Man City legend tells Arsenal the title could be won by a “razor-thin margin”

Arsenal will be in an uncomfortable position until the last matchday of the season when they face Wolves, and this is if Sergio Kun Aguero’s claims are to be taken seriously.

As per the Manchester City legend, Arsenal are still at risk of losing the Premier League title race to not only Man City but also to Man United and Newcastle. “As things stand, it’s going to either Arsenal, City or United,” said Kun Aguero in an interview with

“Newcastle can’t be discounted either; they played a great first half of the tournament.”

About Man City’s inconsistency this season, Kun dismissed those claiming they are not “clicking,” saying, “I wouldn’t go [as far as to say] that Man City aren’t clicking. The Premier League is the most competitive league there is, and it’s perfectly normal to see the top contenders get reinforcements and go back to their historical standards.

“City have won four out of the five last Premier Leagues. They’re still in the fight, and that needs to be recognised. Prowling from the second position, ready to strike—anything can happen.”

Lastly, the legendary PL striker hinted at why Arteta may have sleepless nights until he gets his hands on the PL title, claiming, “We can’t forget how our races with Liverpool over the last few years were decided by a razor-thin margin. City’s experience on this will play a big part.

“As the leader, you can’t shake off the feeling that there’s a rival hot on your track, catching up to you.”

There is no doubt that this season has been a nail-biter right from the start , but we are still hanging in there…


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  1. “Could” being the operative word.

    It could also be won by 10 points.

    And of course, Senor Aguero is a City man, so… we can all work out what that means for ourselves.

    He’s right that it isn’t won though (by anyone) – however I’m not sure I can see Newcastle or Man Utd winning it. That would need *both* Arsenal and City to have a poor second half of the season – one of them, maybe, both… very unlikely.

  2. We don’t know. What we do know is City are beatable. How will they make the points up? We have every chance of beating or even drawing with City at the Emirates. Then CITY have to make up the points. Not easy. COYG

    1. So arsenal are unbeatable then!! every single team can loose games in the PL,don’t get to excited just yet there’s a very long way to go

  3. Arsenal don’t need to press the panic button they should just enjoy the game and relish the challenge and they might be the team to beat for the title.

  4. There is a lot of experience in the first team now and the
    Hale enders are hungry.. just focus on winning Everton on

    1. Exactly
      Everton are a club in turmoil. No additional players signed in the transfer window and a lot of work for SD ahead
      Not underestimating the new manager bounce but I’d be horrified if we don’t win at the weekend even though it’s away

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