Man City target ONLY wants Arsenal move!

There is a very interesting Arsenal rumour doing the rounds today that an extremely promising French international wants to move to the Emirates. The agent (and father) of the versatile Lyon striker Nabil Fekir has revealed that he has turned down a bid from Manchester City and will only let the 21 year-old move to Arsenal!

Mohammed Fakir was quoted as saying: “They [Lyon] pushed for him to sign for City. But I told them if he goes to City and finds himself on the bench, it doesn’t interest me, and the kid is not interested either,”

“He loves to play, he does not like to be replaced. And they pushed to sign him for City, that’s why he preferred to stop with them.”

Fekir broke into the Lyon first team last season and has scored an impressive 14 times in 33 games for the French giants, and has even been called up twice for the French national side this year. His father revealed his desire for Nabil to join Arsenal when he said in La Parisien: “Nabil would like to finish first or second and play Champions League football with Lyon.

“If he leaves, it will be for Arsenal. It is the only club that can enable him to progress, with Arsène Wenger.

“He will not go to Manchester City to sit on the bench.”

Didier Deschamps has also been very impressed with the youngster. He said when he called him up for France: “Fekir is a player with great potential. I consider that he can bring us something different. He plays in a different role to the others. He can score and set up others to score.”

This seems like an excellent move for Arsenal (especially if Theo Walcott moves on). He can play anywhere along the front line, He’s young, he’s French, and he is extremely talented. Above all, he WANTS to move to Arsenal.

Should Wenger go and get him?

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  1. This guy Seems to be playing really well not seen much of him but I personally think he’d get more game time at city Milner looks set to leave so they have navas, silva and Nasri who play a similar role Nasri could also leave. He play’s in a position where we’re pretty strong and could already have more players than we need if Campbell and Wellington return. Not really the player we need although if he’s got worldclass potential? I don’t know then why not. My preference in players comeing in would be more of a versatile striker who’s main position is a centre forward but can play other positions to keep the likes of Giroud happy.

    1. City is in dire need of homegrown talent because if Milner and Lampard leave they will have to fill up these positions. Don’t forget they also have players loaned to multiple clubs and many of these are not homegrown either.
      City will have a daunting task to sign local talent for the quota. Who knows, maybe they will bid for Sterling. Maybe they will bid for Walcott or maybe they will simply promote from academy if anyone is suitable.
      I don’t know if Wenger weighs this move very seriously but we can all safely assume that if he sees anything in a young player then he will probably make a move.

  2. My dream forward would be Reus
    Maybe Klopp leaving could make it possible

    Reus can play LB, RB, attacking cm, cf

    But that said. I think we have priorities before considering other positions. Another DM and another top striker. Also backup LB

    1. Reus will leave if Klopp leaves, i think we have very good shoot on Reus, Reus and Sanchez on wings and in middle OG rotating with Welbs, jaw dropping!!!

      1. Reus will leave with klopp – why? Reus came to play for Borussia Dortmund, not Jürgen Klopp.

        1. becouse its obvious, all great players will leave, Reus is loyal, but will he stay to play with 2nd tier players? i dont think so

          1. All great players will leave- like who? Hummels says he’s staying, Gundogan hasnt really said anything specific about leaving, he’s just constantly romored away, Kuba isnt going, Kagawa isnt going, Bender isnt going, Sahin isnt going. Noone ive heard (i follow Dortmund pretty close) are saying they want to leave next summer. Ciro and Henrik might be sold, but thats more or less because theyve been on the bench for most parts of the season.

            1. Kuba hasn’t hit form since his return from injury, kagawa wow I can’t believe how poor he is now I was such a fan, and bender again hasn’t played that well this season

  3. In terms of Fekir (lol nice name- sounds like F***er)

    He is both Attacking Midfielder and striker. He is young but experienced. He can score and set up others to score.

    However, I think Giroud is a more prolific scorer than Fekir. Also we have Ozil, Cazorla and Rosicky as CAM to set up players.

    I think it would be better to get another top striker who is as good or even better than Giroud because Giroud will be 29 in a few months. Like Dybala and Lacazette

    I love versatile players but would prefer Reus to Fekir. Because Reus is more complete, more versatile and top notch player.

    Honestly, not too familiar with Fekir. just going by his stats and what others have said about him And YouTube videos. I’m sure he would help us if he did come

  4. The 2 young players I actually took the time to watch were Paulo Dybala and Nabil Fekir the moment I started to hear rumblings about these young talents. Yes fans might say Dybala is overhyped and Fekir is in his debut season in Ligue 1 but they are both special and will only get better with the right nourishment. I see Arsenal quality in both and I would love to have them in our ranks, for me I would replace Podolski and Campbell with both especially since they really aren’t missed at this point with both being out on loan anyways. Also I’ve read if they ever were to come to the BPL, Arsenal would be their first choice hands down ALL because of Wenger and the way we play. We really won’t know what we had until after Wenger leaves…

    1. Yeah, i get you, i was in first lines to critisize Wenger but he proved me wrong, i thought we wont win anything than he won Fa Cup, i doubt he will leave after his 3yr contract expires, EPL in few years will be even more competitive and i cant see wenger leaving with that challange!!!

  5. Fekir, Firmino great players that we do not need at the moment as we have Ozil, Carzola, Rosicky, Wilshere. I doubt Fekir would find playing time to come by easy at Arsenal. Plus the prposed home grown rules will mean clubs have other priorities.

      1. What little i have seen of Firminho i liked.. i think he looks an Arsenal type signing even more so than Dybala and that little Fekir lol.

        We should be thinking ahead with Diaby Arteta Flamini Rosicky close to being finished one way or another. Cazorla is the man people said Firmino may replace with that AM rumour.. I dont believe the rumour and know Cazorla is staying but how many seasons has the man marvel got left in him, it could be a good idea to get the Brazilian on a long term deal then loaning him back to club for two more seasons.

        I doubt Dybala and Fekir would be content sitting on the sidelines and giving that thats exactly what theyd be asked to do for the foreseeable future am not sure if having them round would be such a good idea… team chemistry unity and all that.

  6. Can someone confirm that the FA Cup arsenal game is on at the same time as Chelsea v man utd on 18th

    Its ridiculous that the football committee have slotted 2 high profile games with roughly the same kick off time.

    COYG !! Lets get to the finall

    1. Probably better off that way, i watched the last three che games hoping for a wobble and the only wobbles that mattered came from the GKs in the wrong goal end.

  7. How players have publicly announced they wanted a move to Arsenal and are still not at Arsenal? Next rumor.

      1. Also Coquelin, Koscielny, Debuchy and Giroud… some people really dont think before talking.

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