Man City star admits that his team were aiming to be ‘Invincibles’ this season

There have been two records that Premier League teams have always aspired to equal. These are like Manchester United’s 1998–99 win the treble (the FA Cup, the Premier League, and the Champions League) or go unbeaten in the league like Arsenal’s 2003–04 Invincibles season.

Manchester City won the treble last season to leave our Arsenal’s unbeaten record (of 2003–04) as the only standing record achievement in a single campaign for a Premier League team that’s unbroken.

After Manchester City won the treble last season, I guess that winning the treble won’t be particularly notable now. instead, becoming unbeatable might be.

So far, only two teams can still go unbeaten with Arsenal and Tottenham Hotspurs yet to lose a league match. Man City would have been anxious to go unbeaten in the league this season, and they boosted their team with the quality to do so by recruiting Josko Gvardiol, Jeremy Doku, Mateo Kovacic, and Matheus Nunes, but they can’t reach that land mark after their defeats to us and Wolves.

Their star forward Jack Grealish recently revealed their aim to continue unbeaten was thwarted, saying, as per Goal while on international duty: “I don’t mean this to sound weird but it is difficult in a way because you have such a high of winning the treble and then you do think ‘what would ever top that?” he said.

“Obviously doing something at international level definitely would. But then even at club level you think ‘what would top it?’ Maybe to win all four including the Carabao Cup but we went out of that last week. You probably think about doing an ‘Invincible’ season but we got beat.”

Unfortunately for them, it won’t be achievable. Our win over them last weekend and the Wolves win over them the week before made sure of that. That said, our Gunners, who are unbeaten after eight league seasons, have the opportunity to become invincible. Can we do it? I guess that’s something we will have to wait and see.

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  1. The Citizens may have not said it but deep down in their heart, the invincible is a record they wants to demolish, so as each campaign kicks off one eye is firmly on it, in my opinion

    If my memory is correct the, legendary Frenchman was misquoted by the media of going unbeaten, which he eventually did, talking about speaking it into been.

    1. Yeah, Wenger did say we could go unbeaten in a moment of overstatement, and then we went and did it😃. So he saved face there didn’t he!

  2. Impossible is nothing

    The Invincibles went unbeaten using Wenger’s revolutionary tactics before other EPL teams started to follow the formula. I bet Arteta and our current players can also do it with his unorthodox tactics, if we can win at Stamford Bridge and St James Park

    1. Not sure we have to win at both grounds, in the year of the invincible, Arsenal did drew a lot of games.

      One thing for sure the Citizens will lose and draw more games as the league gets more competitive.

    2. He has to win the league before talking about going unbeaten. His unorthodox tactics has not won us anything yet and other managers who are superior than him have not managed to go unbeaten yet. Wenger was revolutionary as you said but Arteta is not, at least not yet. His tactics are not different from pep and he hasn’t brought anything new to change the face of the game. Arteta might one day achieve it but at this point the talk of him achieving it is being disrespectful to the legendary wenger.

  3. I’m not interested in us being invincible, i just want us to gather that 90 odd points to hand us the PL tittle.

    1. Exactly! Arsenal need to do everything possible including, getting suitable players in January in order to win the league this season. We have gone unbeaten before so I’m not so interested in it

      1. A really silly comment. I doubt that the majority of Arsenal fans are concerned about us being invincible. Many would simply be overjoyed if we win the PL.
        Everyone respects what Wenger did but that last PL title was in 2004.

  4. Make no mistake.The oilers were after the “ Invincibles” record.Last year I recollect the likes of Mahrez & Bernardo Silva mentioning that target along with the title was to go unbeaten.It’s now the ‘ Holy grail’of Domestic football.Chuck in 4 in a row or the ‘ quadruple’as side lines.

  5. I can see where Grealish is coming from on this, as they’ve hit the 100 point target, done the treble, so just undefeated left for them now.
    But for Arsenal, I’d much prefer the security of a higher points total, which may include a defeat or two, than a collection of draws, just to achieve an undefeated season. Points any day!

    1. Exactly! Far too much is made of the Invincibles and what is hardly ever remembered is that they drew twelve games out of 38 and finished with 90 points, a total that has OFTEN been exceeded by other teams, even though all were beaten.
      Its POINTS that wins titles, not being unbeaten, with loads of draws. Each draw, in points, equates to two thirds of a loss. It is the AMOUNT of wins that decides title winners. Reality!

      1. Jon, In a friendly manner I will criticise you for demeaning the feat of being invincible. Is it because it was achieved by the man you later criticised? In whatever way you look at it it was a great achievement. Perhaps its significance lies in the fact that nearly twenty years since no other team has achieved that feat. It is true that we drew almost 1/3 of the games but that didn’t matter much because we won the EPL trophy. As a matter of fact that was the last time we won EPL trophy. I agree that we should not be preoccupied with being invincibles at the expense of winning the title.

        1. DAVID unfortunately and for whareve rreason- I have ro presume there is one- you have totally misconstued what I said.

          Nowhere in my post did I “demean the feat of being invincible”! I said instead that wining titlesm which means wining a greater percentage of games and far fewer draws, are more importan to me and I suggest TO most fans, thAN merely being unbeaten.

          Esp as being unbeaten has been done now and it would only be a repeat and, by comparison, nowhere near as important as winning the title. As you appear to think titles are less important then being unbeaten all season, then perhaps you wouldnt mind explaining exacly WHY THAT SEEMS TO BE YOUR OPINION?
          Your final line, though sensible, seems to flatly contradict the rest of your post.

          As for your query that I “demeaned thr Invincible season because AW , then in his pomp, was manager at the time”, that is so utterly wrong as to be laughable.

          Had I ever criticised AW for winning the title AND being unbeaten, then and only then, you might have had a point. But sadly, for your argument , I never did!

          1. I didn’t indicate that being invincibles was more important than winning titles. I just said that it was a historical feat which should be recognised. At any rate I added that drawing many games had little impact because we won the title. Furthermore, I clearly stated that being invincibles should not be an obsession. I don’t see any contradiction in any of that.

            1. Then fair enough. But that was not how I UNDERSTOOD YOU FIRST POST. Still now we both know.

              Id have thought it has already been widely recognised,widely respected and remarked upon constantly. I dont demean it at all; it was a great season but it simply does not compare to winning titles, even though that year, we did win it.

        2. It would be interesting David, if Jon viewed it in the same way should Mikel Arteta ever end the season with the same record as Arsene Wenger did with the Invincibles.

          But then again, Jon has admitted he’s a hypocrite on several occasions.

          1. What I have said ACTUALLY KEN and many times, to quote me fully, which I NOTE YOU CHOSE NOT TO DO, is that ALL humans are hypocrites, myelf included.

            I also asked you, if you hought you were not a hypocrite and therefore a most unusual human beuing, Full context KEN, just to set the record sraight.

        3. Going unbeaten for the entire campaign is in it self a notable achievement, in fact such a team is likely to end up in a champions league spot if not winning the premier league as Wenger did.

          It is more unlikely to happen again due to the sheer competitiveness of the league, which am more than happy with..

  6. The unbeaten narrative can only recorded by wenger .No one in epl can replicate that easily in the 21 century.

  7. Since Arsenal have been invincible before, we should target matching the Centurions. This would have the almost certain bonus of winning the league, and we could potentially achieve a second invincible record as well.

  8. It was not just going a season unbeaten. We went 49 games unbeaten in the EPL. We forget that it was not only 38 games unbeaten. We carried on to 49 games unbeaten.

    It was a one off thing that I don’t think will be repeated in my life time. But can I even be that sure? To be honest, as always, can never say never but it will be another miracle.

  9. It’s nice to hear the player say, how can we top the treble, and reaches the conclusion of the invincibles

  10. Is 49games unbeaten a UCL trophy 🏆. lol. When Chelsea fans come for u , does the unbeaten record stand against their ucl titles? Arsenal Wenger met arsenal with 10epl titles against man utd’s 8 titles. Yet after 22yrs he left arsenal worse than man UTD with 13epl titles to 20epl titles. His first UCL final was 10yrs after been signed. Hmmm , I don’t understand this talk of Arsene Wenger been great with only 3epl ,0 UCL in 22 years. Specialist in failure.

    1. It’s astonishing how you all quickly forgot that half of of the 22 years Wenger was on strict financial budget due to the stadium and without his sacrifice Arsenal will not be in strong financial status as it is right now. Name a manager that would have done better with same financial shackles placed on them

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