Man City next – But at least Arsenal reserves win our Cup games….

So as Arsenal lurch from drama to crisis to back again in the League, our reserves and youngsters are on a current record of 6 wins out of 6 in the Europa League and have enjoyed League Cup wins over Leicester and Liverpool.

I would be very surprised if Arteta did not turn back to our youngsters on Tuesday when we face Man City as our first team have had some hard slogs over the last few weeks, and Arteta really needs to concentrate on getting some points on the board in the League against Chelsea next weekend.

Arteta himself was non-commital about who will play, and just wants the players to keep on trying hard. “We cannot feel sorry for ourselves,” Arteta told “We are losing football matches because of us, nothing to do with the opponent.

“Against Burnley we lost the game without conceding any shots on target, believe it or not, and today again you can see how the team tried and how they tried to play with our limitations, but they always try and fight, and I cannot fault that at all from the players.”

But can our first team try and regain confidence against the League Cup holders Man City, who are always keen to win every trophy they enter. If Arteta players our senior players and get another confidence sapping defeat it won’t bode well for next weekend, but what if the kids play and win yet again?

Surely Arteta must start considering using them in League games as well if that happens?

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  1. Sure we have not really missed him that much this season. Has he done another Ozil get a big contract then disappear. I call that a con-trick.

  2. Play a strong team against City.
    Cedric Gabriel Mari Tierney
    Willock Xhaka Ceballos
    Pepe Lacazette Martinelli

  3. League Cup isn’t important and we’d likely draw or lose to Chelsea, but the EPL games after that are relatively easy. It’s time to play Nikolaj Moller if he’s ready for EPL, at least as a substitute in the second half

      1. @gotanidea
        Each time I see this clause:

        “the EPL games after that are relatively easy”

        I sense trouble on the way

  4. Hi All
    I think this current Arsenal team have been years in the making, instead of building it,it has been torn down when they started selling their star players, instead of holding onto them so that they could have been the beacons to the young ones in the academy. As if that was not bad enough Arsenal also started recycling senior players from other clubs which costed them dearly because these ones did not replicate their fine form they enjoyed at their former clubs in an Arsenal jersey. Do you find that odd? well most certainly I do. It seem like there is a premeditated modus operandi to cause this ship to sink, when these senior signees arrived, discipline took a nosedive, if it was not dirty tricks, yellow cards, red cards being brandished, it was own goals, this is very uncharacteristic of the Arsenal especially the Invincibles as they were fondly known, these days it is to be expected for them to not feature, as if they are invisible, impotent, as if there is an invisible shield surrounding the goal mouth. This whole team should be replaced, or Ozil to be brought in asap, Giroud to be returned and forget about signing players that their clubs want to offload to become a liability at the Emirates.
    Ps. Some players do not belong at the Emirates
    Some must be allowed to work for their exorbitant wages.
    Some must be penalised more severely for their ill discipline
    All players must allow themselves to be drilled to efficiency and if the have special ability, eve beyond
    Players must man up to their own inabilities, that is why they have a representative, their Captain and not allow the coach to take all the bullets, he is going to burn out, he is as young as many senior players of the ELL.
    Tell them their holiday is over.


  5. Listen against man city there is no chance. To be honest, arsenal first team is not good enough. I have stopped watching last 5 matches. I say lets go down the championship, kick maximum of our loser players, rebuild next 3 years to come back. If we are fortunate enough krokenke will sell to african billioneer.

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