Man City supporters group calls on fans to boycott game with Arsenal

A supporters group of Manchester City, known as 1894, has issued a call for the boycott of the Community Shield match against Arsenal, which marks the beginning of the upcoming season. The game between the Gunners and City is highly anticipated, as both teams competed for the Premier League title in the previous season, with City emerging as the champions.

Arsenal is expected to make better preparations for the upcoming season, aiming to challenge City for the title. The Community Shield match between the two teams is seen as an exciting encounter to determine who starts the season on a strong note.

However, the Daily Mail reports that the 1894 group has expressed disappointment with the scheduling of the match. The game is set to take place on August 6th at Wembley Stadium, with a kick-off time of 5:30 pm. As a result, the supporters’ group has called for City fans to boycott the match as a protest.

The 1894 group suggests that fans donate their match tickets to a local food bank instead of attending the game. Their aim is to showcase their discontent with the FA’s decision to schedule the match at an inconvenient time and venue, contrasting with the previous year’s Community Shield held at the King Power Stadium.

Just Arsenal Opinion

This is an unnecessary drama that does not bother us, so we need to focus on returning for the pre-season and preparing very well for the next campaign.

If we win the game, it could be a morale booster for our players, who will then look to challenge for the league again.

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  1. Although I feel sympathy for City fans in this travel problem, I suspect few ,if any Gooners could care less. Just as City would have no sympathy for us were things reversed.

    TRIBALISM reigns supreme, however silly that be It remains the truth and as such, needs to be said!

    1. It probably doesn’t fit in with worldwide timings 🙄
      A 5.30 ko is a nightmare and would get me into the East Midlands around midnight- assuming having to account for extra time etc etc etc. if I got a ticket.
      An evening match these days – even at the Emirates requires a bed at my boys or at the home of an old north London friend
      I’m too old to hot foot it to St Pancras

      1. Agree Sue, the fans are not considered. It about money and like you say, selling it to the rest of the world.

  2. What needs to be said, in my opinion, is that the FA, PL, EUFA, FIFA and any other group one might mention cares nothing for the fans.

    I understand Jon’s point, but we should look at the bigger picture and ask why it’s always the fans, no matter what club they support, who are never consulted or considered.

    Who on earth would consider it a good idea to start a game, on a SUNDAY at 5.30pm, especially when we are in the middle of a strike action by train drivers etc etc?

    Absolutely ridiculous for ANY fan that has to travel any distance to get to Wembley and back home, ready for work the next day!!

    I’m with the city fans 100% on this and very surprised, Jon, that you don’t back the fans on this.

    1. Agree with you on this one Ken.
      Frankly I also agree on paying amounts to foodbanks.
      Would only be interested in this event if he selects a lot of fringe players as I would like to see what they offer.

      1. IGL, am I wrong in thinking that Mesut Ozil did exactly that around the London area?
        Although I can’t see how food banks and a Sunday evening 5.30pm kick off are linked.
        I don’t agree with you about our fringe players either, as this is a great opportunity to see how our new signings (if they materialise) improve the squad, along with placing a marker down for city.

    2. 👍 ken, a realization many of us came to some time ago. Corrupt money gouging organizations.

      1. Indeed OG and it would be interesting if fans of both clubs boycotted the event, or,, at least, not enter the ground for the first ten minutes…. if they could get there of course! /

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