Man city see Arsenal as REAL title challenge and BETTER than Chelsea!!

The current Premier League champions have now faced both Arsenal and Chelsea in the league and, perhaps surprisingly, the Man City captain has expressed his belief that the Gunners could prove a bigger threat to them retaining the title than the blue boys from Stamford Bridge.

Vincent Kompany was speaking, as reported by the Daily Mail, after his City side came from behind with 10 men to rescue a point against Jose Mourinho’s early pace setters. Kompany’s handling of Diego Costa was a major part of the game and may have given the rest of the Premier League defenders a way to combat Chelsea.

City were the better team for most of the game, whereas at the Emirates it was Arsenal that dominated for large parts of the game. Maybe this is why the Belgian defender rates the Gunners as strong title contenders, or it may be to do with the fact that our attack is is more varied rather than being focused mainly on one player.

Kompany said, “It is not fair to call it at the moment. First of all we are not even close to Chelsea yet (in the table). Secondly, I have seen good things from Chelsea but I have seen maybe better things from Arsenal so I guess it will all be about consistency and, with the Champions League, it will get messy around December.

“It is too early to call. Five points is nothing but (Chelsea) have five points more than us, it is as simple as that.”

This may come as a surprise to Arsenal fans, who have been left largely underwhelmed by the way Arsenal have started this season, but if the incisive attacking that saw us score three past Aston Villa in less than five minutes is a sign of things to come, maybe Kompany will be proved right. We will have a clearer picture next weekend, when Maureen brings his bus to north London. Do you think that Arsenal will be in the mix at the end of the season?

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  1. Right now, I don’t consider Arsenal to be genuine title contender and I think most of us already know why, but thinks might change.

    1. anyone see how vincent kompany boss costa all game- even costa shook his hand in respect –

      imagine koscielny and kompany as a pairing- lol

    2. @No OG, you might not believe it, but that’s does not change the fact that they are! We are unbeaten after five games remember, when last did we kept it that long without losing at the beginning of the league?? There’s not many teams unbeaten so far. We and chels!t and then who?? And don’t forget 3 of our opponents are City Villa and Everton, don’t forget we lost against any one of them last season.. #COYG #KeepTheFaith

      1. Come on, it is only five games and unless we improved defensively and find our way against top teams, I cannot say we are for the title. Add to that, we are very short defensively and you can imagine how our back line will be if Kos pick an injury.
        You never know what will happen, let’s see

        1. if arsenal were languishing at 11th or 12th like pool or manu you would have been slating the team… but since they are yet to lose a game hence it’s “just 5 games”

  2. The wheels on the bus go round and round, round and round, round and round, round and round

    The gunners r gonna fkn blow them, blow them down, blow them down all day long


  3. i think if we can keep fighting till the winter break and not taking many defeats in the process
    then bolster our squad with the defensive players needed
    add to that then walcott and giroud back in acction then i cant see any reason that we cant give it a good go
    we have been pretty under form lately but i think the squad is better than we give them credit for
    hopefully arsen will learn to use the whole squad a little better aand we get less injuries and dont play the big games with tired legs

  4. If we do well until Jan and reinforce the defence we will be title contenders.
    Anyways lads reports out we’re back in for ‘the rabbit’. Speculation never dies with arsenal.

  5. we dominated the game at emirates….cmon lets have a modicum of reality pls…they dominated we scored a couple of great goals and if not for familiar errors should have won….if we are in top four at xmas will be delighted cos with a couple of serious buys in the window cld even get somewhere…but without replacements for mert and for arteta/flamini we will remain seriously vulnerable at back

    1. Which is where we were last season. I’m sorry if that’s a tad negative for some but the reality is top four at Christmas top four in May.Great result at Villa but until we’ve played,Chelsea and Liverpool away we really don’t know if we will be title contenders or title also rans. If wenger learns and stops playing players out of position,we get all our players back from injury and they stay fit,with maybe another centre half and holding midfielder, then you never know but the chances of all those variables happening in my opinion is remote.

        1. And what? In my opinion when we have played Chelsea,Liverpool and I’ll add city away from home we’ll know whether we are realistic title contenders. What is wrong with that exactly mate?

          1. after we have played all 19 teams home and away then we are going to have an even clearer picture “whether we are realistic title contenders”

  6. Everton Liverpool Man U + Spurs
    have suffered terrible losses.
    Even City lost at home to Stoke.
    Arsenal and the Chavs are the only
    unbeaten teams. Its a topsy turvy EPL
    and still 33 games to go!!! Then there is our ECL
    + Capital one campaigns and our FA cup defense.
    Twists and turns for the next 8 months
    Not sure the heart can take another season of this?

    1. Agreed. I for one am looking forward immensely to some of the top 7 clashes NOT featuring Arsenal. I will love watching some of these fixtures where most times any result will be a positive one way or another for us. Also it will give my heart some de-stress time before watching another Arsenal game. Man Utd V L’Pool is gonna be hilarious whatever the outcome. City v United will be spicy, spicy and again hillarious. Chelski v Utd may be the funniest of the lot – dreaming of humiliation for one team, some red cards and a Mou v LvG spat both pre and post match.

  7. Watched the City Chelsea game. I would be upset, irate as a Chelsea supporter, or playing for Chelsea that JM would turn the game into a defensive affair. With the attacking options both teams have, to watch that only makes me thaink God I support Arsenal. The game should be free flowing not wait for a counter attack. Oh but they win that way. If I was Cesc Hazard Costa etc. I would say hey we can attack them. Nope 10 men behind the ball and wait. Trophies for Chelsea perhaps but it is about style and I’m so glad we try to win the entertaining way for players and supporters alike.

    1. Spot on.
      What pisses me off abt the chelshits the most is that they are all happy to condone their pansy a$$ way of playing by saying they have trophies to show for it. I don’t buy that all. Which other dominant team of the modern era resorts to playing the chelsea way. The invincibles, the manures, barca, bayern all played or play damn good football. Precisely why I don’t have a big issue with city. More often than not, they play exciting football which goes some distance in justifying their hilariously expensive squad.
      Chelsea is an embarrassment to the the game.

  8. I reckon Kompany is definitely the best Centre-Back in the prem and maybe even the world, Koscielny is definitely second best centre back in the prem.

  9. I think he, and Pellegrini, have respect for the way we try to win games. Chelsea over the past 3-4 years have had a mentality of win the games you have to and draw the ones you don’t. Which may be clever, or tactical, but is is boring as hell. A Chelsea fan who is a friend of mine has read this article and said he would rather have City’s defence and Arsenal’s attack because with Chelsea it is always the same old sh!%. He genuinely believes that although they have been firing them in for fun recently, it won’t last as Fabregas and Costa will fade that they are not ambitious enough in the big games, and are not fun to watch… I’m not sure how much I agree with him but it’s interesting at least.

  10. Watching the match preview I’ve come to the conclusion arsene doesn’t remember joel Campbell exists…..

    P s. Cant wait to c rozza, ospina, Akpom and FKN ABOU “THE MONSTER” DIABY! C’MON ABOU!

  11. I am sure Arsene will pull walcott into the mix at the 70 minute against spurs and start him and diaby so as to make full backs no to take a crack which they will do and be successful and pull our players left and right.I am guessing that Diego Costa shall hurry up merts and put koscielny in trouble by out muscling him and I want diaby to be there along with flamini to just cover up the basic so that hazard also fabregas don’t play fussball In the attack I want no Ramsey only ozil,welbeck,sanchez,walcott

  12. I don’t know if any of you noticed, but Fabregas choked against City in the second half even though they had an extra man. The guy I am worried about is that Schurrle. The guy always makes an immediate impact and has this knack of being in the right place at the right time. Our defense will have to be on their toes against the likes of him and Hazard. Remember they thrashed us 6 0 last season and that was with players like torres and Eto. Now they have Costa and in general their team is stronger. Ours is too, but we just cannot afford those embarrassing defeats like last season. On the day, we might have been a bigger threat than Chelsea to City, but we all know Chelsea have a stronger squad and an excellent record against us under Mourinihio. It will be all heart and fight that wins those big games.

    1. CF is a great player and has gotten off to a good start with CFC. But it won’t be plain sailing for him and there are signs already that Mou is having second thoughts how to play him. He had to change the system against Swansea because CF was not disciplined enough in the deeper position he had been playing – going AWOL out of position and the ball going straight through the CFC midfield leaving Matic exposed. He also was the one who lost possession against Schalke putting them through for the equaliser. And Man City completely bossed him out of the game. Don’t want to kick off the whole “Cesc back to Arsenal debate” but there are clues in the above as to why on balance we decided not to take him back. A creative midfielder who goes AWOL and leaves us exposed and gets bossed when it gets tough is not that appealing – we have enough of those already in my opinion. Push him further forward in to a No.10 role and I think that Wenger was right to think that MO/SC/TR and possibly JW gives us enough cover in that position.

      My point really is that I get really arsed off listening to the experts telling us that it is all done and dusted with the Cesc/Costa axis and they will see Chelsea coast the league. Plenty of time for things to happen and plenty of time for the wheels to come off a good start. CFC have a lot of eggs in one basket with this pairing.

      1. chel$hit are going to run away with the league… when did i heard that last time?? yes last year when it took them till the last game to cling to that 3rd spot against an injury ravaged arsenal…

  13. Kompany might be right but, only until we come up with a game plan to unlock heavy defensive play like the one employed by Chelsea. Of late we have struggled or lost despite having dominated possesion against such teams. Mhou will always employ the same tactics against us or any other team which threatens him with a fast crisp passing game on his away matches. Has always saved him the blushes.

  14. It really does not matter, about how chelsea played Mancity, their objective was not to lose and i think they met that objective quite fine, our objective was to win against Mancity and we did not meet our objective. I think we have a squad that can actually challenge for this trophy, even with or shortcomings it all boils down to how these players are used.

    One component of our success will have to be dependent on our under 21 players, who i think can fill the gap, but also make the positions theirs. This cup match might not seem that important but probably is the most important match for us in regards to the positions not filled

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