Man City threaten to disrupt Arsenal plans for midfielder-signing

Manchester City are claimed to be eyeing a move to sign Juventus midfielder Arthur Melo, a player linked with Arsenal in recent windows.

The Gunners are claimed to have chased the Brazilian in recent months, with us claimed to have failed to strike a loan deal with the Old Lady back in January, and were expected to return with a similar move this summer.

The 26 year-old played very little last term, struggling with injuries initially before failing to break back into the side, and ahead of the World Cup in Qatar, he was expected to push for an exit.

Following Paul Pogba’s injury, Juve may have to reassess their options however, but they could well be open to the idea of a swap deal with Man City, who are claimed to be considering offering Ilkay Gundogan as part of a swap deal.

The German midfielder has been a consistent performer at the Etihad, but with just a year remaining on his contract, the opportunity to use him as a potential makeweight could be shrewd business from the Citizens.

It could mean that our search for a new central midfielder will need further work however, and we may rue having taken so long to try and wrap up this deal.

I’m not overly disappointed however, as I haven’t seen nearly enough from Melo during his time in Turin to convince me that he would be a hit in north London, but the fact that Edu and Mikel Arteta seem to be so keen tells me they can see something that I can’t.

Would you like to have seen Arthur play in our famous red & white?


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  1. Let me guess, the Italian media? They continue to try and pimp this guy every chance they get.

    Why would City be interested in this Juve flop? Ready for the window to close, if nothing else than to put an end to the near daily rumors of Melo from Italian media.

  2. Amen and goodluck to man city hijacking the deal maybe i’ll then throw a party celebrating their victory over us on his straight to greater manchester and tielemans to woolwich north london.

    1. Woolwich is not in north London, it’s in south London.
      FYI, Arsenal north of Thames, Woolwich south of Thames.

        1. I know, I went there recently to see where we started as Dial Square and it’s a must visit for Gooners.

        2. When do we get a centre back like viera or song so please Edu & Arteta do some thing Then tell man City old on please 🙏

  3. In the 1960,s ,the Scottish singer/song writer ,Donovan, released a track called “Mellow Yellow” which I think made Number 1 in the pop parade, as it was known then.Some of the more mature gentleman on JA like Ken and Jon may recall the number.This has nothing whatsoever to do with Arsenal FC but it was a pleasant song which I enjoyed which is more than I can say about the latest edition of the “Melo series” which has become an obsession with the powers that be on JA .To the best of my knowledge, Donovan is still around and still raking in royalties from the song which I heard the other day.

    1. Excellent riposte Grandad to the obsessive and plainly never going to happen , not in a million years, Melo for Arsenal nonsense.
      Regular life experienced JA Gooners have long known that the ACTUAL reason that JA promote these long running but false player rumours, is entirely becaue they garner comments and so make money for this site.

      Even such as you and I , WHO BOTH OUGHT TO KNOW BETTER, have been, cunningly, this time lured into JA s trap.

      On Donovan, I am myself a singer- I was professional for much of my life and of course I remember Donovan and Mellow Yellow.

      However, I could never have predicted how those running JA would traduce the name of Melo, even though not Mellow.
      On the ethics of JA, although I often fight with Ad PAT about what I see as unethical false rumours, I do love the debate with wise brained people such as yourself and that, rather than merely giving my own tuppenceworth of opinions about team matters, is what I MOST value about JA.

      I put up with the other rumour nonsense, in order to find the valuable wheat among the numerous chaff.

  4. Today, of all days, it might cross your minds that there may be ladies on Ja who remember Mellow Yellow 😉

    1. The artist stated he wrote it after seeing an ad for a yellow sextoy called the “mellow yellow”. An electric banana is a vibrating yellow dildo.

  5. Many thanks Jon.I only wish I had a singing voice.Sang in the Church choir until my voice “broke”. Trouble was it became irrepairable.

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