Man City v Arsenal Preview, Line-up and Score Prediction

Manchester City vs Arsenal Preview, Predicted line up and score by KJ

I don’t particularly fear a game against Manchester City. Although they are a better team than us, there is never an inevitability like there is against the likes of Chelsea and Man Utd. There’s always the chance that we’ll come up on top against them and I’m hoping we’ll be able to do that at the Etihad.

But this game is going to be tough and we’ll need to put in a massive performance if we are to get a positive result. With Arteta and Debuchy injured for 3 months and Ramsey still coming back from injury, the team is going to be weaker than expected.

The battle in central midfield is going to be important and we’ll most likely start the game without our three best central midfielders. We need to stop the likes of Fernandinho and Silva in midfield if we are to get any result. We need to prevent them getting service to the feet of Aguero and Dzeko.

Predicted line up:
Chambers – Mertesacker – Koscielny – Monreal
Flamini – Coquelin
Alexis – Rosicky – Cazorla

I expect Wenger to stick with Ospina for this game.

Chambers will most likely be the one to replace the injured Debuchy. He will have his work cut out with Clichy and Silva working on the left.

I expect Flamini to be brought back in over Ramsey mainly because I expect Wenger is being as cautious as possible with Ramsey as well as tactically opting for a more defensive approach.

I expect us to stick with Rosicky and Cazorla in midfield as Rosicky will press Fernando whilst Cazorla will try and pick out Alexis and Giroud on the counter.

Finally, Giroud will need to hold up play better than his last trip to the Etihad if we are to get goals in this game.

I’m feeling optimistic but also will be realistic with my score. 2-2.


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  1. Sanchez will get targeted and marked out the game, and no one will take advantage of the extra freedom they’ll get due to the focus on sanchez as their all a bunch of spinless bottle jobs and we’ll lose anywhere from 2-0 – 6-0 depending on how good city are today.
    But i guess after seeing the samething over and over again for the last 5 years you all already know how it goes.

  2. Personally prefer to have Bellerin in for his pace and chambers on the bench as cover for cb/rb if we need to change anything. Also would start with the Ox so put santi back where he was in last outing and flamini on the bench for the same reason as chambers. Either way…coygs.

    1. i agree we need pace to track, bellerin has to go over chambers.
      im sure santi will be in, hes been brilliant
      le coq and ospinas first real test!

      oh yeah- thought you said bony to man city was bullsh*t, we were all dumb for listening to stupid rumours, arsenals fans ares o gullible etc- care to retract your statement cupcake?

  3. Wenger has learnt his lesson from last season…can’t see us loosing well 6-2 again!
    Hate drinking in the afternoon but have no choice to watch this one without stressing one out.

    1. It was 6-3 and we say that every year but nothing changes against the big teams, since 2011 we have got ONE point against the manchester side and we dont even have a full squad today…….im not feeling confident about today

  4. take out flamini and put rosicky back next to coq

    bellerini per koz gibbs

    coq rosicky

    ox cazola alexis


    coq rosicky cazola play well together and i think as far as work rate skill and grit go thats the best weve got
    tis team can definitely cause them problems

  5. Ospina
    Flamini–Le Coq

    Man City 2-1. Giroud goal. COYG

    1. I dont really get why people thumb you down. Well of course, it’s because you predict a loss, but still. We never play well against big teams, so it’s a natural thing that City has the better odds – but then again they dont have yaya toure, and agüero is not definitely ready. If we can manage to keep it tight back in defence, we might win. I personally think we’ll get a boring 0-0 or a nervewrecking 2-2 (or 1-1, just for the heck of it, haha) with the possibility of one team pushing on for the equalizer that never comes. in other words, anything can happen lol

  6. i just wanna see improvement.
    away at a big team i wanna see that we can defend without looking shook,
    can attack affectively-not 100 passes for the sake of passing.

    an someone have the bottle to step up while they send 3 players on sanchez an space is created

  7. Arsenal to comfortably win this game,believe me.when u think that arsenal gonna win there is where you get disappointed but when you think arsenal has got no chance then you get yoursel suprised,that’s my basis.
    Same line up against stoke will ok for me.see you then gooners

  8. If Wenger really wants to win this game then the starting line-up shouldn’t include: Ozil, Chambers and Flamini.

    It’s a proven fact that Ozil and Cazorla at the same time doesn’t work because they are both very poor out wide, because they’re not wingers!

    I never want to see Chambers at RB again because he’s been very poor playing there. why? Because he’s a CB, not a RB.

    Coquelin deserves to start because he’s been good so far, and has pace to help out our defence.

    Problem is, we all know Wenger loves to weaken the team pre match by picking players in awful form, and putting players in the wrong positions. Against Liverpool he started with four out of position. I’m sure we’ll see some classic Wenger decision making today.

  9. If you read comments on this site like i do, you will find people who are more concerned about Wengers well doing then the clubs. Its so pathetic.

    Instead of wishing the best for the club bec we need the points, these people come out and say ” i am afraid of losing bec the AOB give Arsene hell then, sad smily faces :(.

    This club surely has turned into Arsene Wenger fc. Mission brainwash fans into thinking mediocre is good enough has been completed.

    1. @KS, funny how they wish Wenger well and not just the club. More like what u said, they go: “I hope we win so the whiners won’t come out and start “slating” Arsene.

      One of them went as far as naming himself “ArseneIsyOurDaddy”

  10. juz dont get hammered will do…if we lose by 1 or 2 goals…im happy….its a massive improvement

    Wenger still has to go…

  11. Ospina no doubt, in goal. Id ttootttaallyy absolutely have loved to see Rosicky play alongside coquelin. they were a joy to watch, especially where Rosicky occasionally broke away to give the opponents that surprise attack. but for the sake of defensive discpline, against such a big team, i think Ramsey would be a better option. Either way, no Ox in that deep role. Better he plays outwide. Cant wait for bellerin and sanchez/walcott/Ox to give Clichy a run for his money. Other than that, Carzola over Ozil. And we good to go. COYG

  12. I’m more worried about our defense than our offense. We can create offensively. So maybe we should start both Flamini and Coq in place of Rosicky.

    – Osp
    Bel – Mert – Kos – Nacho
    — Coq — Flamini
    Ox — Santi — Alexis
    – Giroud

  13. I hate to say it but if Arsenal win today Wenger will not buy anyone else in this transfer window.
    He will say that his so called Philosophy is working which we all know is a load of crap.
    He will have that smug sly grin all over his face. Basci

    1. sorry, i just type the. same thing, then read yours, dual edge sword… but then if we go to city and win, it is a statement…

  14. we need to survive the first 10″ without giving up a goal, seems every time we play city, they score early and we loose all confidence. flamini better behave, cant survive w 10 men, 2-2 is reasonable when at emerites, but at city… my expectations are not high, this way I keep my sanity. if we draw or win, no way wenger spends in january…

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