Man City legend tips a 3-horse race next season – But Arsenal won’t win it

As per Sergio Kun Aguero, Manchester City will still be the real deal next season. In fact, he insinuates that the Citizens could just make it four title wins out of four.

Aguero said on Stake as quoted by the Metro: “On this basis, and with this recent history, City will continue to be a candidate next season.

“It has been shown that it is the best team in the Premier League, with a very clear style of play, which has won three consecutive titles, something difficult to achieve.

“Why not think then that you can get another? Surely, as he does every season, Pep will continue to make the adjustments he deems necessary to remain competitive.”

Even so, the Man City legend believes that for his former club to successfully defend the title, they may have put up a fight, as Arsenal and Manchester United could have what it takes to walk away with the 2023–24 PL crown: “But this is the Premier League and it is football; there will be several teams that try to dethrone them.”

About Arsenal, he said: “I think that Arsenal has established a very important base of young players with a long way to go. Mikel Arteta will try to reinforce his lines and will be one of the rivals to beat next season.”

On Manchester United, he said: “We must not forget about Manchester United either, who have returned to their competitive spirit and will be one of those who most want to defeat City.”

I guess that’s a prediction of a three-horse race next season. With a good summer window, a review of some tactics, and fueled by the disappointments of last season, I’d tip Arsenal to steal Manchester City’s crown. Man United can try, but at first attempt, you can’t beat City.

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  1. Arsenal were not even backed for cl place let alone fight for epl.
    If MC continue to win the title next season,the FA shd seriously look to make the epl more competitive.
    BM have just won the title 11 Times in a row.
    ITS no more a level playing field .
    Another Leicester triumph is extremely unlikely

  2. REALISTS KNOW that come the start of next season, City will be odds on OR very near it at least, as the clear bookies favourites to win another title.
    With good reason too. Next season I FIRMLY EXPECT both UNITED and LIVERPOOL to massively improve on this season and that will make life harder for all other teams, apart from City, who areIMO, right now the best team I HAVE EVER SEEN IN FOOTBALL WORLD WIDE, in over sixty years of watching.

    That we finished only a mere five points behind them, was IMO a massive achievement. WE WILL ALSO BE SERIOUS CHALLENGERS ONCE AGAIN and favourites to finish second.

    1. Jon – I predict that CITY WILL NOT WIN the PL next season. Bookies will always plump for what they believe are nailed on certainties so what they think never matters to me.
      Although it would be bliss for us to win it, I don’t think we will (although the irony wilI be that we’ll play better and have an improved squad).
      I’m going to stick my neck out and predict LIVERPOOL. Jurgen will prove once again (if there was ever any doubt), that he is a great manager (I don’t use that term lightly), and come back to win the PL having assessed what he will need to do differently. The basis of a winning team is still there at Liverpool. They are not finished yet, obviously, I suppose..

      1. For Evg Ji
        I agree with your view that we will not win it as there is going to be a high playing staff turnover. Would have agreed with about Liverpool had they finished in the top 4 but not in EL. Thursday and Sunday football is not conducive to being champions. Chelsea are dangerous, as they have a good squad and no European football and especially if they get a striker. Man Utd are dangerous if they get Oshimen and Rice.
        I think City will again prevail as al the other teams will come close but just not close enough.

        1. Ji – I sincerely hope you will be wrong about City. Let’s remember this conversation. Either I’ll be saying “I told you so” or it will be vice versa.
          Pochetino is not a good enough manager to turn Chelsea around that quickly. In fact I was quite happy when I heard they gave him the job. It took him a while to do anything at PSG and they are the powerhouse club in France as you know. So Poch can “stay down there” in my book. After Guardiola, it’s Jurgen I fear the most. Ten Haag has done very well too and he has to be considered a threat also. Eddie Howe has done great but between you and I, there is a feeling I get that as good as he’s done, Newcastle may have to “go bigger” with their choice of manager and he will be exchanged for someone else in the next two years. I’ve gone prediction mad today.

          1. For Evg Ji
            I hope you are right and I am wrong. I will happily say ‘you told me so’ .
            I am getting a little tired of City winning it so much so that I don’t care even if Man Utd win it even though I used to be ABMU (anyone but Man Utd).
            Poch is a dangerous one, as he has not done well in PSG, he will be keen to prove everybody wrong.

            1. “getting a little tired of City winning it so much” has got to be the understatemnt of the century Ji.
              That’s a good one for me to remember – ABMU.

  3. There will be a lot more and stronger dogs in the fight next season, with many teams capable of taking points off each other..
    Manchester City will still be the team to beat.

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