Man City star not surprised by the “huge growth” at Arsenal

In 2019, an inspired Arsenal decided to take a chance on Mikel Arteta, handing him the keys to the Emirates despite the fact that he had no proven track record of leading a club as the main man. By the time Arsenal hired the Spaniard, the club had lost its identity and simply needed a fresh start.

Up for the task, Arteta took over and came with a rallying call to “trust the process”. Arteta’s work began in December 2019. In the 2019-20 season, he didn’t do much, and Arsenal finished eighth. The following season, the 2020-21 campaign, when Arteta’s ideas began to filter through, Arsenal finished eighth again, and in the 2021-22 season, they tried and finished fifth.

We are now in the 2022–23 season, and Arsenal has a chance to win the Premier League. Arteta has led his team to a fine run of 14 wins, two draws, and one loss in 17 games. With 44 points, the Gunners are at the top of the Premier League standings, 5 points ahead of second-placed Manchester City in the league. Many attribute Arsenal’s successful run to the brilliance of one or two Arsenal players, but Arteta is the man who has led Arsenal to this point.

According to the Manchester Evening News, Man City midfielder Bernado Silva recently expressed his belief in Arteta’s Arsenal project bearing fruit. “We knew there was a possibility of a huge growth at Arsenal this season,” he said, as revealed by the MEN. “They have a very good manager and lots of young players full of desire to win. It doesn’t surprise me.”

Compliments like this from Bernado Silva should persuade die-hard Arsenal fans that the club is on the right track.

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  1. I read last night that AFC and Shaktar are very close now on agreeing on a price, it’s supposedly about bonuses and the amount of the fee that’s paid upfront. Signs are pointing to Mudryk being a Gunner!

  2. Don’t really care what Man City players, pundits, or ex-players think about the process. What I care about are the results on the pitch and the cohesiveness and mentality of the players, as well as the philosophy of the club and ownership.

    Nice to hear their praise, but in the end it’s the results on the pitch and the wins that determine success, not the thoughts of players and pundits.

    1. Oh but you should care…these guys are serial winners endorsing our mngr…’s like Michael Jordan recommending a good opponent…it means our mngr knows what the hell he’s doing!

      1. And when they speak ill of us we complain, what do we want actually? People recognize the good and there’s nothing wrong with complements. Whether there’s sinister motive behind some of the complements that’s another story for another day. What we should not do is to think that there’s always a conspiracy against us. When Pep say Arteta is good he means it, otherwise he wouldn’t have given him a chance to deputize him if he didn’t believe in him.

  3. Why won’t city players and coach leave us alone, we dnt want ur praise. All of a sudden they are flattering us every week repeating same thing, it won’t work. Our players need to focus on the nxt game always, till the end of the season.

    1. There’s nothing wrong with everyone praising Pep for what he’s done and what he’s doing, but we can’t take praises from the opponents? I think we are being unreasonable.
      The players are professionals and know that the job is not done until the last kick of the season, if they are distracted by praises or criticisms then they shouldn’t be playing at this level.

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