time we had a manager like that? Graham perhaps? Yes the manger must take the lions share of the problems we have but the players on their enormous salaries are simply too complacent, knowing that at Arsenal, mediocrity has become the new norm, expectations are low.

    3. i recognize when you mention AW, Goonster. Though past is the past, it is where the decline started, along with the introduction of Kroenke. It’s crazy to think that Arteta actually has okay results against top sides compared to Wenger’s latter years.

      1. The root of the problems is 2011/2012 transfer windows and I would attribute the mistake to Arsenal Board and not Wenger. The opening of the season, we were thrashed 8-2 by Man Utd after the board thinks it is funny not to get replacement after the sanction of Cesc, Nasri, Clichy sale.

        Firstly, it reflects how the board is fine with Arsenal being a mediocre team until they were hit by reality with Man Utd thrashing.
        Secondly, the thrashing led to panic buy of 5 players, which includes our now-manager Mikel Arteta as a direct replacement for Fabregas. Had we bought a proper replacement, we would not be stuck with Arteta now..

        Wenger’s fault? I dont think so. Many of AW’s seasons could have ended much worse than MA, comparing their transfer kitty and squad. Even in his last season, when he really seem to be out of his depth, he could still utilize the team much better than Arteta’s upgrade squad. And funny thing is Arsenal seems to be the only team ok if the replacement manager is performing worse than their predecessor, with fans backing the manager with “this is not their squad” nonsense. Look at Chelsea’s Thomas Tuchel. He immediately improves the performance while building his own squad.

        1. But why did Wenger have to stay for another 10 years. No one was forcing him to stay. He was in his comfort zone, no pressure to win anything while getting paid £7-8 millions a season.

          And i also mentioned Emery getting the same humiliations but it seems people ignored tha I mentioned it and made it into just me bashing Wenger.
          No one is defending Emery.

          There are people that were calling for Arteta to be hired are now blaming Kroenke for hiring him.

          I never understood the hype behind why many fellow gooners were asking for Arteta to be hired as our manager. But as always, I have given him 2 years like i do with any new player or manager here. But he has failed miserably.

    4. Good on you Goonster for having the fortitude to call a spade a spade…this club has failed to come to terms with the systemic negativity that inevitably formed when Wenger lowered his exceedingly high standards during the second “phase” of his reign…as such, we’re still trying to rekindle that which hasn’t existed since our move to the Emirates, yet we’re mistakenly trying to achieve this most difficult of tasks by using the far less effective organizational model of the post-Dein era…no wonder it’s never borne fruit…minus the sacrificial lamb phase of this troubling and disjointed transitional phase, when we tricked Emery into coaching a totally incompatible personnel group, yet gave him no say in the recruitment process, our real intention all along was to eventually hire on this poor man’s version of our former manager, in the hopes of finding another proverbial needle in the managerial haystack, which is why it’s so apropos that some have referred to our present manager as Mini-Arsene…square pegs in round holes, as per usual

  3. Arteta is going to get us relegated. I feel sorry for him but he should never have taken the job when clearly he was not ready. He should have waited until he has experience by starting managing small. I don’t think he is a bad person but sometimes a job make you appear so because of the decisions you have to make.

    He has to go but there are very few top managers available now. We should go for a significant improvement to Arteta not just another Arteta. Letting Emery go was a big mistake. He should have been the one to trust the process with.

    If we can’t get a top manager now in my opinion the great Arsene should return only for this season to steady this sinking ship until we get another manager after the season finish. Only he can save this season from completing the disaster which has already started.

    1. Hi HH

      Emery had lost the dressing room the results was getting worse
      And the performance was poor and sh!t loads of posters on here was crying out for he’s sacking.

      I would personally take wenger back in a heartbeat but again so many fans here would not contemplate this.

      Our about trying to get the Leeds manager ?? I like the idea of everyone attacking…

      1. Hi GD.

        I don’t think it is a bad idea to have Wenger temporary. With the current squad I think he can finish on the top 4.

        Would the Leeds manager be an improvement to Arteta?


          1. @Jon & reply to Ken post below

            It is fantasy alright but he won’t refuse because we are in bad shape and he loves the club.

            This squad is better than what we had in the Denilson era (I liked Denilson by the way) and Wenger will get the best out of them. We all know what Wenger is capable of when he is 100% focused on coaching.

            It is clear the club did not plan to replace Arteta this season with the transfer backing and all.

            They have to replace him with the current results but they are not prepared for it so they are bound to make another mistake again.

            Wenger can give them time until season end to identify a proper and capable successor.

            It will be the chance also of some fans to give Wenger the proper appreciation he deserve after having saved this season.

        2. At least Bielsa has a fantastic CV and is universally respected as a football manager and coach. However he doesn’t suffer fools, so would not get on with the current ownership/management at Arsenal.

      2. Dan – do you really think the Faithful wouldn’t want AW back? Especially now its come out that he took all the flak for senior mgt incompetances? Not that he’d necessarily take it mind you. I don’t know, just curious.

        1. I suppose with Ronaldo going back to manu there might be something in the Air, nostalgia!! Can you imagine the buzz of Wenger coming back, the media would be going crazy, at least
          There would be attacking football and there would be heart and a soul back at the club. At the moment we are all in the dark place (football wise)…

      3. Goal Dan, when Emery “lost the dressing room” he should have been supported by the Board and senior management in disciplining the recalcitrant players. For example Emery had benched Ozil after his antics in Baku, but was then forced to reinstate him. The German clique were supported against Emery and he was hung out to dry. It should be noted that when they tried the same thing with Arteta, he was supported by the Board to move players on.
        Similarly Arteta has been supported in the transfer market to get players that he wanted, whereas Emery had to coach the players provided to him.

  4. Yep… nothing new here unfortunately Dan.

    More of the same old same old, it’s just starting to become very apparent to some… that the club from owner to player is broken.

    There are only so many excuses you can hide behind..Wenger at the end of his tenure was masterful at excuses largely because he was under Kroenke and his enforced budget and because football had moved on..

    We are clueless and inept from owner down. Granted other managers could do better than MA as he should obviously stick to coaching and leave the managing to someone else.

    1. No. Now is a chance for everyone to see the great Arsene was a master tactician.

      He finished top 4 with lesser players than we have now and was never knocked out of CL group stage while he was losing key players every season+never ending injuries+he had to do with the likes of Denilson+referee and media bias+etc.

      1. Fully agree Arsene the man.
        His time was up but we should have got Allegri before Unai.
        Then not this ugly mess we are in.
        Like most of us probably on various groups people laughing at us.

  5. Pep is just being friendly with his buddy Arteta. He knows its free 6 poinrs every season so he doesn’t want any change.

    Who do you think Pep wants to face more, Arteta or Conte?

    And how do we ramp up the pressure on Arteta? Ramp up Twitter? Spam the web page? Tweet from Rwandan president might help.

  6. Where is the Pride, that seems to have left us years ago, even when we still had Arsene here, but we need to get a life and remember it is the Badge of Arsenal and the Colour of the club!!!!!!!!

  7. Do you remember Tomas Rosicky? That was pride! Pride in the badge, pride in the heart and a beautiful footballer.

    When TR7 left, so did the spirit of the club.

    1. Again this makes me laugh, he was injured loads of the time, and was criticised constantly for not defending, ask admin for historical posts and you would see this, the same with Cazorla, I remember vividly him being mentioned on this very site saying he can’t defend “he’s not a defender “ why is a deep playing play maker…
      We have short memories and rose tinted glasses…

      1. Off the beers mate. He wasn’t a deep lying play maker 🤣 What does being injured have to do with playing with pride? I think you are confused, you really aren’t making sense.

        1. Lol, I had pimms earlier, I was referring to Carzola as deep playing play maker, that’s what he reverted too, and the midfield was in a terrible state, regarding Rosicky strange choice to choose a player
          As an example of pride, passion etc.. and my point is we all remember players differently. At the moment we all seem to be criticising the players of today, but we done the same back then when rosicky played. Right back on the pimms 😁

  8. The next EPL game at the Emirates will be perfect to rebuild our players’ confidence

    Our midfielders must have the guts to make sharp turns in crowded spaces, otherwise their backpasses will pressurize our defenders

    And the defenders should train harder to deal with the opposition’s long crosses, otherwise Burnley and Chris Wood will eat them alive

    It’ll also help a lot if we have someone like Lukaku to hold off the opposition’s CBs and to receive the ball from our nervous midfield

    1. Just stop! There’s a huge difference between being positive and suffering from delusions.

      Fans like you are the problem! You’ve supported Arteta above Arsenal. You’ve supported Xhaka above Arsenal. Your loyalty is to your own ideals, not Arsenal!

      Everything you say supports mediocrity!

      1. I just posted my suggestions and no Gunner is bigger than Arsenal

        If I was defending Arteta, I would’ve posted some excuses. But I chose not to express my emotion, because it won’t solve anything

        1. Now I understand you better. Why express so much pains and frustrations when it wouldn’t lead anywhere. Ok

    2. Are you suggesting they have not been training harder or do you know what we don’t and if so who do you think is responsible for feeble training. Like I said you keep changing your opinion on what is responsible for our shambolic performance and deflecting the blame from the coach. Come next matches if the performance and results are the same what will you say then

  9. Xhaka has been a gutless phony since day 1. How no one at the club has not recognized this and dumped him accordingly speaks to our back room incompetence

  10. Our pride was lost when we lost 8-2 and didn’t sack the manager. The club is run by imbeciles and the board are spineless snakes that are only interested in the P&L

    1. We lost 8-2, but finished fourth with a GD of plus 25 – and you wanted to sack the manager?.
      Have a look at what happened pre season with Fabregas and Nasri.
      We never played like this under Wenger, so don’t pretend we did.

      1. Ken you are correct, we got a CL place so mission accomplished. Mr Wenger did go on to lose by some more embarrassing scorelines like the 6-0 against Chelsea. My point is we don’t have anyone in the board that is ruthless. Chelsea sacked Lampard even though they were 4th at the time because he was not good enough and loom at their results after he left. If Kroenke and his useless executives have convinced us that any position is great as long as we have European football then we really are on a downward spiral.

        1. Unlike that ruthless club, we never got banned from making any signings in the transfer window for breach of rules.

      2. Ken, every manager can be forgiven the odd flogging due to a “bad day at the Office” ; however Arsenal manages are normally not forgiven for losing 13 games in a season. Ask Terry Neil who lost 11.

  11. Chelsea is showing how you defend..
    They are doing hell of job in defending…
    They very well drilled by Tuchel
    That’s what coach does

  12. I know people don’t like to accept this but much of the culture being complained about now started under Wenger.
    Players like Holding, Chambers, Xhaka and Bellerin are part of his legacy.
    And it was under him that Arsenal began receiving the beatings. As several of our rivals got stronger Arsenal stagnated so some of what we are now seeing is sadly not surprising.
    The manager is an easy scapegoat but as an example neither of the first two goals today can be blamed on tactics. Chambers and Holding are 25 and 26 – do they really need the manager to teach them how to position themselves or attack a ball from a cross.

    1. But Arteta thinks Saliba isn’t ready while he plays Kola as a CB?

      Could Saliba be worse than Mari, Holding, or Chambers?

      The one not ready is clearly Arteta.

      1. Holding is good, Kola is ok, but Chambers is disaster. Weak, slow. Dont know why MA push Saliba away rudely and keep Chambers as one of first 11.

    2. Wenger left 4 years ago pal. In football that is eternity. You all should stop with this Wenger propaganda no one is buying it this season.

      A lot has changed since Wenger left so we should stop this Wenger culture BS.

    3. Wenger, Gazidis and Kroenke also decided to buy Lacazette and Aubameyang. Mislintat and Sanllehi brought Sokratis, Kolasinac and Pepe

      Whereas Arteta/ Edu sent Saliba away, signed Soares and bought White. Every decision maker at Arsenal has made bad decisions and they were/ are paid handsomely despite the costly mistakes

      If the fans want an instant result, unfortunately we have to follow Chelsea’s rapid turnovers in firing and hiring

      It’s not fair for the smaller clubs, it will make a big financial damage and I don’t think we have the budget to do something like that, but it will force everybody at Arsenal out of his comfort zone

    4. I agree with you David. I think with a fit Gabriel and White the defense would have been better. I haven’t written-off this season like many fans, and still think this team can fight back and climb the table to a decent position by the end of the season, injuries (The lack of them) permitting.

    5. With Wenger he would make these guys play at full throttle. dont compare Arsene to Arteta. Arteta not in Wengers class. I think its a cardinal sin. even when Wenger lost matches we played ball,believe me. not just be gutless. That 8-2 is ten time more heart than this garbage arteta have the guys playing. Anyone can watchit again andthey will see. Training is not live match day and I think arteta is playing 12 years old training to grown up men。 smh. Arteta need to go plain and simple. At the very least the season is overal ready. sack edu and arteta and at least give Henry the job. sound idiotic I know but it cant be worst than arteta garbage football. At least in my book Henry is a born winner.

    6. “Under him we started receiving the beatings?”

      How far back do you want to go David?

      Loughborough Town Away 1896?
      Lost 8-0… Our biggest ever defeat.

      That’s when the rot set in – yes as ludicrous a statement as blaming AW for the mistakes MA is making today.

      As for Holding and Chambers being to blame…. who got the blame for our Wembley cup final defeat against Birmingham?
      Or the semi final defeat against AM as examples?

      That’s right, it was AW!!!

  13. The saddest feature of this match to me was the fact that Man City did not have to be particularly creative to hammer us.Four of the five goals can be attributed to individual errors which highlight our lack of quality defenders and a goalkeeper who does not inspire confidence.What annoyed me most however, was the fact that Arteta chose to line up against a possession based side with only one ponderous central midfielder.Neither Odegaard nor ESR are adept in such a role and yet the Manager ,in his wisdom, decided not to start with Sambi and Elneny who are regulars in CM .Why he chose to do this is beyond me and with the loss of such a soft early goal we were chasing shadows thereafter.The absence of White,Gabriel and Partey undoubtedly had an impact on our performance but basically we were pathetic a word which also applied to the Manager.If Arteta and Edu are still employed by Arsenal after the international break they should consider themselves extremely fortunate as in terms of recruitment and tactics they have been found wanting.

    1. It not about lack qualies in the defenders or the players, it lack of quality in our overall approach to the game. Our we marking properly, are closing down opposition and are we defending properly. You don’t need WC players or huge quality players to be able to do these, you just need coach instructions. I watched last week how Chelsea players nullified Pepe by closing him down quickly by crowded him. Man city did the same today. Arteta way of playing is exposing our players.

  14. Just watched the Liverpool-Chelsea game, different class, we shouldn’t be in the same division as them and probably won’t next season!

    1. What you watched was 2 EXPERIENCED managers who clearly convey their tactics to their players.

      Tuchel also showed how to adapt after the red card despite being down a man.

      Some will cite the difference in player quality, completely ignoring the huge gap in manager quality.

      Arteta’s ego convinced him he was ready, and it’s that same ego convincing him to stay.

      Emperor’s new clothes come to mind.

        1. David,
          Did I say that anywhere in my comment? I said the difference in class between the coaches is gigantic.

          Lampard couldn’t do anything at Chelsea, Tuchel got top 4 and won CL with the SAME PLAYERS.

          Wenger and Emery finished higher with “deadwood” Arteta is shipping out or selling.

          Presently Arteta is a failure and drowning. Perhaps in the future after managing in a lesser league he MAY be a good coach.

          But his answer always is “buy more players” rather than coaching up current players.

    2. Has arteta no respect for the club or even himself. He manages the worst arsenal team in living memory and he doesn’t have the bollocks to resign and give the club time during the break to get a replacement. Just my honest opinion but if you are still supporting arteta you either
      1. Deluded
      2. Not really a fan
      3. Really really thick
      Sorry to upset anyone but ffs enough is enough

      1. I disagree and I feel that Arteta can still come good.
        I am an Arsenal supporter. And I am well within my right to have a different opinion.
        Having said that I know that there is every chance that Arteta will be hounded until he leaves as that is the way things often work in football whether right or wrong.

  15. The Kroenke’s should have sacked MA last season and brought a new manager in this season. All they have done is allow MA to waste another £130m when a new manager would have done it properly!

    No way can they get a manager to turn it round now with only 3 days to go in the transfer market.

    MA said that he would change the squad. He didn’t. In fact he gave a new contract to Xhaka (who himself wanted to leave) and still has the likes of AMN, Elneny, Sores, Willian, Kolasinac, Bellerin and many more.

    He brought in more youngsters. Great, but not for the immediate future. We need to turn things round quickly.

    It’s blindingly obvious that Chambers and Holding are average. But MA tactics and setup were all wrong today.

    The players look tired and uninterested. Lazy, lazy lazy. Not tracking and not closing down. An issue that seems to be an ongoing thing and never sorted. Most of these players are not responding to MA. MA is certainly not able to get them to work or believe. They look like a team who have been together for a few days. And I mean all eleven on the pitch. Which is not surprising considering MA changes the formation every week. MA still has no idea what formation or system to use after 18 months!

    This is not getting any better and a new manager should have been with us since the end of last season.

  16. Remember when a bunch of fans wanted Tuchel desperately and the usual MA fans here(we all know who they are) just said give him time we don’t need a different manager 🤣

    And they the first to say, “who would you replace Arteta with now”. You cant make this stuff up

  17. Has arteta no respect for the club or even himself. He manages the worst arsenal team in living memory and he doesn’t have the bollocks to resign and give the club time during the break to get a replacement. Just my honest opinion but if you are still supporting arteta you either
    1. Deluded
    2. Not really a fan
    3. Really really thick
    Sorry to upset anyone but ffs enough is enough

  18. where is our pride ?. well now, in my opinion, our pride was coached out of our players by wenger.and all you wenger supporters can take a hike, i dont care who i am offending. wenger just coached the shite out of every player he got his hands on. and, until the last wenger player leaves our club that culture will remain until that day comes. but the beautiful thing about it is that day is slowly coming.and lots of people on here honestly think wenger is coming back , hahahahahahaha.

    1. Kind of surprising comment Gerry. If anything the complaint regarding AW’s last days was that he WASN’T coaching them ENOUGH, at least tactically.

      1. guy, you sum it up perfectly.
        With AW being blamed for coaching too much / not coaching enough etc etc, four years after he left, when today’s game was about MA’s decisions.
        Anyone would think our club is the only one with injured players, who suffered from coronavirus, bought players for more than they were worth, sold players on the cheap and finished in the top four twenty years on the trot….. hang on though, that last example actually happened.
        As for wanting AW back, I do believe I have only seen one post suggesting that and I’m certain the great man has made it perfectly clear that he won’t return due to certain fans who disrespected him personally and with such contempt.

        1. Ken, the one point I will agree on with criticism of the great Arsene Wenger was that he didn’t like confrontation or tough talking in the dressing room. It all became too comfortable and “nice”. Examples are in the past when Keown and Adams apparently grabbed Parlour by the throat prior to a game against Spurs and told him “we don’t lose to this lot”. Wenger did not tolerate such behaviour. Similarly Steve Bould got into players after some bad defending and was told by Wenger to tone it down, probably the reason he went back to chewing gum. Can you imagine what Adams and Keown, let alone George Graham would be saying after the performances seen in the first 3 games of this season?

  19. We now have a couple of weeks break so it’s an ideal time for a change … fans should boycott the game if arteta is still in place for next game … there is now pride in this club just a prejudice against quality football … I think most serious people understood that the xhaka transfer affair was an indication of a club that had lost its way … anyone who think our current crop is better than torreira is utterly delusional begining with arteta … enough is enough

    1. I was about to agree with you then RW, until you started bringing your own named heroes and villains into your comment. Such ideas work far better without names – just allows each fan to make their own minds up which if any individual players are indicative of our fall.

  20. I’ve got a bad feeling about this season
    When you are at the bottom you need fighters to get out of the mess , there ain’t no fighters at arsenal.

  21. Yeah it was always better under Wenger, remember that game at Stamford Bridge, wasn’t it Wenger’s 1,000 game or something like that.

    Oh yes our players really put it in for him that day, what was it Pat, 6-0, the good old days eh?

    1. Funny how you remember those days – what about the cup final when Mertesaker showed how the players played for the manager?
      A masterclass in outhinking, outplaying and outcoaching even in his penultimate season…. yet you choose to remember the drubbing by our neighbours? Jeez we have some wonderful “supporters” of the club.

      1. Mertesacher, for all his faults, gave one of the great individual performances for Arsenal in that game, after not playing for some time.

  22. IMHO we will not get real leaders on the pitch without first having a real leader at the top.

    A real leader sets targets, standards of behavior, leads by example and holds others accountable. It starts at the top.

    Our last leader of football operations was Raul Sanllehi, who left under mysterious circumstances over a year ago. It is now crystal clear to everyone that we are paying the price of not recruiting a full time replacement.

    I am 100% sure that a fully engaged and competent leader of football operations would have, at least, prevented or reduced the deluge of blunders currently being made by Arteta and Edu.

    On the positive, there are a few good candidates available now. Ex-player, Marc Overmars, for example, would be a good choice. We will only be able to trust the process when we start to hire good people.

  23. Oh there is no pride when you see people claiming to be supporting club for 50+ years are hell bent on defending this shxt and calling people with pride and sense of success as moaners and barking dogs. I said this some time back that the sort of looser mentality that exists in Arsenal fans is no where to be found in any other big clubs of Europe.

  24. Careless owner! Spineless board!! Patient fanbase!!!
    Wenger should have left after winning FA Cup & finishing 5th.
    Emery should have been sacked after a bad run to league end & the Baku embarrassement.
    Arteta should have been sacked before last Xmas.
    If this guy continues we should change our target for the season to 40 points to beat relegation.

    1. Now there’s a post that I can agree with 90%.
      We had to see if MA’s signings were going to work and they haven’t.
      Mind you, if he played them it might help.

      1. LOL Ken – I honestly suspected this would happen. Another of many Arteta annoying habits (and I must admit the more I think of, the angrier I get with him, but me as well for not crying “enough” sooner) is that anybody new is “selectively” if at all, played for the first couple of months, as if they’re not ready, or match fit, or have to wait because someone else much worse has the jersey, or perhaps they have a sprained finger and he doesnt want to risk them for a month. He treats new players like rare chocolates, wraps them up and hoardes them for a rainy day.
        I mean today – Cedric not Tavares, Leno not Ramsdale, Xhaka not Sambi, Kolasinac not…anybody else. I swear he would have played Willian if he could.
        He was poor before, but I think he’s gone over the edge now Ken and lost it for good. Aargh!

  25. I thought our performance against Chelsea was bad, but there is only one word for our game today – gutless. Dan, you’re right, not a single leader in our team nor our club, rudderless, hopeless!!!

  26. I looked at this team from last season and said the only one that is capable of being captain and seem like a leader is Tierney. But if is only Tierney we can single out as a leader look how far we have fall. In Grahams Arsenal 6 or 7 players could be captain, and in Wenger early days the same. Bergkamp,Viera,Gilberto,Pires,Ljunberg,Campbell,Toure,Lauren,Adam’s,Keown could captain Arsenal. in Wenger later days 4 or 5 could be captain. Even Denilson look like a great compare to our so called fantastic stand in skipper the great Granit Xhaka. Look how the mighty have fallen.

  27. If arteta is hurted by player injury then let our u-23 undertake arsenal game and let the senior player look from bench. So we know we are playing with u23.

  28. Last December,MA was struggling.In restropect,he shd have been fired.Believe me,this will be another wasted season with the gunners falling further behind the elite
    Arsenal,a premium brand has been in steep decline the last ten years.No club has a divine right
    not to be relegated.

  29. We can’t post enough positive or negative here as fans.
    The fact that we spent more than any other club and did not buy one single player that could actually make the starting 11 of any of the top 4 clubs is mind boggling !!!
    WTF !!!
    Fire the entire group and cut your losses. Play the remainder of this year and try to not get relegated while you ship out as much dead wood as possible and all the funds we save get reinvested next summer into world class players and manager
    We have been trying the last 5 seasons to piece meal this
    shit group of players and managers and IT IS NOT WORKING !!!!
    Get Someone at next summer and 3-4 top players no matter what the cost to rebuild.
    This rebuilding process with a rookie who believes is already Guardiola is messed up. Edu needs to go Vinai needs to get to the unemployment line.

  30. If Arsenal cant even beat Norwich and the so called small teams ,it shows how deep the rot has set in.THe Cup has since gone and feel good factor has evaporated
    MA has been proven to be a rookie. Arsenal were going through a bad ,winless run last yearbut MA managed to escape the axe.
    This time I believe h e could be axed after Tuesday. The 5-0 loss was earth shattering

  31. Arsenal fans chanting “we lose every week, you’re nothing special” is the lowest of lows. This is the sorry state of our beloved club. We need another plane to fly a barner over the Emirate next game.

  32. Agree with goonster.Arsenal are a premium brand that has been declining the last ten to ffifteen years.The regular heavy defeats by the big teams indicate the gap is getting wider .
    If the gunners cant stop the decay,sponsors aint going to support a losing team
    I believe if the gunners cant defeat Norwich,he will have to go.Arsenal are slowly becoming not attractive to top managers

  33. Read Abu might be sold.If they dont get a striker after our chief forward leaves it could be a calamit
    y.With Willock sold and Neketiah about to go,we have only Martinelli and Lacazette.
    There is no guarantee could be stuck in a relegation scrap.Dont forget Mu were once relegated .
    Arsenal are not immune either.Hopefully the gunners can turn the tide

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