Man City insider admits fear that young star will force Arsenal move

Jadon Sancho is claimed to be keen on a switch to Arsenal this summer, with a Manchester City insider admitting the club is scared he will force a move to us.

The Gunners have always been known as a top side that can promote youth players into the first-team squad, with Cesc Fabregas, Hector Bellerin and Alex Iwobi the most recent noteworthy players to forge themselves into the first-team from the youth ranks.

We may well get the opportunity to bring one of the Premier League’s brightest talents into our ranks ahead of the new season, with Sancho having so far refused to sign a professional contract with the Etihad club.

A Man City insider has revealed that he fears the worst about the future of Jadon, who is currently the club’s brightest prospect, with the youngster looking up to Gunners’ superstar Alexis Sanchez.

An Etihad source said: “The club is worried Arsenal are frontrunners for Jadon as he has a soft spot for them.

“His family think he might get a quicker path to first-team action at either Arsenal or Spurs.

“One of his heroes is ironically Alexis Sanchez.

“It’s proving difficult to get him to sign his first professional contract here.

“He is a top player, one of, if not the best in the youth system.

“It’s not about the money for him at all.”

The 17 year-old is speculated to be available for around £4 Million in compensation, although the two clubs may be able to thrash out an agreed fee, which admittedly is a rare occurrence.

Are we the best club to come to in search of breaking through from youth to senior football?

Pat J

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  1. gotanidea says:

    It’s good if Sancho wants to follow Sanchez’s and Messi’s football style. He can improve a lot if playing alongside players like Sanchez or Messi.

    Arsenal used to be a good club for young players that are in search of breaking through from youth to senior football. But now it’s more difficult for the youngsters to break through, since Wenger is looking for instant result in this season. Unless the youngsters have exceptional talent like Iwobi and Bellerin.

    1. sniper says:

      haha exceptional talent like Iwobi and bellerin,Sancho is a high profile young star and difenitely better than Iwobi, Iwobi never scored even 10 EPL goal so far I even feel his involvement made us lose top four,he his not arsenal arsenal standard wait and see us getting problems off loading him in future, being jj cousin doesn’t
      give you talent, Wenger Even realized and benched him in later stages of the season

      1. jeff says:

        Iwobi is not as bad as you make him out to be.. he definitly has talent. We cannot blame a youngster for bad results when we have players like Özil and Sanchez who should lead the team.

      2. P says:

        Young player’s form often goes up & down. We fans are the first to make them out to be the next great player, then after one bad game we say they’re not up to the standard and should be sold. You don’t get it both ways, if we behaved like Chelsea we couldn’t bring through Adams, Cesc, Bellerin to name a few.

      3. Eddy Hoyte says:

        do you have sense at all? Iwobi is among one of the top 3 youngsters at Arsenal… Stop the sentiment. you are picking Iwobi as to why we lost top 4 while your so called WC in Sanchez n Ozil won the EPL for us? Some people can be so dumb

      4. Jean says:

        I doubt you watched any iwobi games for arsenal last season smh

  2. wilshegz says:

    why haven’t we launched a bid for a quality CB yet… we have just one consistently reliable CB in Kosc and he is already 32, n getting injured often.

  3. Alphie_Izzett says:

    Allegedly Sancho has declined to sign a £30kpw, 3 year pro contract at City, which would have exceeded that given to Adarabioyo their highly regarded 19 year old CH who played in three games for City in the USA (ICC Trophy) pre-season games.

    City have 3 highly rated 17/18 year olds said to be likely to join the full squad this comng season. Foden and Diaz are the others. Both went on the USA trip, and also played some part in all three games with Foden MoM for City in the losing to ManU and Diaz scoring in both of the other games (v Real Madrid and v Spurs). Sancho would have been on that plane to the States but Guardiola seems to have bumped him from his plans when the lad stated publicly that he wanted to leave the club this summer.

    Claiming that working with Sanchez (who as we know is disaffected and wishes to go to City) as a reason for leaving seems disingenuous, and it appears to me that there are other forces at work here. Stiill, at £4m compensation there wouldn’t appear to be ia great deal to lose, but at £30kpw over 3 years with on costs that amounts to a total of more than £9m so it’s not small change.

    The last City academy player to pull this stunt was Sturridge and I very much doubt if City have regretted that much, he seems a big headed selfish egotist and has consistently failed to deliver on the talent and promise. Reminds me of Jerome Pennant, currently pulling up trees at Billericay Town FC! That’s young talent for you. For every Messi or Neymar there’s a regiment of “what might have beens”.

    1. nero says:

      you make some sense
      but on sturidge you make no sense…during the time of SRS sturridge was a terror, hes only been blighted by injuries

    2. kev says:

      Ths fact that a player has bad attitude doesn’tcmean he won’t make it.I can cite many examples who are even world class players.Jadon Sancho can make it and I think under Arsene’s guidance he can help him grow better.People mostly think the club can’t affect a player’s attitude and has no impact on a player’s attitude which is untrue.I think Van Persie had a very bsd attitude as a youngster but it becsme far better as time went on.Sturridge has only been blighted byvinjuries but his like Wilshere his talent and potential is world class not normal.It’s never been an issue of attitude with him.

  4. Tublu says:

    As a city can I’d honestly say you’re welcome to him, attitude stinks, throwing toys out of the pram because others are chosen ahead of him. This kid hasn’t got the beans to make it to the top. Can see him at a Fulham or QPR in 5 years

  5. Alphie_Izzett says:

    Yes Nero, he did, I don’t disagree.

    In bringing Sturridge into the frame I am looking at his full career, not his ability or why he hasn’t delivered on the promise. The period you refer to was short when taken in the context of where he is now age 27 and I would also add that even I’d look pretty useful playing alongside Luis Suarez!

    89 appearances in 4 years for the Scousers doesn’t add up to an invaluable player and many of them think that at 27 he’s pretty much washed up.

    Now what about Pennant?

    Now what

  6. kev says:

    JUST IN:I had reported some weeks back that Jadon Sancho verbally agreed to join Arsenal and that he was set to sign.Howevr,within that time Dortmund try to hijack using Ousmane Dembele as an example of why they can help him develop his career.The likes of Man Utd,RP Leipzig and Tottenham have all tried but to no fruition.The teenager is a fan of Wrnger and Alexis Sanchez.The news coming in is that he will sign for Arsenal next week subject to a medical.He has returned back to London and has decided not to train again with Man City though still a City player.He wants to be released so he can sign without the club having to pay a compensation.He rejected a contract worth £30,000a week.

    1. kev says:

      For those of you who don’t really know him.I can tell you that he’s a level above all the Man City talents in the U18 and U23.Arsenal fans will thank Wenger one day for making this signing.He’s regarded by many as the best 17 year old in the country.
      Strengths:dribbling,technique,flair,cutting edge,finishing
      Weaknesses:over confidence, occasionally one dimensional,attitude

      1. Percy Piinquin says:

        Only problem is he comes with big attitude problems.A bit like Harry Enfields Kevin but 4 years older.

      2. Alphie_Izzett says:

        Can’t agree Kev – wishful thinking if you think he is a level above the rest of the City U18-U23. That would make him a better player than Sterling, Douglas Luiz, Aleix Garcia, Moreno, Patrick Roberts, Sane and Gabriel Jesus (all 18-23). He is certainly up there in terms of potential, pace, touch and the willingness to take on defenders and beat them, but when against more savvy defenders he tends to end up in blind alleys due to suspect decision making under presssure.

        In many ways he reminds me of Raheem Sterling when he first came through at ‘Pool as a 17 year old, but he has a long way to go and needs a lot of successful, quality development to get to Sterling’s level, and Sterling isn’t a world beater by some distance, yet, if ever.

        Of the 3 top Man City U18’s, and I see a lot of Academy Football, I’d put Brahim Diaz (CMF) top by a country mile in terms of natural and technical ability. His decision making is years ahead of his peer group and his ability to protect the ball and treasure possession, then find a killer pass is exceptional. He is an acrchetypal Spanish attacking midfielder, but few of that type of player excels in the hothouse PL, and those who do, or would if they had the opportunity, are exceptional players; think Andres Iniesta, Zavi Fernandez, David Silva,players worth their weight in gold.

        Phil Foden is one I’d really want if I was talent spotting another clubs Academy, and I’d put him well ahead of Sancho; he is a DMF with all of the attributes. He plays head up, great passing game, great engine, and is a terrier unafraid of anything; he’s made for the PL.

        Some of the youngsters already in the Arsenal Academy are at least as promising as Sancho,but standards here are not as high as at City or CFC these days. Sure some decent players have come through but that has been in the shadow cast by Wenger’s 1st Team squad buying policy. The buying needs to be of much higher quality players so that the Arsenal youngsters have as much trouble getting past the incumbents as in the case at those two clubs. A Messi, Iniesta, Ronaldo or Mbappe would convince a Conte or a Guardiola to take them from the Academy into the first team squad early, but you need a lot of young players showing that degree of ability at 15/16 to enable it to happen. City and Chelsea are doing that in their world wide recruitment and are cashing in on the ones who don’t quite make it. It’s simple commerce and it’s inevitable that sooner or later they will hit the jackpot.

  7. ruelando says:

    He is a talent, would be nice if he signs for arsenal, i see Wenger adding him to the squad immediately, the thing i like about Sancho is the fact that he takes on Defenders.

    There are a lot of young players who are arrogant with their talents, some fell by the wayside because they could not control self over the hype, but if they have good family, managers and agent that keeps them grounded, greatness is possible.

    The young stars Pennant and Bendtner did not have the right management behind him, therefore their hype over took their need for success and hard work.

    Sancho if he joins i hope will have a good family and management behind him to plot his way to success

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