Man City needs assurances before attempting to hijack Declan Rice transfer

It is looking likely that Manchester City will compete with Arsenal for the services of Declan Rice in the current transfer window, as the Gunners face difficulties in securing the midfielder for their squad.

Rice has gained recognition as one of the standout players in European football, and he has become Arsenal’s primary target for this transfer window.

Arsenal has already made at least two offers to bring Rice to the club, but West Ham has remained firm in their stance that the bids are insufficient.

Considering Rice’s importance as a target, it is expected that Arsenal will return with an improved offer to secure his signature. However, City are set to enter the race for his services, particularly after the departure of Ilkay Gundogan. Such a move by the Premier League champions would deal a significant blow to Arsenal’s aspirations.

Nonetheless, according to a report from The Daily Mail, City is seeking assurances from Rice regarding his desire to play for their club. Until they receive confirmation in that regard, it is unlikely that they will make a move for him.

Just Arsenal Opinion

Rice is one of the finest talents in his role in Europe and several clubs know the quality he possesses, so we are not surprised that City wants him.

However, he is a London boy, which could play a big role in his next move, as he might decide he is not ready to leave the city, which will give us a big advantage in this battle.

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  1. He’s already told them he doesn’t want to go to Manchester. Which part of that don’t they understand? The whole thing is so annoying, we’re selling players for far under market price, we’re buying players we don’t need for over the market price, yet we’re faffing and procrastinating about over 10m.

  2. Get it done, or move on. The fact that City are asking the question tells me we are still in the best position if we are prepared to meet their terms.

  3. It’s the fact that he’s supposed to be our no.1 target and the amount of faffing about, and time wasted that we’ve done over a comparatively small amount, compared to other losses on players we’ve let go, and players that we don’t really need that worries me. We need a reliable tough DM a la Viera mould, could’ve got us over the line for the PL title.

  4. There is a report from Wesh Ham chairman( Sullivan) that despite the Citizens interest Rice serms bent on Arsenal.

    Having said that, I have always doubt the Citizens intrest.

    1. Me too. If City want a player they go in without too much noise. They pay up and that’s that.
      But on this Rice thing it looks like someone from West Ham (PR machine) is pushing this City angle. Or it’s just tabloid gossip as always trying to prolong the saga for more engagement / clicks.

      Because if City were really in for Rice and he was open to the idea of moving there then they would have already made it clear and made a move.

      Just look at thar Gvardiol rumour. Out of nowhere we hear that City have bid €100 million straight away. No haggling etc. But on the Rice rumour you hear nothing and it feels like it’s the pundits and sports columnists pushing this City / Rice story. It feels so forced and all..

      I might be wrong but that’s the vibe i keep getting.. We will wait and see..

  5. Gundogan has already left City. Bernardo Silva seems likely to leave imminently. So, IF City were going to bid for Rice, they would by now have done so.

    But they have not, which to my logical thinking mind says they will not and are not seriously interested A mere enquiry is nothing and unless a bid is forthcomingmeans little, as clubs make enquiries all the time.

    But WHU know by now, that City wil not bail them out with Rice. as he stands firm in ONLY going to Arsenal. WHU have not the financial clout to let him run his contract down and get nothing much at all next year.
    So, Rice will come to us and all that stands between him and signing is a last throw of the WHU bluff , which Arsenal have already seen through.

    I will now be very surprised if he does NOT arrive at Emitates.

  6. What happened to the imminent and very advanced transfer to City? Dimarzio must be the most shameless “journalist” out there considering his past calls. Rice may end up at City but not in the manner that Fraud told us. Another reason to never use Dimarzio as a source.

  7. Our bid is actually only £75m over 4 years. The other £15m only becomes payable if we win the Premiership and Champions league, which they don’t think is likely to happen. So for that price they may as well keep him because He’ll still be worth at least £60m +extras next year with one year left on his contract, maybe more and his wages are really low, so they have him for another year for cheap. They aren’t stupid, why they would sell him now? If we want him, we need to up the bid to something sensible and reduce the clauses fast.

  8. I’ve always been against us buying Rice for the touted price.
    But if he is to reject City for Arsenal, I budge and bow.
    Such love for our team from a player of his potential is a recipe for excelling with us.

  9. I do not believe City would waste time making a bid for Rice before checking his willingness to join them. Also replacing Gundogan with Rice somehow doesn’t seem to make sense imo. It obviously suits the Hammers to have more than one bidder so they can achieve their valuation of £100m+. The £75m + £15m add-ons we’ve reportedly bid is probably more than he’s worth just tell WHU to take it or leave it as it appears we are the only serious bidder anyway. If City actually outbid us we should walk away and look elsewhere.

  10. Sky sports and some other sources are reporting that City have made a £90m official bid with £80m guaranteed and £10m in add ons. This is better than Arsenal’s only in composition but same on total amount.
    However the fact they have made a bid at all is cause for concern because it could mean they’ve got the encouragement from Rice.
    The implication is that the player will go to the highest bidder, which won’t be Arsenal.
    So, it’s another one that escaped for us, I’m afraid

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