Man City now linked with Arsenal defender Ben White

Pep Guardiola Has His Eyes On Arteta’s Mr. Versatile; Should Arteta Worry? by Daniel

With the return of William Saliba for the 2022–23 season, Arteta had three reliable center-backs at his disposal. Ben White, Gabriel Magalhaes and William Saliba were all deserving of a start, but Arteta could only field two. Saliba had shown in his loan spell at Marseille that he could fortify a defence to the level of a fortress, while White and Magalhaes had impressed last season; Arteta was unsure how to set up his defense.

Fortunately, Arteta was given the opportunity to start the trio in Arsenal’s league opener against Crystal Palace; White’s versatility earned him a spot at right back, with Saliba and Magalhaes at centerback. Since then, Arsenal’s defence has been set up in this manner.

White has excelled in his new position, leading some to believe he is a right back. Interestingly, White appears to have piqued Pep Guardiola’s interest. Manchester City, according to Calciomercato, wants to strengthen their defence.

A number of defenders have been linked, and the report says that Guardiola is interested in Ben White. The news that Guardiola wants the former Brighton man should worry many Gunners, but Calciomercato claims that interest could be a pipe dream because White would never consider leaving Arsenal. White’s decision demonstrates Arsenal’s development.

Previously, the Gunners would easily lose their best players. Examples include Cesc Fabregas and Robin Van Persie. Anyway, considering the transformation Arteta has put Arsenal through, converting them from title “pretenders” to top contenders.

Why would anyone want to leave Arsenal?



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    1. There is not a shred of evidence that Saliba is unhappy at Arsenal. Hopefully he will be signing a new contract very soon. Martun

    2. While I believe it’s a possibility that he leaves, I don’t think it’s as sure as you’re making it out to be. He’s more likely to sign a new contract

      1. Pat You will realise I agee with you about SALIBA and that he will certainly stay. But to talk about “inventing things” reminds me of pots and kettles! I always long for truth and for truth, allied to proper thinking too.

        We all realise that Gooners , like any large group of humans anywhere, comprise many layers of intelligence and honesty, from a great deal to very little at all.

    3. How sure are and if so who told you about it because even Arsenal haven’t started negotiation with Saka and Saliba when it comes to Martineli some inside report says he has agreed to sign a contract of around 180 to 200 thousand pounds a week but not yet signed because it might bring disruption on how he plays but those are just rumours not to be believed

  1. The only reason I believe that White will not be sold to City is that we are no longer the same club of that time when we needed their money to pay off a stadium debt. Now we are the club we are and can say no to whoever we want. There are clubs where you can’t buy a player who starts and we’ve gradually become one of those. City should go fish elsewhere. We have a project to pursue and we will not trade an important cog in our wheel of progress

  2. Far from asking” why would anyone want to leave Arsenal,” I would instead ask, why on Earth would any sensible fan believe a single word that that lying, inventing, nonsensical CALCIOMERCATO ever says. Let alone reporting its nonsense to we on JA.


    Especially as you plainly have the good sense not to believe it yourself! Very odd!

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