Man City v Arsenal – An entertaining game expected – Go for it Arsenal

There may be very few people on the planet that give Arsenal a chance in hell of beating Manchester City this afternoon (including me I’m afraid), but the reason why we love football is because of its unpredictability and any team in the Premier League could beat another one on the right day…

One thing for sure is that both managers in today’s game are looking to play good football and stamp their authority on the game. Man City are looking to keep up the pressure on Liverpool at the top of the table and believes it is a good performance from his team that will scare Jurgen Klopp’s men.  “It’s not the points, it’s the way you play,” said  Guardiola.

“Managers are sitting watching our games on TV and when they see how good we are, that is the best pressure.”

Unai Emery also made it clear that he wants the Gunners to impose themselves on our opponents when he said:  “Usually Manchester City , in every match they impose their style,”

“You want to impose your style, you want to play with your personality, but sometimes you need adaptation – more or less, it depends on the opposition.

“It is very difficult to break their style and impose yours. When a lot of teams play with a very deep block, it’s because they need to play like that and can also have chances to win.

“But usually you can play 10 matches against Manchester City – maybe Newcastle, maybe Crystal Palace, maybe us as well – you can lose 10 times playing the same, or maybe lose seven, draw two and win one. But this style can work for you like Newcastle and Crystal Palace won against them.”

Surely Emery won’t be advocating that Arsenal park the bus when we have such brilliant attackers in the team.  Do Arsenal need to play like that to try and salvage a point at least?

We know full well that Arsenal cannot defend for toffee, so there is only one way we can get anything from this game. Get in their faces and just go for it!



  1. Pharaoh says:

    Good day Gooners!

    Very interesting comments from Emery, especially as his preferred style is open attacking football. regardless of how we shape up today though, I think it’s good that he’s aware of every match’s demands and how to approach them. Gooners more than anyone else know the perils of being slaves to one brand of football and the consequences they bring. Every team pretty much knew our formation, tactic and lineup without even bothering to do the homework, since we never changed them anyway.

    I honestly don’t know what will unfold today but I expect City are going to start very intensely to try and throw us off our game. They know they can’t afford to lose any more points, and unfortunately neither can we with Chelsea and United so close behind. I really hope we can prove to be up to the challenge, and am cautiously optimistic even. Emery, if nothing else, has proved that he prepares for big match ups with a lot more care and scrutiny. Aside from the Liverpool drubbing, I think we’ve fared decently in the big matches compared to previous seasons when it was a foregone fixture before it even started.

    Also, would be delighted to see Denis Suarez get a run out in the team. I’ve never seen him play if I’m being honest so I want to see whether he’ll add anything to an already congested midfield. Emery’s comments about him solving the winger issue confused me, I thought he was a box to box mid like Ramsey, no?

    Anyway, enjoy the match today fellas! COYG!

    1. gotanidea says:

      Suarez’s best positions are CM and deep-lying playmaker, but he was also used as a winger at Sevilla and Villareal

      I don’t think he would solve the winger issue, but maybe he would fit into Emery’s plan

      1. Jah son says:

        What’s Emery’s plans ?

        1. gotanidea says:

          Maybe using Suarez as another playmaker on the side that could be instructed to cut inside whenever there is a chance, kinda like how Alexis Sanchez used to play at Arsenal

      2. Pharaoh says:

        Oh I see, more of like a jack of all trades type of player then. I mean, he could prove to be very useful as we are missing that type of utility player to cover for injured midfielders/wingers. Likewise, I don’t think even the best most versatile player can solve the winger issue unless he’s a bonafide winger. Could be a stop gap solution but more reinforcement is needed in that position come summer. Maybe Emery thought he’ll solve the winger issue for now, then step into Ramsey’s shoes when the time comes. I swear, those two could be twins lol

  2. gotanidea says:

    Agree that Arsenal should not park the bus ala Mourinho, but being a barn of goals would not make the game entertaining for the Gunners and the Gooners

    I believe Arsenal could have a chance if Arsenal could use Man City’s flanks against them. Emery surely knows that Man City employ 4-3-3, similar to Chelsea, hence the same 4-1-2-1-2 tactic could work again

    Unfortunately Arsenal do not have a technically gifted deep-lying playmaker like Cazorla. Cannot forget how Cazorla and Coquelin dictated the tempo against City few years ago. Hopefully Suarez could be his replacement

    1. Pharaoh says:

      Oh, sweet ambidextrous Cazorla… I loved him from day one but never truly appreciated what a beast he was in our midfield until he was sidelined and we endured the worst midfield spell in my opinion. Such and underrated player and honestly it’s delightful seeing him in good form again with Villareal at the moment 😀

      And definitely agree, 4-1-2-1-2 could cause city some trouble but Emery needs to give clear instructions to the full backs to run like hell on the counter or their wide players will eat us alive.

  3. Break-on-through says:

    I have to admit he lost me there at the 10 matches playing the same and losing, then saying or with us, Palace, Newcastle, saying, or lose seven, draw 2, and win won. I know he knows what he was getting at, in his head he probably had a very clear point, but it didn’t quite materialize for me. The top comment seems to believe it might be related to Wenger’s way of playing the same way, I don’t know if that is it, I don’t think that would be entering his thoughts. Pep might know exactly what he’s getting at, maybe a Spanish curve ball. Or else it is obvious and I am just missing something.

  4. David Rusa says:

    I am glad you say no people in hell give Arsenal a chance. I interpreted this to mean that those in heaven do and that’s what matters! The people in hell can never dictate anything for they have already lost everything. Anyway that analogy aside, I am again happy because you admitted that football is unpredictable. It is that inability to predict games which makes football interesting. But anyway what aspect of life is predictable? Everything is always a mystery and that is what makes life difficult. On paper all the odds are in favour of Man city: home support, stronger squad, best manager in the league, favourable recent history and Arsenal’s inconsistency. Hence one is tempted to give Man city the three points even before the ball is kicked. However that is not always the case. Surprises are a very common factor in life. Arsenal fans need to keep their heads high and eyes focused as we watch the game. Who knows? A pleasant surprise could be in the offing! George Foreman, the boxer, used to say that anything can happen in the ring.

    1. waal2waal says:

      @David Rusa – big thumbs up – i couldn’t agree more. moreover, there’s no guarantee they will be performing to optimum or that their trickery will not go unpunished by today’s referee either. what i’m saying is there are lots of variables to decide this game, fortunes can easily turn this way and that which is why i believe alls not lost – Fans must give our team time to kick the 1st ball. #COYG!

  5. jod says:

    Surely the point is Arsenal aren’t really capable of playing a defensive game. Your strength is up front, the defense is pretty weak and would stand no chance of keeping a clean sheet against City under sustained pressure. Better tactics might be to just try and keep the ball and frustrate City, passing it around and waiting for an opening.

    1. waal2waal says:

      @jod – the point is NOT that we “aren’t really capable of playing a defensive game…” and neither is our defence proven (at last NOT yet) to be unable to keep a clean sheet against Citeh before a ball has been kicked;

      Our defence has been dogged by injuries the result of which means we’ve not been afforded the time (recently) to play with a settled defence – despite that we are still poised between 4th and 5th place in the table which means we’ve still time to consolidate our position both in european and in domestic competitions. I suggest your analysis is stifled and that you open up to getting you some proper perspective.

  6. Eddie Hoyte says:

    What a line up, No creative player on the pitch, let me guess, All the pressure is on Iwobi to perform today?
    No Ramsey, No Ozil, and no Suarez… All defensive players except the front three…
    Lol, Let’s see what happens, I’m officially off the sidelines??, I’ve enjoyed reading and watching this blog from outside though bit tough because I had a lot to say but I had to keep shut.

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