Man City v Arsenal Match Preview, Line-up & Score Prediction – Will Arteta show Pep who’s boss?

Arsenal return to action after more than three months away tonight as they travel to the Etihad to take on Manchester City in what will be manager Mikel Arteta’s first clash with his former boss.

This fixture was initially scheduled in for March 1, but our opponents reached the final of the EFL Cup, which saw the fixture moved to March 11, but then the Coronavirus pandemic hit and that date had to be moved once again.

Everything is now in place for the match to finally go ahead, although the circumstances are obviously changed somewhat.

Players will now have to adjust to playing inside stadiums without fans, as well as playing in warmer conditions than they would previously be used to, with the division usually having finished by this part of the summer.

Our team will also be allowed to make five substitutes during the 90 minutes, although I believe they are still only allowed to stop play three times in order to make those changes.

Predicted Arsenal XI:

Bellerin Mari Luiz Tierney
Ceballos Xhaka
Pepe Ozil Aubameyang

It was quite tough to leave out the likes of Eddie Nketiah, Bukayo Saka and Calum Chambers here, with the former the most likely inclusion in the starting line-up, possibly over Lacazette, but I expect all three to feature, assuming Chambers is fully fit as reported.

Mikel Arteta will no doubt have his team fired up for the encounter as he looks to take on Pep in a mentor v mentored match-up. It may also be interesting to see Mari take on his old boss, having been overlooked to make a single senior appearance during his time with City, while Arteta looks to take full advantage of his talent.

I know it should seem ludicrous to expect a win at the Etihad, but with the Bundesliga highlighting how little an advantage playing at home is in the new climate, I’m fully backing my team to get a result.

We are on the back of three consecutive league wins for the first time this season, and I’m going to predict a fourth today. I think a clean sheet may be a little too much to ask for, but I can see us just outscoring our rivals in a five-goal thriller (2-3).

Am I being biased in tipping us to win tonight or are we seriously in our best spot to beat City in the league since 2015?


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  1. I think that line up is spot on ,maybe one change ,but there abouts.
    I would like to say a win but best result for me would be a draw .looking forward to it after so long away ,I just hope the fans get behind Arteta and the team ,because the negativity from some fans is abit of a downer to see and keep reading ,let’s just let Arteta weave his magic and see where he can take us .
    2-2 or a 3-1 loss

    1. 4 goals!….. I’m hoping for no more than a 2 goal gap, by the end of our match, that way the scoreline stays respectable, win lose or draw 😀

  2. I guess you predict team Arteta will pick based on his 10 picks so far and players available today..

    Bout right then. But result is totally wrong then. More like 5-2 for City with such pick.

    Can predict score upon team picked, this is wrong score and terrible team.

    This is a team based on transfer fees but value of most players have dropped since joining us, many other better players now, can’t buy them!

    Not reassured seeing how Chelsea or Man U gearing up to build up their teams. Kroenke is killing Arsenal, Wenger not there to fight him and for us; kroenke managed to have us kick him out! Can’t say he did when we completely fall of. In midtable already.

  3. Who is to blame? Wenger out! Yep, when we finish 0th to 12th Spot, then relegated, people will realize how much Wenger is missed in this club.

    For now, Wenger is the one who showed limits in keeping us in top4! Not good enough with no money to compete!

    Look at us now!

    1. As much as I respect Wenger, I can’t deny he contributed to the mess we’re in right now in his own little way. But yes, The Kroenkes have to go, if we’re going to see any reasonable progress. It’s up to us fans to unite against them.

  4. Why Chelsea Reds Man U linked to top players as Auba? We linked to no one but lose our best player!

    Shows club’s ambition!

  5. Cannot drop Saka! He’s our best player right now, and has had an outstanding season so far. I would like to think that Arteta would have done his homework, and not pick Ozil, because he always goes missing in these fixtures, but with Xhaka, and Torriera doubtful, it looks like Ozil could start.

    Hopefully Arteta is playing games, and he has more options available. I would like to see:

    Cedric Mustafi Sokratis Tierney
    Torriera Xhaka
    Pepe Ceballos Saka

    1. What would make you choose Soares over any other options? If Bellerin was to miss out, I’d have to choose a fit Calum Chambers at very least. Cedric has done nothing but cash a cheque in months

      1. Well Chambers isn’t even available, and even if he was, I wouldn’t pick him because he’ not a natural RB.

        Bellerin and Cedric are our only “natural” RB’s, and Bellerin has been terrible since returning from injury, and his whole Arsenal career hasn’t been great overall. Not to mention his poor mentality. Cedric is easily better than Bellerin, and it’s not his fault Arsenal decided to sign him injured.

  6. As long as Xhaka and Ozil are in the starting line up, then City’s gonna beat us like small boys

    1. And add Luiz to the party and there you have a real cracker! If and if we get a draw, i’ll celebrate till I drop.

  7. Did u take a look at city team?

    Walker Stones Laporte Mendy
    De Bruyne, Rodri Güngogan Mahrez Aguero Sterling.

    Looking at Arsenal team predicted; you really got wrong score by far.

    This looks like a 4-1 City easy win with Arsenal players all running like chicken!

  8. In my opinion we the fans should leave Ateta to handle the team his way. Then Kroenke and co should kindly bid for top players in order to go back to our winning ways like before… City 2 Ars 3.God’s grace.

  9. In the PL.. we’ve scored 39 hat tricks (joint top) and conceded 9…. will we see one tonight?

        1. A perfect storm if it all goes wrong tonight 😂 but your confident we’ll win tonight, right Sue ? 😛

          1. 😆 I don’t know, Kev… got to keep your namesake quiet and we might have a chance!
            Just be good seeing them out on the pitch again!! Hopefully we’ll feel like that for the whole 90 minutes, not just the first 20!! Haha!

          2. I’m sure your daughter will be watching tonight as well Sue ? Yeah and about 6 or 7 others 😂 Sterling always has a habit of scoring against us so we gotta keep him quiet and most of Aguero’s PL goals have been against us 😛 I wish Torreira was fit to play but typical we’re always without someone 😯

          3. Yes she’ll be watching at her house…
            At least we’re certain it’s going to be entertaining, Kev!!
            Come on Villa!
            Yes that is a bummer, could’ve done with him, for sure!

          4. Let’s hope you don’t get the dreaded phone call later then 😂 oh yeah you can see it’ll be goals galore Sue we never fail to entertain 😛 jack grealish must have had his girlfriend style his hair 🤦‍♂️😂😂 good player though hope Villa thrash them 🤛

  10. “Am I being biased” asks Patrick! Yes, Patrick of course you are. No rational non biased fan reasoning could possible expect a Gunners win, so that only leaves the “yes , you are biased” explanation. But you will hardly be alone on here in being biased, as you will know better than most.

  11. Haha Kev! Michael Oliver looks a little wild too! 😆
    She won’t rub it in! 🙂 Neither will I 😅

  12. Of course it is a lost, should be 3-0.

    As soon as you see team Arteta pick, you know result.

    He can’t seem to get that Luiz should be in front of, not CB, but DM.

    Then of course, Xhaka Ozil are first names he picks as Luiz!

    Arteta is a good assistant coach, he get players in right focus but wrong pick, meaning tact tic as well.

    Same pb all season long, that central defensive area.

    Need 2CBs and Luiz infront of them, not as a CB. We see it over and over.

  13. If he is not making that adjustment we going to run after ball all game long and conceed of course. We don’t attack struggling to defend and everyone trying to help Makes it impossible to really control anything nor attack. Just run as chickens!

  14. Here we go Luiz CB! Even referee had to tell him to leave. Arteta didn’t get ithe needed to leave at half time, Luiz showed him wrong!

  15. Look at Arteta, feel sorry for him, full of passion but no coach experience with consist in picking team.

  16. To bring Laca, Nelson, Niles can’t change anything, they will get bad rates as everyone, because of Arteta incapacity in picking team in first place.

    Now we playing what? We miss one CB and a DM to protect them.

    Oh boy! Glad no public, be some “Out Arteta” in a minute!

    Instead of “out Kroenke” who picked Arteta to save 10 millions on a top coach! Allegri been there!

  17. 1,2, and 3! Another 2 won’t be enough for Arsenal fans to get it as many here.

    Arsenal is dead!

    1. Leads to mistakes, main one, picking team. Guardiola used to do so, not his assistant!

      Should be at least a 5-0. Guardiola is fine with it, not see his boy totally falling appart .

  18. Mistake was to not play a back 4 with Luiz infront. Nor do so at half time.

    Luiz out is the outcome of this mistake.

    How can possibly he make right sub if missed point in first place?


    Meaning no control…Running chicken heads…

    All team sadden & fans bashing and rating 2. Auba seemed ghost, AAa 2 or 3, as everyone but not true, he is s 9 it 9, coach is a 3 to 5. An assistant, not bad coach, not one yet


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