Man City v Arsenal Match Preview, Line-up and Score Prediction

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Arsenal make the tough trip to Manchester to take on the Premier League leaders today, as we look to close to within six points of the top.

Our opponents come into the match on the back of 14 straight wins (one of those wins came on penalties with the rest inside 90 minutes) in all competitions, and are looking extremely impressive so far this season, and our side will need to at their best to hurt them.

Arsenal come into the game with mixed form, but our players could benefit from being much the fresher with us having completely rotated our XI for the Europa League on Thursday, while City had a tough match away to Napoli in midweek.

We do have a few injuries which will make our efforts a little tougher, with Sead Kolasinac and Shkodran Mustafi appearing to be the biggest loss to our line-up. The former has been one of our best players since joining this summer, and would have been a huge boost to our chances had he made the trip.

Predicted line-up:

Koscielny  Mertesacker  Monreal
Bellerin  Xhaka  Ramsey  Iwobi
Ozil  Alexis

I can’t pretend that I’m overly confident coming into this match, and I’m not sure I’m convinced of the rumours hinting that Alex Iwobi will be given a role at wing-back in such a huge match, but I’m not ruling out a top performance from our side. I feel the match will stem on the performance of the four in front of the centre-backs,

Aaron Ramsey and Granit Xhaka will need to be at their best in the middle, and Iwobi (or whoever is chosen to fill in for the injured Kolasinac at wing-back) will also be under pressure to deal with a huge attacking threat.

On current form it is hard to predict our side to win, and I hate assume we will lose, but current form has me expecting a 2-1 loss, but I would never bet on that as I couldn’t bring myself any possible joy where my team’s defeat is concerned.

Are any of you confident of ending our rivals run of wins this weekend? Am I wrong to expect defeat?

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  1. Vivilaca9 says:

    It’s a must win game for us regardless of our current form. Let us all be positive!! Gunners for life

    1. Remember Resource? says:

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      -Stan Kroenke

    2. Spectrum says:

      “…It’s a must win game for us regardless of our current form…”.

      No, it’s a must lose game. The top priority, as always, is to get Wenger out. If we lose this we will be twelve points off the lead, and that will effectively end our season as far as hoping to win the league is concerned ( as laughable as that notion was to start with ).

      The more defeats the better. And in the cups too. It’s all for the greater good and longer term benefit. Our club will ONLY have a realistic chance of winning what matters when the biggest obstacle to achieving that, is gone. Everyone with insight knows that from experience. Those that don’t know, SHOULD. Except for the A.K.B.’s, who haven’t got a clue anyway, so we can ignore them.

      1. Alexis the Great says:

        Oh yeah, coz you are the real Arsenal fan yeah? Wanting us to lose every game. Get a life!

  2. Oh I get it, Arsene is Pep and Walcott is Messi says:

    Manchester City 6 – Arsenal 0

    At least 4 players played out of position.

    1. Spectrum says:

      The clueless one is already setting us up for failure. There’s talk that he will start Iwobi as a right wing back. And that he will adopt a suicidal attacking tactic against City. Wenger plays the same way against whoever the opposition is, or whether they are weak or strong. I hope we lose 4-0. We deserve to, with such a reckless approach.

      1. Alexis the Great says:

        With such stupid fans wanting Arsenal to lose, its no wonder we are a laughing stock

  3. Arsenal says:

    Guys I’m not being negative towards Arsenal ,
    There is no way we can beat City
    I think the Final score will be Man City 8-1 Arsenal or something like that. We will be humiliated at the Etihad stadium again

    1. Spectrum says:

      Another Liverpool type thrashing. I hope so !

    2. Alexis the Great says:

      I would hate to listen to you when you ARE being negative. You sir, are far from being an Arsenal supporter.
      I guess you were one of those that said City would slaughter us in the FA Cup semis, and that Chelsea would also destroy us in the final.

  4. Salmonella says:

    Nah if Kolasinac is out, it is gonna be a big big blow.. His link up play with Alexis will be missed. Massive blow

  5. Remember Resource? says:

    I think we will lose 4-1 but that doesnt matter since its net spend per point that matters. We will get thrashed but who cares. Look at the end of the season we will finish best case top4 worst case 7th so I don’t see what the difference is. We’ve had enough of average ucl performances. Its boring and the only reason I watch anymore is because I’m free. I don’t take out the time to watch a game. I don’t prioritise. I usually just let the matches run in the background if I’m watching. I’ve watched maybe 3 matches this season live..

    1. Alexis the Great says:

      But you spend loads of time on here making sure we are bored as well. You don’t watch the games, you know nothing, but you spout rubbish on a regular basis.

    2. Spectrum says:

      Remember Resource – A depressingly honest assessment. But that is what our farce of a club has come to under this board and manager.

      Did everyone enjoy the AGM shareholders meeting ? Really inspiring and forward looking wasn’t it ?

  6. Roachie says:

    I think they will target Pers lack of pace. Someone needs to talk to Xhaka before the game as he will need to protect the back 3 without any rash challenges and keep his passing simple.

  7. Tony says:

    3-1 city win.

  8. ramterta says:

    mancity 8 arsenal 1.
    city won 6 0 away to Watford while we lost
    2 1

    1. Admin says:

      City drew 1-1 with Everton. We won 5’2… so Arsenal to win 6-3

      1. rkw says:

        not quite sure about the maths here … but realistically 3 1 to city if both teams put in their best … only hope is they are knackered after napoli in which case i wouldnt rule out a draw if we can keep a decent tempo … real test in the middle of the park and i would like to see wilshire start as he is the only squad member who can control a ball and look up at the same time … another xhaka ramsey routine will see us lose sadly

  9. GB says:

    Iwobi will not be at left wing back, rediculous speculation!

    1. Kenny Rolfe says:

      I agree with you GB but you never know with Wenger

    2. Spectrum says:

      No, he’ll be at right wing back. Wenger will surprise us ! lol

  10. Kenny Rolfe says:

    We’ll have one thing in our favour today, we’ll get favourable decisions from the referee. Why, you may well ask, when we get nothing off of them throughout the season. Answer. because it helps their beloved Manchester United.

  11. Charlie-Nick says:

    Arsenal will be up for the game…we are at our worst when we take opposition lightly.
    I think we are City’s bogie team.
    City 1 – 2 Gunners

  12. AllDwayfromAfriCa says:

    I hope we win if for anything..just to shut some people mouth up…but if we lose I hope we at least put in a spirited performance and not that shiit we put in against Liverpool

  13. Alatari Douglas says:

    We’re already losing 1:0 to City, hope we can come back stronger in the 2nd half & turn this around.

  14. Alatari Douglas says:

    It’s 2:0 already, what’s happening 2 my beloved Arsenal?

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