Man City playing hardball with Arsenal over Mikel Arteta

Manchester City is not interested in negotiating with Arsenal over Mikel Arteta.

Arsenal is set to name Mikel Arteta as their new manager within the next couple of days, but their approach has angered Manchester City.

The Gunners have been in talks with the midfielder with regards to their managerial role, but they haven’t spoken to City neither did they ask for permission to speak to the midfielder who is under contract at the Etihad.

It is believed that City’s top board members were at the Emirates when Arsenal faced the champions, but their Arsenal counterparts never mentioned their move for Arteta only for the Gunners’ executives Vinai Venketasham and Hus Fahmi to be pictured leaving the Spaniard’s house the next morning.

Manchester Evening News claims that the Citizens are in no mood to hold talks with Arsenal.

Mikel Arteta has a £2 million release clause written into his current deal and Arsenal can simply pay that fee to get their man.

The Citizens may have been left angry by Arsenal’s approach, but they have made it clear that they would not stand in his way if he wants to join the Gunners.

Arsenal is reported to have offered Arteta a 3.5 years deal worth £5 million per season. Fans will be hoping that he can bring back the glory days.


  1. So that narrative is completely dismissed by Arsenal. Fact is none of us know what has happened between the clubs but disappointing that an Arsenal fans site is so keen to take the side of the story that portrays Arsenal as the numpties.

  2. Arteta will not bring succees until all of those deadbeat players who, as I read today, Freddie told Arsenal’s bosses that these players are not interested in playing for the club, arecshifted out, and we all know who they are.

    He needs to have a clean sweep as these older players could potentially be a bad influence on the youngsters coming through.

    1. A 3.5 years deal worth £5 million per season sounds like a huge confidence on Arteta to me. As if Arsenal board and executives know Arteta would be able to bring Arsenal to top four next season

      Maybe Arsenal have already had a plan to get rid the rotten apples, to pave the way for the new manager? Most of them still have 10+ M resale value, except Ozil and Sokratis

    2. Precisely Drew! And the sad fact is that apart from a mere handful of players, ALL the rest are too old, too useless, too frail mentally and some even physically, too uninterested or all five TOGETHER. Esp OZIL! Shirkers and coasters never win titles and I have been regularly saying this til I am sick to death of reading it myself. But it remains THE TRUTH!

      1. I wish they should be uninterested in their mega wages too.Did read on another site that some want to move in Jan and do not want to work with MA. Good riddance to proud egoistic pathetic players.
        Welcome MA

        1. GOOD RIDDANCE TO ALL THE FRAUDS THEN! If you can’t be arsed to work hard then you have no right to call yourself a professional. This applies to any occupation too, besides football. If we have most of the frauds gone by next season,then this season, given where we are and the dross we have on board, will have been fruitful. Realistically that is the very best we can hope for. Frauds and clowns, some of whom are also both, deserve drumming out of our club.

  3. I commend Arsenal for playing hardball for once in their lifetime at least. Seeing how City tapped/bought You’re, Clichy, and Nasri. it’s being reported they don’t want to let go of Arteta, but now they’re getting a dose of their own medicine and they’re gon act like babies?
    The deal is already done, except Arsenal refuses to go further. Arsenal already postponed Freddie’s post match conference till tomorrow, and Ornstein already said Arteta will be revealed tomorrow.
    I guess Arsenal want the conference and his appearance same time.
    City can whine all they want

  4. Unai Emery missed CL by one point in the League last season.
    Unai Emery achieved the highest win ratio of any
    Arsenal Manager in the Clubs history.

  5. Unai Emery got Arsenal to the EL final last season.
    Arteta must now win the EL this season other wise Arteta should be sacked in June.

    1. Your argument is weak. Arsenal is in a more critical condition than they were when UE took over last season. We can’t compare there performance based on that. But if Arteta should bring in his own type of players and still failed then I will agree with your argument.

  6. Ozil removed from video game in China.
    I dare AFC to remove him in their team also.
    His a bigger turd alongside Xhaka and Socratis.
    Luiz is a puppet alongside Mustafi.

  7. Emery wanted Ozil out Mustafi out Mkhitarian out Elneny out
    and did not want Torreira, Tierney, Luiz or Pepe.
    He begged for central defensive reinforcements in the summer.
    But Josh sanctioned the 70m spend on Pepe.
    If Arteta now gets central defensive reinforcements in January and more in
    the summer it proves its not the manager/coach but player recruitment which is the issue.
    If Arteta gets defensive reinforcements in January he must
    get top 4 in the league by May or get sacked in June.

    1. I wonder what other teams like Tottenham, Man U, Chelsea, Man C, Lei and Liverpool will be doing. Sleeping I guess.

      Our only way to getting back to champions league is EL. And I doubt it

  8. @Agu, can u Pls stop going on and on about Unai? His time is gone. He’s in the past. He had his chance and he blew it. Top4 was within reach last season but he just couldn’t beat Brighton or Palace @home.
    It’s time to face the future.
    Let’s get behind Arteta.

  9. Maybe Man City are revenging to give back the disappointments that Arsene Wenger’s managed Arsenal made them they Man City to go through when they came knocking on Ems’ door to sign Arsenal’s Alexis Sanchez which scuppered on transfer deadline day after due and formal negotiations have been concluded to get the deal done between the 2 club sides and a transfer fee in the region of £60m was agreed that’ll see Sanchez moved to the Etihad Stadium but never to be due to Arsenal scuppering the deal on the pretence of bringing in first a top rated midfielder playing at A Monaco before they can okay the transfer to go through. But shouldn’t Arsenal have collected the £60m that Man City reportedly offered to Arsenal to sign Alexis? Did Arsenal later regret not collecting the money from Man City? Which if they had done could have save them the disappointments they later went through to agonizingly watched Mkhitaryan failed miserably and woefully for Arsenal.

  10. I hope Arteta comes in and gets rid of the big egos. We need to change the culture of the club. We need a complete reset with players who are hungry and desperate and play for the badge. We don’t need any Big Egos.

    Transfers I would make for the summer.

    -If the rumours of Real Madrid wanting Auba for Jovic & cash we must take it. Or try to get Jovic and Cellabos with no cash.
    -Sell Laca for $50m+
    -Sell Xhaka (& Torreira if he wants to leave) to anyone to buy Thomas Partey & Ibrahim Sangare/Denis Zakaria
    -Buy Upamencano & another CB (Kamara)
    -Buy a right back
    -Sell the deadwood – Ozil, Miki, Elneny etc

    1st team
    Bellerin Upamencano Salilba Tierney
    Partey Sangare/Zakaria
    Martinelli Cellabos Pepe

    2nd team
    NewRB Holding Chambers Kolasinac
    Guendozi Willock
    Saka ESR Nelson

  11. Poor Emery, he was the fall guy.
    We’ve got the laziest set of players.
    Every shitty team come into matches to harass us.
    Our players will rather pass to the goal keeper than advance the ball.

  12. Your argument is weak. Arsenal is in a more critical condition than they were when UE took over last season. We can’t compare there performance based on that. But if Arteta should bring in his own type of players and still failed then I will agree with your argument..

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