Man City makes a big decision about future dealings with Arsenal

Arsenal sits at the top of the Premier League and has stubbornly refused to allow Manchester City to move above them.

The Gunners are the most improved team in England this term and it can be attributed to the success of their summer businesses.

Mikel Arteta was the assistant manager of Manchester City before Arsenal made him their boss and the Spanish gaffer raided his former club for players in the summer.

Gabriel Jesus and Oleksandr Zinchenko moved from the Etihad to Emirates in the last transfer window.

Their influence has undoubtedly given Arsenal an edge and they are showing it with their performance in the league.

The Gunners could be eyeing another raid on the champions, but a report on Football Insider reveals City will no longer do business with Arsenal in terms of player sales.

They could see the impact their former players are having on the London club and have decided not to sell players to them again.

Just Arsenal Opinion

Arteta is a terrific manager and he deserves a lot of credit for our performances this season.

However, the gaffer will also admit the signing of Jesus and Zinchenko has made his team better.

If City no longer sells their men to us, we can buy players from other clubs or outside of England.

It seems they have forgotten when they raided us for our best men and left us struggling to achieve meaningful success.

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  1. Gabriel Jesus and Oleksandr Zinchenko have been keys to our current success. I understand Pep Guardiola.

    1. I don’t think this should be the analysis Man City has come into, it should be noted that much as they sold to us, it’s not the first player business done, before they took Adebayor, samir Nasir, sagna, gal clicky and there has been no grambling yet they as well impressed and won at Etihad and for Godly sake must everything you sale cease to have value? I feel with football players deemed not helpful or surplus are the ones that are let go and is the case with the double sale to Emirates.

    2. What ever ctiy says to hell with it, there are more better players outside England an with in england so every day wont be a Monday #Arsenal forever let it shine or rain

  2. Though Jesus n Zinchenko has been great player for us it’s obvious that they were a bit part players at city and would struggle for game time at city. Offloading part players and getting even a few millions is uphill task in this era as we have witnessed so many at Arsenal too with the likes of Ozil, Sokratis, Mikhi, AMN, Bellerin, and countless others. So to get such hefty sum for part players is fantastic business by mancity. But it is yet to be seen who will have the last laugh. If we ditch city to title yes we gonna have loud laugh, if we only get top 4 then still we laugh but outside top 4, only city will laugh.

  3. My word, this would not inspire confidence by the citizens and must be a joke.

    Have never known the citizen of being a spoil sport and thought they were willing to let Iikay Gundgan join us as well.


    But that former raiding has no bearing whatsoever on their view – presuming this article speaks truth( which is a hell of a presumption BTW!) – that they will no longer sell their players to us.

    Those are two entirely separate matters. Just because A steals from B, does NOT mean A will then let B steel from A, in return.

    Life does not work in that foolishly imagined childspeak”it’s not fair” fashion. It would be justice if it did, but it does not. And realists know it does not.

  5. It’s a pity, seeing city players are tailor-made for Arteta’s process and are more likely to hit the ground running

  6. Mmmmm. Anyone actually read that non “report”?

    No sources quoted, just the usual vague asserion.

    Nothing to see here folks, moving on.

    P.S. I’m not in any sense blaming JA for flagging up the report for attention/discussion, only the report itself.

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