Man City keen on poaching Arsenal star?

Clubs can’t keep their eyes of Bellerin!

Just when Arsenal thought they had shaken off the interest from other clubs in trying to sign Hector Bellerin, it seems that there is still plenty more to do if The Gunners are to hang on to one of the club’s most promising players.

Hector Bellerin was being touted as a possible replacement for the outgoing Dani Alves in Barcelona’s team. Barcelona were interested in making an offer to Arsenal and Bellerin, who would therefore return to the club where it all began for the Spaniard. Bellerin however has previously shrugged off such interest and stated that he was fully committed to staying with Arsenal, where he has become arguably one of the fan favourites.

Arsenal therefore may remain content that they won’t be losing Bellerin to Barcelona anytime soon, but could Manchester City now be keen on signing the 21 year old? According to the Daily Star, Manchester City are interested in reinforcing their back line and new boss Pep Guardiola has identified Bellerin as a potential incomer.

Man City are supposedly looking to replace right back Pablo Zabaleta, however the Manchester club still has former Arsenal man Bacary Sagna and so it would seem strange for Bellerin to go to a side where there is already a consistent player in his position. Even aside from that I still have every confidence that Bellerin wouldn’t go the way that many former players have in recent years, by joining Manchester City from Arsenal, because he seems to be fully committed to the club and wants to bring home major honours with the Gunners.

Arsenal fans will surely have to put up with these kind of rumours all summer, with some of Europe’s biggest clubs turning their attention to our stars. However, I believe that with Arsenal no longer needing to sell in order to re-invest in the transfer market, then there is no fear of losing Bellerin or anyone else for that matter, unless they truly want out of the club.


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  1. as iv said before we need to insert a 100-million-pound release-clause to fend off teams like city and Barcelona from Baellerin

    1. Better off without a release clause. That way you set the price and you tell whoever they are to go and do one. It is never a good sign if a player asks for a buy out clause. The only reason Portugal and others have large buy out clauses is because they want to sell their players for large fees.

      1. with the 100m clause no team ll look at Bellerin twice.
        it’s 100m not 10m, it ll take a Bale-Iike record breaking transfer for a footballer and player to sell him.
        trust me,Not even PSG or the Chinese are that crazy for a defender.

  2. Never gonna happen
    Ot, admin can you please put a ban on unrealistic targets like higuain, aubamayeng, Lewandowski, griezman. It’s like some of these fans have just begun supporting arsenal, no way in hell are we signing any of these guys.

  3. Aside the fact that i think is all Rumours

    I just Hate (sorry to use the word “Hate”) all those so called big teams….they just wanna poach on every team’s good players

    Barca, R.mad, Bayern, citeh…..Annoying set of teams

  4. 1. Bellerin Rumor: Players move. I get that. But I just don’t like transfers to direct rivals such as between big clubs in the same league. That always stinks.

    2. England Lineup: Rumors suggest Sturridge will replace Kane in England’s next match. That is fine – Kane looks exhausted – but the real problem is Sterling. He has been terrible.

    In fact, Sterling has produced a only small handful of decent performances over the past year and a half. Even Walcott would be a better option at this point.

    If Sterling starts there is something really wrong with Roy.

  5. Bellerin would have to be the most expensive signing of all times, inflation taken into consideration, if he was to be sold to Manchester City with me in charge of transfers. We are no longer a selling club, so no first team player should be sold if he’s not obsolete, or being sold for more than double/triple his normal value.

  6. It’ll be very naive of Pep and city if they think they can poach an Arsenal player who is under contract in this moment right now. In the past it was our decision, so it suited both parties. If Bellerin and ourselves have stood firm with Barcelona interest well how on earth do city think they can come in and bully us. Maybe they are testing the waters just to see how likely it would be for Bellerin to kick up a fuss and demand the move, even then it wont likely work unless he bought out his own contract. I’m sure financially speaking it would benefit Bellerin a great deal to buy his own contract out, he’d receive a massive signing on fee and would become one of the most highly paid fullbacks in the game. But this is not everything for players which I’m happy to see. If it was, well then the PL would be played in China.

    I replied up top saying that we’re better off without a release clause. If a player buys his own contract out does that mean he has to pay up on any release clause if he has one. If this is the case well then I was maybe wrong and Wilshegz could have a point.

  7. Yes, it’s true that Arsenal fc don’t need to sell players to pay off debts, anymore, but that doesn’t mean that they are not in it for the money! ? If a good offer comes in for any of our star players, you can be sure that Arsenal will sell, in the blink of an eye… Wait and see. ?

    1. Fatboy, do you mind if I ask, what was it about the comment from just above that you didn’t agree with?.

      1. The first sentence lol ? and then I couldn’t be bothered to read the rest… Sorry mate, but at least I didn’t thumb you down for being Trevor. ?

        Money talks and if anything, it was your beliefs that were naive!
        For example: if Man City were to offer Arsenal £50 million for Bellerin, are you telling me that Wenger wouldn’t sell him? .. So how are City being naive if they have the money to buy the players that they want?

        As for me, I’m not too bothered about being thumbed down, like some fan’s, who exactly want to do a survey about it ? everyone is entitled to their own opinions, as long as they have them and don’t just follow the Lemmings crowd. ??

        1. Fatboy, that doesn’t make any sense. Because if it did, well then Bellerin would be a city player. Pep certainly wants him there, money is of no consequence to city, and you think Arsenal would dare sell him for the right price. This adds up to Bellerin being an manc player before this window is out. I can tell you one hundred percent that this will not happen. I have no doubt whatsoever that Bellerin will never play for city unless a fabregas situation happens. We will not be doing business with that club for this player. Frankly, I don’t know how you think this could happen. The past was explainable, this will not happen I can assure you.

          1. I hope not, as no one wants to lose their best player’s,
            these are only rumours, For now, so there’s no point in worring about it, until City officially put an offer in.

            Don’t forget that We have seen them in the past, how they have no problems with throwing £50 million at a player or two.

  8. I dont know whether Arsene is doing any transfer business at the very moment maybe rather involved in the European championships. Arsenal need to know that Pep is different from other Man city managers who were good but not to his standards it important for Arsenal to keep him away from Arsenal players because of Dortmund record but in this league he knows every team has money to barge big teams away from their players.

    1. I have a feeling Arsene might have heard of Pep, and be aware of his record in buying players.

      Just in case he hasn’t, I’ll drop him an email tonight.

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