Man City v Arsenal Preview, Team News, Predicted Line-Up and Score Prediction

Arsenal travel to Man City today with very few punters giving the Gunners any chance at all of coming away with anything from the game. But City have not been quite so invincible this season and may well be suffering from nerves as they find themselves five points behind Liverpool at the top of the table, not to mention the amazing defeat to Newcastle last week.

But the facts of the matter, stat-wise, is that Arsenal have only beaten Pep’s team once in the last 7 meetings and that was in extra time at Wembley. We haven’t even scored a goal in the last 3 match-ups but conceded 8…

Recent form is hardly in our favour either as this is City’s last 6 results at the Etihad….

That totally unforeseen defeat to Crystal Palace is in fact their only defeat at home all season, but they swiftly followed that up by breaking Liverpool’s unbeaten record to keep themselves in with a shot at retaining their title.

By contrast, Arsenal’s recent away form has been pretty dismal to be honest, so here are our last 6 matches away from the Emirates…..

Those basic stats are hardly going to fill anyone with confidence today, but with City’s defeat last week and a hopeful boost in confidence for Arsenal after the arrival of Denis Suarez, just maybe we could give the Citizens a surprise?

Unai Emery is well aware of the task ahead, but he is looking for some big performances from his players. He told “It will be a tough match. Our challenge is [big] against every team, but on Sunday we are playing against the best – Sunday is against the best. I think with Liverpool, they are having a very big Premier League season. They are very hard [to beat]. They have lost some matches but I think that was an accident. In another moment, in another match, they could have won against Newcastle.

“They are playing at home and for us it will be very difficult. But we are looking forward to playing, to showing that we can [win] and want [to win]. I think in Sunday’s match every player will be with a very big ambition to show their best performance and quality against them.”

We certainly hope so, and it would be great for Suarez to play against his old club and beat them on his debut for us. He has travelled with the squad and hopefully will be named in the team, but we will be missing Henrikh Mkhitaryan and Ainsley Maitland-Niles who are both injured, and Granit Xhaka was also mysteriously not on the bus. Sokratis Papastathopoulos, Rob Holding, Hector Bellerin and Danny Welbeck are all out long term, but Laurent Koscielny is back in contention today. Mavropanos is also back in the squad and hopefully will play some part.

But who will Emery pick to start the game this afternoon? There is no point in trying to park the bus so I reckon Emery will put out an attacking line-up. Here is my predicted line-up….

Lichtsteiner, Mustafi, Koscielny, Kolasinac
Guendouzi, Torreira, Ramsey,
Aubameyang, Iwobi


For the optimists amongst us that believe that Arsenal can spring a surprise, I would take the 11/1 on offer for an Arsenal win from 138 UK

Arsenal’s away games average an amazing four goals per match, and Man City score oodles at home. Take the 2/1 from for over 4.5 goals in today’s game.

In fact, in City’s last 4 home games they have scored 24 goals! So it is just as likely, if Auba and Laca are on form as well, there could be even more goals, so how about over 5.5 goals at 9/2? From 138 UK

I must admit that I am struggling to make a prediction on the scoreline as I hate picking Arsenal to lose, but I just can’t see anything else. I’m just hoping that is respectable like around 3-2…

What do you think?


Updated: February 4, 2019 — 7:40 am


  1. I really hope we win, but my head says…defeat, and we’ll concede at least 3.

    I hope for this lineup and a 3-4-1-2 formation.
    Mustafi Mavro Monreal
    AMN Guendouzi Torriera Kolasinac
    Laca Auba

    1. AMN is injured

      1. Damn! Cannot believe I am saying this, but Jenkinson for AMN haha!

        1. He might put in a MOTM performance 😉😁

    2. I like 3-4-1-2 with two forwards as well, as it could make Man City’s fullbacks a second thought before they bomb forward

    3. I hope for 3-4-1-2 formation and the following line-up
      ——-Mavros, Koscielny, Monreal—
      Suarez Torriera Guendouzi, Kolasinac
      For this, we win 2-1

      What I suspect we will see is
      Lichststeiner, Mustafi, Koscielny, Kolasinac
      ——–Torreira, Guendouzi, Elneny——
      but this we lose 3-1

      1. That’s exactly my thinking .pretty much the team I would like to see ,maybe change 1or 2 but I think we will see the same line up we have been seeing for the last month ,which like you said won’t get us a result .
        Why on earth he keeps playing 3 defensive midfielders is beyond me and the same goes for iwobi ,he offers absolutely nothing to the team ,we need forward players who can score goals and he ain’t it ,same with his assists .
        But for some reason emery keeps playing him .
        I’m going 3-1 Man City

      2. agree though would put kolasinac in back four and insists that he keeps his forward marauding to a minimum … city can be devastating on the break and our defence is already too slow … i liked the way sarri immediately played higuan and hope emery does the same with suarez …if i see any four of the following in starting line up i know we will be in serious trouble lichsteiner mustafi elneney ramsey iwobi

  2. @Admin, according to the news, Xhaka and Maitland-Niles do not travel

    My line-up prediction:

    Lichtsteiner . Koscielny . Mustafi . Kolasinac
    ……….……Ramsey …………… Guendouzi
    ……….Aubameyang ………….Lacazette

    1. I was thinking that’s not a bad line up gotanidea, until I saw Lichtsteiner 😄

      1. I am also not convinced with Lichtsteiner, but I bet Emery would field him, because Maitland-Niles is not available and Jenkinson rarely plays

        1. I’d rather Jenko play

          1. 100% Lichsteiner always looks so sluggish, almost like a full back version of Mustafi. His offensive contributions are nonexistent and his defending is shoddy at best. His only redeeming quality is that he’s not afraid to get stuck in and he’s always ready for a player smackdown haha

          2. Haha Yes I have to agree 👍

      2. We would die down that right hand corner 😂 😂 😂

  3. We couldn’t even keep a clean sheet against Cardiff…enough said!
    Will we get a result? I don’t know! All I know is we’re the underdogs.. underdogs can have their day though, so there’s always a glimmer of hope, unless Lichtsteiner starts…. COYG

    1. If we play for a draw we can frustrate them and catch them on the break like Man utd did to us a few days ago. We know they desperately want to catch Liverpool, we should exploit that. If Lichtsteiner starts though I think we will be doomed regardless of the tactics. Anyway, I think we can win if we have a bit of luck.

      1. A lot is at stake for both teams QD… should make for a great game!
        Yes a little luck is needed, or will it be one of those games where everything we try, we pull off!! 🙏🙏

      2. He starts QD – doomed it is!!!

  4. It’s about time MC lose back to back games. Admittedly they are ,on paper,
    much stronger. However they would be wary of our two lethal marksmen.
    If the gunners can close up space and go direct instead of passing,who knows?

  5. Let’s pray God to help us block two holes of mustafi and lightsteiner in defence this two won’t stop Aguerro,why can’t us even play Ramsey number 2 and jenkson number 5 kolasanic number 4 xhaka number three elneny and monreal in midfield ,ozil and iwobi to attack and aub +Lac to strike.Today unai may mess us up!

  6. You guys here still don’t rate iwobi. Well, here is my lineup.
    Carl J. Mustafi Koscielny Kolasinac
    Ramsey Guendouzi

    1. But why would you leave out one of the leagues top scorers ?
      And there’s good reason why a lot of fans don’t rate iwobi , can you tell us why you do?

      1. best winger in the team! no?

        only player who can trouble a defender in a 1vs 1 situation no?

        the die has been cast earlier this season, and he’s made it hate all you want but i will expect him in the line-up untill the end of the year 🙂

        my line-up would be

        Mustafi kos mavro kola ( hope montreal recovers)

        suarez torreira guendouzi iwobi

        laca auba

        laca drops back to help making 5 in mid…we need to control the midfield flood it with numbers so they can’t combine…with a 3 at the back i’m worried if a misunderstanding happens between defender and fullback that’s one direct pass and goal! City’s wingers are unbeleivable Sane and Sterling , let’s not forget that bench goddam!!

        and they way they scored against newcastle in the first seconds was terrifying!! bodies to cut all those passes and hit them on the counter with lethal finishing!!

        we could do it, we did it with that 2-0 and Santi’s ! and we could do it again, hit them on the counter pressure the DM Fernandinho so he can’t dictate like we did to jorginho, focus on the left flank of city as the LB is the weakest link in the team, I so wish Bellerin was fit this game would be perfect for him!! add montreal to that list too, i miss mr.consistent !!

        Kola needs to use his body to break the spirit of those wingers early, rough them up if you have to! as if they get one sniff of him being the weakest link in which he is, unless the great lich is playing of course, we would get the pressure on the wings which we can have, we would lose that battle keep it in the middle and counter!!… want to see some passion in this game!! we need the points, and i personally don’t care about their title challenge, so 3 points please and Emery’s first ever win over Pep!! COYG

        1. or drop Auba for ramsey and make it 4 4 1 1

  7. Emery is made for this kind of match,am sure we will create chances but the issue is are we going to take our chances,am so glad we have a coach who knows what the team need and will not be sentimental in his selection,we were so awful against Cardiff until a certain iwobi who offers absolutely nothing to the team came on,am sure we will score at least 2 goals,but how will our defenders cope with their attack is the main issue.

    1. Atleast you see it too about iwobi ,he must be our worst winger in the last 20 years ,remember Walcott the one everyone said was awful .well compare them two and you will see just how bad iwobi is

      1. On the day we play one of the best teams in epl what merit is there in deriding iwobi before he’s even taken to the field? i admit here he’s not a favourite but our failures are more the consequences of not having ready available “funds” or a conveyor belt that allows for quality signings to come into the arsenal side – blame kroenke. We need to get behind the team and that means iwobi – so save our personal preferences, our negativity (and defiance) until he has time to kick the ball..

  8. I’m hoping the Xhaka situation is similar to the Torreira situation regarding Emery being a slow learner.

    Even though we bought Torreira to fill a position and do a job we’d been lacking in for years it took Emery 6 or7 games at the start of the season before he realised he should put him in the team. Since then he’s been one of our best players. Better late than never I suppose.

    Now I’m hoping that Emery has been equally slow on the uptake regarding Xhaka and has now finally figured out that he’s not very good (to put it mildly).

    1. Not so much “to put it mildly” and more the accurate “he’s not very good” OR in my words, “he is useless at our needed level”.

  9. We always play to win – which means showing no fear and being decisive when passing the ball. We are capable of keeping possession (so are they) but we need to have end product, that means we must score. Iv every confidence provided we keep 11 on the field – we will score. Its our defense that must show itself well drilled – i.e. be first to the ball, clean tackling, bold, show (them) that we’re not come to Etihad for a stroll on their park.

    Hope to see our defender Mavro get some game – being that he’s so young, he’s likely to be a revelation as young-ens are often known to have no regard for reputations – Citeh’s reputation has already been spoiled by palace so it is possible we can do it too. Prediction: AFC draw 1 – 1

  10. Come on Jamie Vardy – let’s be having a party 👊

  11. Lichsteiner v Sane? Surely Emery would not contemplate such a miss match.I suspect he will play with three at theback, probably Mustafi(God help us), Kocielney and Monreal and he might go for Iwobi and Kolasinac at wingback.Iwobi is well equipped to fill in as he has strength, pace and stamina to double up on Sane.If Lichsteiner is started we could be in real trouble.

    1. Grandad, I initially had great hopes of Licht, as he had a good pedigree BUT he has been little short of a disaster. His legs have clearly gone and even though he was a free signing, but on high wages, he is by a distance the worst and only REALLY BAD buy under the new regime. I f he plays today I dare not watch. He against Sane is like the tortoise and the hare. I realise that in the fable the hare won, but this is REALITY, not a fable. The only fable we have is the view held by a mere tiny few if any at all, that we have a real defence at all.

  12. A weak defence + lack of creativity + full Man City squad = 😭😱😭

    But I will still hold out hope.

    I think we should start Suarez or at least 2nd half
    I know it’s not done because he just joined us a few days ago but we are playing Man City


  13. Attack will decide the game, this game will be won by the team whose attacker takes their chances, utilises them well, hope Auba and Lacca rise to the occassion


  15. Leno…Licht…kos..must…monreal..kolsanic……torreira…guendouzi…iwobi…aubameyang…lacazette

    1. Official line-up

  16. Emery has killed me, what a line-up!
    No Ramsey, Ozil or Suarez??
    Am hugely disappointed.
    It’s like he has accepted defeat.

    1. Yep 5 at the back
      Iwobi again in the team (not sure how he gets picked )
      Strong looking bench though but it could be all over by half time

    2. As I said last week Emery isn’t good enough for arsenal, yes we could get lucky and win but it would only paper over the cracks. This is another game I so not looking forward to, I just hope we are still in the game at half time.

  17. Very defensive. 8 out of 11 defensive minded

  18. So lich starts😲😲 we r doomed unless well something big happens .. massive improvement from him over night

      1. …all is not lost – especially as we’re yet to kick a ball, right? 🙂

        1. The voice of reason! 😉

          1. …cautious but optimistic 🙂

          2. 👍👍 like it waal2waal

    1. hopefully everybody (here who are flapping their chicken wings) changes their doom and gloomy outlook on this match – we will turn up today and Litchie will play his part and after 90mins or so hopefully the naysayers will be shouting from the rafters “See i knew it” and saying “i told you so.” COYG!!

  19. Man city 5 – 1 arsenal. Sad but true

  20. What a line up, No creative player on the pitch, let me guess, All the pressure is on Iwobi to perform today?
    No Ramsey, No Ozil, and no Suarez… All defensive players except the front three…
    Lol, Let’s see what happens, I’m officially off the sidelines, I’ve enjoyed reading and watching this blog from outside though bit tough because I had a lot to say but I had to keep shut.

    1. Eddie we don’t need creative players. All we need is defence and attack. Very nice game. We created ZERO scoring chances in the second half, yet he brought in a defender, to defend what?… am lost. The good news is that I was not expecting much so for me the game lived up to exceptions.

  21. What I suspected we will see is
    Lichststeiner, Mustafi, Koscielny, Kolasinac
    ——–Torreira, Guendouzi, Elneny——
    and I said with this we lose 3-1

    He is playing
    What I suspect we will see is
    ——–Mustafi, Koscielny, Monreal——-
    Lichtsteiner, Torreira, Guendouzi, Kolasinac
    I fear Mustafi and Lichsteiner, He would have played Suarez for Lichsteiner and Mavropanos for Mustafi…why is he afraid of playing two strikers? is is because Iwobi should play? Aubameyang on the wing is no good …

    1. changed system to 4.4.2…we score…

  22. with Litch playing, we are one man down.

  23. mikemematethemasterfarter

    iwobi never learns might aswell b xhaka lol

  24. I had hoped for 3-4-1-2 formation and the following line-up
    ——-Mavros, Koscielny, Monreal—
    Suarez Torriera Guendouzi, Kolasinac
    For this, we win 2-1

    and Iwobi wasn’t in there, Neither was Mustafi or Lichsteiner…Now he has personnel that can’t execute 4.4.2. diamond very well

  25. Iwobi and lich on the same side what can go wrong

    And where is kola playing ? Centre mid

    If ozil was walking around like he is he would get slaughtered

  26. He may have to sub Iwobi and Guendouzi and bring in Suarez and Ramsey/Ozil

  27. crossed fingers and hoping for half time rather quickly so subs can be brought in

  28. ALL of you want kola to play
    And you miss yet again when they scored he was the furthest man forward open your eyes

    1. Kolasinac is absolutely dog shit. No defensive awareness, and he doesn’t even want to defend at all.

  29. Emery needs to sort out his right-wing troubles! Cities left is winning the game for them! And Denis Suarez is a right-wing specialist

  30. mikemematethemasterfarter

    Litch ffs defend man

  31. Why does guendouzi play so slowly in a game that we need speed?

    1. …what game are you watching guy? most see he’s having a decent game …

      1. @WAAL2WAAL
        I know he is having a good game but watch him in the second half, he keeps the ball way too long.

  32. I honestly cannot figure out what formation we are playing. Three at the back? Four? Two? Has Kolasinac been told just to run around and chase the ball. Are we pretending Stetling isnt playing? On a positive note, Guendozi andTorreira have looked good.

  33. Cityzens arent that good tonight. It’s Arsenal that are not good enough through the right…hope Emery see that and rectifies. its a game that can be rescued

  34. was so high on emery, but he is losing me, this line up sux, iwobi is a mess, yet ramsey & ozil on bench… is this guy so hard headed that he cant get past his attitude and play our most expensive player…

  35. The twins are on, you’re in trouble now city. And that was Fing hand ball …ffs.

  36. Well done Emery, we played very well. Defence was very good and attack was excellent. I couldn’t have asked for more. Pat JJ I hope you enjoyed the game since Ozil wasn’t used and the result was excellent.

  37. Now he remebers Mavropanos plays for Arsenal…Brings in Suarez and Ramsey when the game is already lost…this were sub for second half 46th minute

  38. Shocking performance
    And emery should have notice all 3 goals came the same way

    1. Second half goal attempt from us big fat 0. Beno is our man of the match. It would have been worse if not for hissaves.

      1. All of his saves were straight at him. He is a rubbish goalkeeper. Torreira and Guendozi were best players.

  39. mikemematethemasterfarter

    in a fast game like this both arsenal fullbacks ages combined 68……GO PATRIOTS

  40. The only positive i saw in the entire match is Mavropanos. Am glad we’ve got a germ in him. As for the coach well i will reserve my judgment until the end of next season when he brings in his team. A coach should not be given more than 2 season in Arsenal if he flops next season then he is off that is final. And to those who expects Arsenal to automatically jump to front position you better stop dreaming because this team is a mid table team not until deadwoods are cleared out and new blood are introduced. we can all stop letting our hopes down by over expecting this team to perform more than they have done so far. I credit them but come summer;
    Kolascinac or what he is called,
    They all need to leave our dear Arsenal and they need to be replaced asap. I will give Iwobi benefit of doubt for another one season then if not he should be shown the exit door as well.
    Once these players are cleared then we can bring in new guys to replace them and then we can at least begin to dream once more again.
    We fans have been too calm and quiet for our silence to be taken for granted if as from next season no serious improvement and the owner refuses to spend come this summer as promised then we all can come to a compromise on how to be boycotting home matches.

    As much as i love my dearest arsenal, i refuse to be sad because i have never for one sec believed this team will even be in a position they currently are now. let us all be calm and pray we win Europa league because if not, then i don’t see us qualifying for the champions league next season.
    Keep the faith fellow gunners and remember Rome was not built in a day so lets be patient.

  41. Most of thed players are ok with defeat. Striker don’t do anything especially Aubameyang who goes missing against big teams.

    Full back Kola and Lichsteiner need to get out of the starting 11. Iwobi clueless, 1 good performance in every 10 games.

  42. Only just watched it because of work, and pretty much what I thought. I said we’d definitely lose, and concede at least 3. I had 4-1 in my head, so not far off.

    I thought Leno, and Guendouzi were excellent. What was Iwobi doing? And that goal on halftime just killed it in my opinion.

    I notice fans complaining again. and clearly as delusional as always! It was City away, Emery had 7 players missing through injury, and it’s a transitional year with a mostly average squad of players.

    1. It was Emery’s fault. Why put Iwobi on the right; he tried but he is pretty useless back or front on the right. And Kola, what was his position? Free role?
      Much of the time, I kept wondering what pattern they were playing.
      However not so bad a result in view of who they played against, and where the match was played, as well as the sorry state of their injury record.
      After the summer, no team should have the right to beat Arsenal again. I see that happening.

  43. Suarez is crap will add nothing to the team very poor signing just shows where we are as a club get a average player that gives us nothing different all I can say is it’s going to be the same for many many years to come arsenal are finished in regards to challenging for prem league and will not qualify for champions league football can’t even put a time period on prob be long gone by then!!

  44. Never in my life have I ever seen defending like that . Iwobi hadn’t a fn clue dickstyner should have stayed in Italy and sold ice cream.

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