Man City only have themselves to blame for Arteta taking Arsenal job

Revealed: The real reason why Mikel Arteta dumped Man City for Arsenal.

Arsenal has named Mikel Arteta as their new boss, but Manchester City was not happy to lose their assistant manager.

The Spaniard had spent the last three seasons with Manchester City, helping them win consecutive Premier League titles, however, he may have remained at City had he gotten what he was looking for.

Express Sports claims that the only reason Arteta left City for Arsenal was that the Premier League champions couldn’t guarantee that he would take over from Pep Guardiola when the Man City boss left his current position.

Arteta has been one of Guardiola’s most trusted men, but it seems the club doesn’t have the same level of trust in the Spaniard.

Arteta has been credited with helping the likes of Raheem Sterling improve their game, but City reportedly informed him that they don’t plan on replacing Guardiola with an inexperienced manager.

Arteta has been looking for an opportunity to become a full-time manager and he even came very close to becoming Arsenal boss last summer.

City have been left short of a coaching staff and they might get a new one soon, but the overall feeling is that Arteta will be a great miss.


  1. I heard Van Bronckhorst is being prepared to be Guardiola’s successor, so Man City can’t blame Arteta for his switch of allegiance

    Arteta was a smart player, but he doesn’t have Guardiola’s vast experience in Spain, Germany and Italy. Therefore Arteta might have his own managerial style with some influence from Guardiola’s strategy in EPL

    We shouldn’t burden him further with too much expectation of him becoming Guardiola 2.0

    1. The truth is, if Arteta was guaranteed the city job, he wouldn’t be our boss now. He wasn’t and he is.

  2. OT, More VAR farce. Spurs v Chelsea and stupid(or bent) ref Taylor awards Spurs a foul when it was a stonewall penalty to Chelsea for a foul by the Spurs keeper. Neville, myself and millions of other viewers saw it as a clear pen in real time. No shadow of a doubt. After TWO , pointlessly wasted minutes, VAR correctly overturned this shameful TAYLOR ERROR, and FINALLY, – while I grew a beard waiting for the obvious decision to arrive, by snail – Chelsea took it , scored and justice was EVENTUALLY, done.

    Two matters pertain: Taylor should demoted for this “hometown” decision. And VAR must be run by retarded snails, so slow are they! I am all for getting rid entirely of VAR , which is ruining football, unless and until the “snails” who run it are replaced by intelligent humans. I welcome other Gooners thoughts please.

    1. I am a VAR fan but it has to be qicker and it has to be consistent. I think and hope it will improve as the season goes on.

    2. I’m not a fan of VAR in its present incarnation but hope that the powers that be take stock and review how it is operated next season as I still remember Lampard’s goal for England that was but wasn’t with horror

    3. It’s ruining the game for me too, takes far too long when one can see the correct decision in one, five second clip rather than two minutes of twenty reruns. I actually thought Taylor had a decent game, apart from the obvious penalty incident. VAR needs a complete rethink though, with every goal being reviewed and so many decisions being over ruled. Eight minutes of added time mainly because of VAR is ridiculous.

    4. I think the reason the VAR penalty decision took some time was probably because not everyone looking at it could call it immediately. They probably needed a few views and different angles to be convinced it was a penalty decision. For that, one can excuse Taylor for not seeing it right away.

      Jon, your comment about Taylor is downright BS. Just because you called this one correct doesn’t mean you can call every decision correctly. The referees are humans and have to always make split second decisions. They are bound to get a few wrong.

      Most folks on this site always sound like the have superior knowledge/ability than those on the field actually doing the job. I’m sure in our private jobs, we’re no where near as perfect as what we demand from others.

      1. Impenia, The fact on this ridiculous decision was that Taylors clear view was blocked as he was behind the action and so could not have seen what happened . Not being able to see, he therefore should have stopped the game for the collision which resulted to both players, though neither were seriously hurt. VAR then would have given the pen for him, as they FAR TOO LATE THOUGH, eventually did.

        My correct criticism of Taylor was because no ref should EVER merely GUESS what happened, when he plainly could not see. No ref can see everything but in Gods name they must NEVER, EVER just guess! As he did. As to you saying a few different angles were needed, that is NONSENSE, as Neville, myself and millions of others could see it plainly on TV in real time and called it right. Neville said , in an instant, that it was a pen and on TV it was totally clear. The Spurs keeper launched himself in mid air at the CHELSEA PLAYER, which IF you watched it, which must doubtful by your comment above, you would also have plainly seen too.

        Also there was no reason whatever to take so long for VAR to call it. This stupid and constant delay, quite often for no proper reason is ruining the atmophere at games. I want VAR run by people who have intelligence and are in touch with how fans feel and react. Right now it is not so run. Witness the constant widespead booing that happens when most easy to call decisions are STUPIDLY and for no good reason, delayed by VAR, thus spoiling games. IT IS AN IDEA THAT IS WORKABLE IN THEORY BUT NO PROPER THOUGHT HAS BEEN GIVEN BEFORE IT WAS BROUGHT IN. Perhaps – and here is a revolutionary thought, Impenia – THOSE IN CHARGE SIMPLY DO NOT CARE ABOUT US LITTLE PEOPLE, THE FANS. THE FANS WHO ARE THE LIFEBLOOD OF THE GAME AND WITHOUT WHOM , top level football would be pointless and attract no commercial, money at all. And so, no top highly paid super stars either Consider perhaps ?

        Finally, I am not responsible for what ” most folks on this site” sound like and for what they write. I much agree that no one is perfect or right al thrtime but equally no one should ever be considerd, as your post suggest, responsible for what other fans write. I am responsible only for myself and I always write exactly what I truly think, without club bias or trying to get “like comments in return. I speak as a man of 68 with good eyesight who has been attending Arsenal matches since 1958, though I have stopped going these last two plus years , in silent protest at how our club is being owned by a man who cares nothing for the heart, for the soul and most of all, NOT for the welfare and happiness of our wonderful fans, at all. THAT IS A PRINCIPLE I WILL STICK TO. Though I DID GO TWICE LAST SEASON WHEN A FAN ON HERE, FOR WHOM I HAVE HIGH REGARD LENT ME HIS SEASON TICKET.

        1. I get your point Jon. I still maintain that just because you, Neville and others got this particular decision correct in an instant does not in anyway mean that you all can call ALL decisions correctly. There are many decisions you would call wrongly that others will call correctly in an instant.

          Over the course of a match, A referee will have to make scores of decisions. Over the course of a season, they’ll make hundreds or even thousands of decisions. Evaluating a referee has to be in context of his wider performance and not just because they got one ‘obvious’ decision wrong.

  3. With the squad they have Man Sheiky should win the Title every year.
    Its only because they are now bored of winning that Pep
    can’t fully motivate his stellar squad to the same level.
    That last ten game unbeaten run with Liverpool drained his squad.
    They will focus on trying to win the CL now.
    Even great coaches like pep have a shelf life.
    Pep is gone in the summer what ever happens.
    Having no experience is not a disadvantage.
    Areta was no more than a translator for Pep like Mou translated for Bobby Robson at Barca.
    Arsenal went 3rd in the league after 8 games but the fans and the board forced Emery
    to play Ozil and Arsenal went on a downward spiral.
    If Emery had been allowed to play his players Arsenal would be top 4 right now.
    Management is more about club politics, motivating over paid prima donna’s and satisfying entitled fans who believe their club should be winning the league every season.
    That’s why I am applying the same expectations to Arteta that Emery had given to him.
    5th in the league and win the Europa League otherwise sacked in May.

    1. At Barcelona, Guardiola mentioned that players can get bored of their manager after a while. That was why he moved to Bayern Munich after four glorious years at Barcelona

      Regarding your comparison between Emery and Arteta, it’s not fair because Arteta just has half season

      1. @Gotanidea.
        Not so.
        For starters the Europa League teams start off even in the knock out round.
        In the round of 32 Arsenal is seeded so will get a soft team to play.
        By the round of 16 on the 12th of March Arsenal would have played
        Bournemouth Chelsea Utd Leeds Palace Sheffield Chelsea
        Burnley Newcastle Olympiacos Everton Olympiacos
        Man City Westham Brighton and possibly the 4th and 5th rounds of the FA Cup.
        In total as many games as Emery had all this season.
        Plus the club may have given him reinforcements in January.
        So no excuses in the EL.
        In the league Spurs and United are in free fall so Arsenal really only has
        Wolves Newcastle Burnley + Sheffield between us and 5th place.
        Beating Wolves Burnley Newcastle and Sheffield for 5th place
        should be a doddle for Arteta with the leagues best strike force.
        No doubt when the team storms to 5th place the fans will say we
        have seen the return of the redeemer and other such lunacies.
        I will just say yeah but Emery got 5th in his first season so what?
        In fact Emery had the club in 3rd a point behind City before the fans
        demanded ozil play.
        So yeah EL final and 5th place is minimum.
        Otherwise sacked in June

        1. You are the only one who can hope that Unai would achieve the same results as previous season. Looking at the trend, it is obviously negative. With him we would be relegated in championship. Starting from the last ten games of previous season until the date he was sacked, how many has UE won? where do you get the feeling that he would turn the things around? How many games so far has Ozil played under UE to single it out as the main reason for the failure of UE. Did Arsenal loose its identity because of Ozil, were we changing formations for every game because of Ozil? What can Unai be credited for his defending, attacking, tactical nous, reading of the game, team selection? I think there is none of them. I am happy enough Emery has left Arsenal.

    2. I might be wrong here but I seem to remember Guardiola taking a year’s sabbatical in New York where I guess he honed his English
      Of course, Arteta might have helped him with the odd phrase or two

        1. He actually had 18 months and made a complete hash of it. How does that square with your glowing opinion of him. I never had a problem with his decency as a person, it was his inability to get the message, whatever it was in some form of spanglais, across to the team

          1. Not only the team SueP, what about the fans?

            agu emen, what you are also not factoring in, is the fact that MA has had no say in the current squad of AW< UE< Gazidis<Raul misfits – anyone he might sign in the January window, will need to adapt and, if you take pepe as an example, it could be quite a while.

          2. I am always disappointed in people expecting others with other first languages to be fluent in a language, particularly English, which is full of idioms, in a relatively short time.
            Emery spoke Basque, Spanish and supposedly French before attempting to learn English. In hindsight he would have been better using an interpreter in press conferences, as Ponchettino had done.
            Many of those who denigrated him, often demonstrated their lack of fluency in English their mother tongue, let alone being able to speak a second language.
            Certain languages have sounds which are not prevalent or non existent, like “w” which is pronounced as a “v” in German, or “j” which is pronounced as a “h” in Spanish.
            I take my hat off to people who are fluent in many languages; Sir Richard Burton’s are few and far between.

  4. OT: look at Willian still doing it for Chelsea, he’s apparently older than Ozil too. To think both would end up where they are since they faced each other in the 2009 Europa League final

  5. Very sad to say but the highlights of my football weekend have been watching Watford beat Man U and Chelsea tear spurs apart 🤭
    Hey ho, such is life. Ooh to be, ooh to be, ooh to be a, Gooner.

    1. You’re not alone, GB… I loved seeing that De Gea howler and that smacked arse look on Maureen’s face.. may even watch MOTD2 later, just to see them both again 😂

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